Ultimate List of Monday Motivation Quotes, Pics and Videos

Not sure if you noticed but almost every Monday now the hashtag #MondayMotivation (for everything tagged for Monday Motivation) on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook trends.

It trends every Monday for at least that last few months. It’s trended so much every Monday social media CEOs like Gary Vaynerchuk actually created a video for it!

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Monday Motivation Video

Let’s break this down a bit though why is every week “Monday motivation” vs. Friday or Thursday or any other day of the week?

It’s pretty easy to understand the answer. PEOPLE HATE their jobs for the most part. And when the weekend is over and Monday comes around everyone puts out some Monday motivational content and shares it to help get the week started.

Here are some of the best examples of Monday motivation quotes we have found via Twitter and Instagram for the most part.

monday motivation

monday motivation

monday motivation quotes

Even brands like Dell and their HR/Recruitment team are getting in on the #MondayMotivation hashtag on Twitter.

Here are some Monday Motivation pictures from Instagram as well.

A photo posted by COMMIT30 (@commit30) on

A photo posted by 21dreamz (@21dreamz) on

And lastly here are some of our favorite Motivational YouTube Videos for Monday Motivation

One of the best Sales Motivation videos is on YouTube which is from the movie Wolf of Wall Street.

Although it’s mainly talking about picking up a phone and start dialing (cold calling).

You can replace that with TAKE ACTION whether its Monday or not.

Feel free to share any of your Monday Motivational quotes, pictures, videos or anything that helps get you going everyday in the comments below.

Share this post with a friend or family member to motivate them with their life whether it’s Monday or not!


Unfriending your Boss on Facebook

On the Howard Stern Show this week Gary ‘Baba Booey’ Dell’Abate unfriended his long time boss and friend Howard Stern on Facebook.

Besides admitting on the wrap up show he unfriended him because he wants a more “private” space and didn’t want Howard seeing pictures in the green room with the NY Mets or of pictures of his kids at the game he didn’t even unfriend him right as Jason Kaplan pointed out on the show.

He actually still had his Facebook profile completely public to everyone. Here is the synopsis from the Howard Stern Show site:

Bobo called in later in the morning with possibly his best question ever – but Howard already knew what he was going to bring up, so he cut him off nevertheless.

“Groundbreaking news: Gary defriended you!” Bobo screamed over the phone. As you may have heard on Monday’s Wrap Up Show, Stern Show Executive Producer Gary Dell’Abate has chosen to cut his Boff, Howard, out of his personal Facebook life as a result of the haranguing he got for a photo of he and his son at a Mets game a couple of weeks ago – and he told the whole world on the air. “Gary is such a f-cking mystery to me,” Howard fumed.

Listening back to the tape from yesterday’s Wrap Up Show, Gary is heard telling co-host Jon Hein: “This is my private space … I just want my little area where I’m not getting bugged.”

Howard, in turn, was seething and launched into what will surely be a legendary chapter in Baba Booey history as he lambasted him for the moronic move, telling him this was worse than “Baba Booey,” worse than his “shitty pitch,” and worse than the love tape.

Fred summed it up best: “I’m bewildered.”

The coup de grace of the entire situation was that Gary didn’t unfriend Howard correctly so as of now, he can still see everything.

We thought this was amazing content as usual as we pointed out on National Radio Day on Twitter where the Howard Stern Show account retweeted our tweet.

gary dell'abate howard stern

Source: Howard Stern Show Facebook

It’s amazing not just from the Howard Stern content standpoint but brings up some great points to consider;

  • People treat Facebook more personal and private than social networks like Twitter
  • Should you be “friends” or follow your boss and employees
  • Do you know all about the Facebook privacy settings and how to filter who can see what you post.
  • Even after 20+ years of working with someone and the relationship we thought Howard and Gary have, he still wanted to keep things private
  • By unfriending Howard Stern now their relationship will always be a bit different

The employee and employer relationship is very interesting to consider with social media sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter and more and you have to be careful on what your strategy is before following or connecting with a boss or other coworkers in the first place.

This caused at least a good hour of content where Howard Stern was dumbfounded about their relationship after 20+ years of working together and makes you question an employee/employer relationship.

What do you think about this topic? Leave comments below.


How to Prepare Employees for Leadership and Manager Roles

In this episode of the Ask Gary Vee show, Gary Vaynerchuk answers the following human resource question about preparing employees to become managers. This is a great question that relates to how to prepare employees for any type of change really.

1:18 – How do you prepare employees transitioning into a leadership role when they’ve never managed people before?

His answer comes from years of experience at a Wine retailer to now managing over 500 employees at a digital social media agency. And Gary is right you have to step them into it along the way and know the context of each employee. Getting them in the right managerial role to win is important as well and knowing if they are truly a good fit to manage certain departments or teams.

Gary also answers the following questions with also include a HR staffing question.

ask gary vee show

3:40 – Where do you see the health & wellness industry going in the next 5 years?
7:05 – You’ve joked about being overstaffed, but what’s the balance between hiring for capacity and waste?
10:02 – How and when is a rebrand necessary?
11:49 – How can a consumer soft goods company capitalize on the exposure of being in a department store this holiday season?


Why is Gary Vaynerchuk’s Net Worth 2nd Most Searched Keyword After His Name

One day we noticed something when looking for Gary Vaynerchuk content on Google.

When you start typing Gary Vaynerchuk’s name in Google one of the other most popular things searched via Google’s “instant” feature was his net worth.

gary vaynerchuk


To confirm the search traffic on this keyword since we love SEO, (our parent company is an SEO company).. we used our two favorite tools.

  1. Google Keyword Planner formerly known as Google’s keyword tool (free to use for anyone)
  2. SEMRush see visual data below

google keyword planner


gary vaynerchuk semrush

So now that you have the visual data the question is why do people care about his net worth so much?

Why is there over 1,000 searches a month for Gary Vaynerchuk’s net worth after they look for his name?

Here’s our take on the reason, and feel free to leave your reasons in the comments.

  • Gary Vaynerchuk’s DNA is to be out there, have a content team around him for his personal brand so they want to see the monetary value he gets from all of that
  • People want the raw facts and see if someone is “real” with so many business coaches, life coaches, social media gurus ect.. Many people score you by RESULTS.. and net worth is a reflection of results whether you like it or not
  • Gary Vaynerchuk’s net worth is looked up so much because people know he EXECUTES.. It’s actually the main reason people even pay attention and how he is the King of the social media game… You can literally only follow (no one else) everything Gary  does in business and social media, grab what fits with your “self aware” personality and strengths, learn and earn.

Let us know if you think we missed anything, need to edit or update. Also, go Pre-order Gary Vaynerchuk’s book it will have questions never before seen on the Ask Gary Vee Show.


Mark Cuban Asks Gary Vaynerchuk What Are the Go to Job Interview Questions

In this episode of the Ask Gary Vee Show, Mark Cuban asks Gary Vaynerchuk what is his go to job interview questions that he has to ask every candidate every time.

9:24 – What is the one question you have to ask in interviews?

Gary’s answer goes back to reverse  engineering what the candidate really wants and to get them to fully trust and believe in him on a daily basis. He tries to get the job candidate to give him the truth and what their real motivations are. The other thing he does is completely try to feel who the candidates are and use his gut.

He asks about siblings as well just to understand dynamic but maybe because he loves his siblings so much and appreciates that relationship. So feeling and gut is what his job interview questions are really getting at.

Also, Gary answers the following questions in this episode and here are some of his recent mini motivational movie videos he has down recently including a Techweek talk.

2:34 – How can I become a really good listener?
4:08 – I love you man, and everything you do, but I also hate you because Im jelly of your success. How can I get past that?
7:50 – What lessons, if any, did you find from Mad Men? How is VaynerMedia differently run than Sterling Cooper?
9:24 – What is the one question you have to ask in interviews?
11:46 – How do you feel about Medium’s new logo? I loved their simplicity; this new logo ruined that for me. Thoughts?

HOW TO BE AN OVERNIGHT SUCCESS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTHbF…
OVERNIGHT SUCCESS ARTICLE https://medium.com/@garyvee/how-to-be…
6 MIN FOR THE NEXT 60 YEARS OF YOUR LIFE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stD9R…
TECHWEEK 2015 TALK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKV4G…

mark cuban


118 Most Frequently Asked Job Interview Questions

Whether you are an employer/recruiter/HR manager searching for some of the best job interview questions to ask potential job seekers and candidates for your job openings or you are a job seeker trying to prepare for an upcoming interview you are looking to stand out and land your next job review this list for help.

Also, if you would like to add to this list let us know as we will keep it updated and add a job interview question to our bonus section.

For now, here are the most common job interview questions when surveying employers in all industries across the United States.

job interview questions

Most Common Job Interview Questions

  1. What are your strengths?
  2. What are your weaknesses?
  3. Tell us about yourself?
  4. What did you like about your last job?
  5. What didn’t you like about your last job?
  6. Why are you applying for this position?
  7. What can you add to the position you are applying for?
  8. What do you like the most about the job position you would like an offer for?
  9. Why do you think you would be the best candidate for this position?
  10. What is the biggest reason we should hire you for this position?
  11. What is a reason we shouldn’t hire you for this position?
  12. Would you consider any other position or job opportunities at our company?
  13. What other job positions interest you at our company?
  14. Why do you want to work for our company?
  15. What do you know about our company?
  16. How did you learn about our company?
  17. What do you like about our company?
  18. What don’t you like about our company?
  19. How did you decide on applying for this position?
  20. What other positions did you apply for?
  21. How many other interviews have you had?
  22. Do you have any other job offers at this time?
  23. If you did have another job offer what would make you choose one job over the other?
  24. What was your last role?
  25. How long were in in that role?
  26. Why do you think you are the best candidate for this job?
  27. What did you contribute to your last company?
  28. What did you love about the companies you have worked for before this interview?
  29. What didn’t you like about your past work experience?
  30. What is the #1 thing you learned so far in the workplace?
  31. What is #1 thing you would like to take back from your work experience?
  32. What’s one thing you regret about your past work experience?
  33. What’s the one thing you love about your past work experience?
  34. What awards or accomplishments are you most proud of at your last job?
  35. Why did you leave your last job?
  36. What was one thing you loved about your last job?
  37. What was the one thing you didn’t like about your last job?
  38. What did you contribute to your last position?
  39. Do you work well in teams?
  40. Do you work well by yourself?
  41. Do you prefer direction or do you prefer autonomy within a narrow job role?
  42. What excites you about working for our company?
  43. What would you bring to the table working for our company?
  44. What would you like in a manager that you are responsible to report to?
  45. What wouldn’t you like in a manage r that you are responsible to report to?
  46. Would you consider yourself an A, B, or C level player?
  47. What motivates you?
  48. What de-motivates you?
  49. What get’s you inspired?
  50. Where do you want to be in the next ten years?
  51. Who are your heros?
  52. What do you like to do for fun?
  53. What do you do in spare time?
  54. Do you do any charity work?
  55. If so, what are some of your favorite charities?
  56. Do you volunteer? If so, where?
  57. What is a favorite childhood memory?
  58. Would you prefer monetary bonuses or acknowledgment?
  59. Where do you see yourself within our company?
  60. How would you be team player?
  61. Do you prefer to work in teams or work better by yourself?
  62. What are you favorite passions outside of work?
  63. What is the last book you read?
  64. What did you learn from that last book?
  65. Do you use social media?
  66. If so, what social media platforms have you used?
  67. What do you know about customer service?
  68. What do you know about sales?
  69. What is your description of a great leader?
  70. Tell me about your work experience?
  71. Tell me what you would do in a situation in the workplace that made you irate/uncomfortable?
  72. Tell me about a work accomplishment you are proud of?
  73. Tell me about a work experience you are not so proud of?
  74. What is your take on management roles in companies?
  75. Where do you see yourself in the next year?
  76. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
  77. How do you keep yourself at the top of your game for this position?
  78. How do you develop your skills further and stay fresh with the industry?
  79. Whats your biggest regret?
  80. What do you think is the biggest lesson you learned in school?
  81. What time of salary requirements do you have?
  82. What’s the most you have made so far at previous jobs?
  83. How much did you make at the last few jobs?
  84. Did you ever get a raise, if so why?
  85. What do you expect from an employer?
  86. How much vacation or sick days do you usually take each year?
  87. Describe yourself in 5 words?
  88. Tell me something about yourself you wouldn’t want someone to know?
  89. What’s your biggest success?
  90. What’s is your biggest failure?
  91. How would you change a mistake you made in the past?
  92. What was the worst thing you did at your previous job?
  93. Five words that describe your character?
  94. What kind of car do you drive?
  95. What are some of your favorite brands and why?
  96. Are you on social media and if so what platforms?
  97. What is your “internet” experience? (sites, blogs, social ect..)
  98. What is your education experience? (last grade completed)
  99. What did you major in and why?
  100. What is the best result, success story, or accomplishment in your personal career?
  101. What is the biggest accomplishment for you personally outside of your career?
  102. What are the top traits of a leader or manager?
  103. Name five traits you would like in a leader, manager, or a founder of a company?
  104. What’s your salary history?
  105. If you accepted our job offer, what would you wish your job description would be?
  106. Share an experience where you messed up or did something wrong and how did you handle it?
  107. What are your personal goals?
  108. What are your career goals?
  109. How are do you plan on accomplishing your goals?
  110. What would previous employers say about you?
  111. What do you think your best trait is?
  112. What is your worst trait?
  113. What is something you are working on about yourself?
  114. What is something you think is a strong point about you?
  115. What would your top 5 friends or family members say about you if we called them?
  116. Why should I hire you?
  117. What do you know about our company?
  118. What do you know about the position you are applying for?

Bonus Job Interview Questions:

  1. What do you think of job titles?
  2. What would you want your job title to be?
  3. What do you prefer your work hours be?
  4. How often do you work early or stay late?
  5. Do you think an employer should provide you with everything you need to succeed?

If you are a job seeker looking for help on answering job interview questions or how to answer job interview questions here are some guiding principles to help you.

  • Don’t be negative
  • Always look for a positive in an answer
  • Be truthful
  • Don’t “over answer”
  • Be real and true with your answers don’t give them the answers you think you want them to hear
  • Don’t be too short or long winded with your answers
  • Keep eye contact
  • Avoid saying um or other bad fillers
  • Smile
  • Be professional
  • Dress for success
  • Better to be dressed up then dressed down
  • Know your stuff

How Gary Vaynerchuk Used Twitter Video For Gillette Promoted Tweet Questions

Gary Vaynerchuk the master salesman, entrepreneur, and social media executor just used his own advice from many episodes of the Ask Gary Vee Show to diffuse an issue of Gillette using his current employees tweet as a promoted tweet.

So let’s break this Twitter Video case study down a bit…

First.. an “A/E @VaynerMedia” has promoted tweet from Gillette:

then.. people started to say hey is this another brilliant move by Gary Vaynerchuk to get a client more attention/sales on social?

gillette promoted tweet

followed by Gary Vaynerchuk himself denying that Gillette is a client…

… quickly followed by the famous new social media lying trend call out ;0)

… then the VaynerNation and people were even more curious is this the most amazing promoted tweet or an amazing ad campaign? Which we even remembered Gary saying in previous videos online that his father in law worked at Gillette and he clarified via our  1 question to him on Twitter with 3 Twitter replies.

And here comes the react quick and use Twitter video case study… Gary uses Twitter Video replies to others wondering about the promoted tweet to diffuse the situation.

And finally.. Gary mentions the Twitter Video reply case study and how it’s a powerful tool for brands to use it the same way he did with this situation.

If you have anything to add to this, change, update, correct ect.. let us know in the comments or on Twitter @jobsinsosh. We will keep this updated for you. One thing we learned is Gary is a master marketer and keep you guessing.

Also, Gary is selling his new book the Ask Gary Vee book in March and it looks like you can preorder it on Amazon.


VaynerMedia Jobs Continue to Grow with New Office at Hudson Yards?

Gary Vaynerchuk has grown VaynerMedia a social media agency that follows the attention of consumers on social & mobile platforms from him and his brother AJ Vaynerchuk to over 500 employees + with offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chattanooga and NY.

As leaked by some publications a year ago or so and by the Wall Street Journal and Gary Vaynerchuk himself they are taking over 88,000 square feet of the Hudson Yards complex and our guess will use this space to continue to have explosive job growth.

If you know anything about Gary Vaynerchuk you know he has an end goal of buying the NY Jets and you can’t scale social media without people, and having a bigger space for more people will help him reach his goal.

One thing you can’t do is sleep on Gary’s business sense, and what we sense is explosive social media job growth and this will be his own incubator of sorts with the infrastructure of people to support clients and to launch and build their own brands.

If we were betting on the over/under of 600 employees and of  VaynerMedia’s continued job growth with this new office we would take the over all day! VaynerMedia jobs are mostly social media related to that’s a positive for the social media industry!

hudson yards

Source: HudsonYardsNewYork.com


How Kanye West Grows His Net Worth like a Boss

Kanye West is one of the most talked about, searched, and shared artist on the internet and we wanted to show how Kanye West continues to grow net worth (of about $100-$145 million) and possibly make a run for presidency in 2020.

Watch part of his speech on the 2015 VMAs from Complex YouTube

First, let’s cover why we wanted to cover Kanye West’s net worth and write about this interesting matter…

  1. Kanye West came from nothing and is now one of the top artists in the music industry
  2. Jay Z saw something special in Kanye to become a mentor and let him help produce his Blueprint album
  3. Kanye always disrupts the social media and internet space and gets massive attention
  4. Kanye never changes who he is and is still successful at what he does
  5. Kanye growing his empire and net worth is a great example of first doing what you love (job) and how to use social media

If you want to learn more about Kanye West’s bio Biography.com kills it with thier summary. Here is a blurb and you can click here to learn more..

We think they do the best job so no reason for us to repeat all of that here again.

Kanye Omari West was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on June 8, 1977. He left college to pursue a musical career, producing tracks for Jay-Z while polishing his demo. He released The College Dropout in 2004. It sold 2.6 million copies and won Best Rap Album. His follow-up releases have been equally successful and West has become a celebrity famous for his outrageous and entertaining statements

It’s always good to understand where someone comes from and their background because it helps define a person and teaches you about them. Knowing where someone started and where they are now is part of the story. And Kanye’s background makes his growth story and how he built his net worth to an estimated $100 million to $145 million dollars.

kanye west net worth

Live Interview: SHOWstudio. Courtesy of SHOWstudio Youtube

In his story you can see he is was born in Atlanta and grew up in Chicago after his parents divorced when he was 3. He went to high school where his charitable foundation helps kids not drop out of high school in memory of his mother. Again, showing a side of Kanye West people don’t talk about.

However, in his story you can see he persevered towards something he loved and had a passion for (music) no matter the obstacle and drop out of art college to help produce Jay Z’s Blueprint which sold over 400,000 copies (results).

The two things in any success story is doing something you love and have a passion for and can you get results or make money with it!

Another element of how Kanye West grew his net worth is staying in his lane (niche) and NOT CARING ABOUT WHAT ANYONE says to effect who he really is. He might be listening to what people say about him but one thing you will notice Kanye stays Kanye.

Learn more about Kanye West in this two hour live interview with ShowStudio


Why is there Huge Growth of Social Media Marketing Jobs?

Growth of Social Media Marketing Jobs

How much time do you spend on your phone? If you’re like us, way too much. Recent reports show that over 50% of the time spent on our phones is through the use of social media and it’s only growing. We share pictures, stories, goals, and connect with people whom we otherwise wouldn’t. Social media is exciting and amazing, so it’s no surprise that it’s rapidly becoming the most popular way for businesses to reach us.

Brands that aren’t on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. are closing their doors and finding themselves left in the dust quickly. The companies that realize this are hiring social media rockstars in the hopes of putting their business in the spotlight.

social media marketing jobs

Why Is Social Media Growing So Fast?

This might seem like a no brainer to you, but understanding the psychology of why someone uses social media is what makes the gurus so successful. According to a brilliant study by the New York Times, people jump online and share for five main reasons.

1. Entertainment – The beauty of a social network is that you are able to connect with people that share your interests all throughout the world. You literally get to create your own news reel and everything you love pops up in front of your face each time you log in. 49% of people say that they share because it informs their friends of their interests, passions, and opinions.

2. Self Definition – 68% of people say that they engage in social media because it allows them to get a better sense of who they are. Their social history acts as a calendar that demonstrates growth and interests they didn’t even know they had. It also gives the people they are connected with an understanding what they care about.

3. Relationships – We’re not talking about internet dating. We mean the connecting with people you would have never met. 78% of social media users love that they are able to stay in touch with people around the world who have the same hobbies they do.

4. World Involvement – Anyone can watch the news on TV, but what makes sharing stories online so great is that everyone gets to become part of the discussion. 69% share information because they want to get involved in world conversations and express themselves.

5. Support A Cause – We’ve all seen one of those videos that brings us to tears so quickly that we end up desperately seeking a donate button. 84% of people use social media to share issues that they care deeply about and support a cause.

So, why is it growing so fast? With our busy schedules, social media is how we’ve learned to fill that social gap. It’s how we recommend things to our friends, communicate with them, keep up with family, and complete the things that make us feel achieved. Mark Zuckerberg said it best, “Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend”. That’s exactly why we’re seeing the social media fire continue to spread and no one is in a hurry to put it out.

Why Businesses NEED To Be Creating Social Media Jobs

With millions and millions of people tweeting, liking, and sharing every minute, a business is only moments away from exploding or imploding. Reputation is everything and when a company’s credibility is at the fingertips of a consumer, they better have someone ready to back them up. A social media manager does exactly that and acts as an online spokesperson for the brand. They are hired to maintain a great presence and engage the target audience.

Social Presence

Business owners want their brands to be represented in the most prestigious of ways. The qualities that their company boasts should be reflected in their social media profiles. It’s not easy, especially when their target market puts a close eye on them as soon as they announce their presence. Someone trained in social media is able to demonstrate the values that they hold so highly. They don’t know it yet, but social media managers are the backbone of their company. They keep it from falling apart every second by ensuring that the brand name stands for what it should.


When we think engagement, the first thing that comes to mind is conversation. In social media, it’s so much more than that. You’re not just interacting with one person, you’re interacting with everyone who’s ever been interested in the field you’re in. Social media jobs were created because that kind of maintenance demands full time attention. There are always people tweeting or sharing something related, and each interaction is an opportunity to represent quality. Can a business really afford to miss out on millions? We don’t think so.

Wizards. We can’t think of another way to describe the geniuses that are behind some of the most successful social media marketing campaigns. They study audiences, learn what they react to, create something they can’t resist, and do it again, better each time. All while maintaining the integrity of a brand. It’s a formula that’s magically profitable and pushing the growth of social media jobs.

Social Media Agencies

When a company as big as Coca Cola or Walmart decides to hit social media, they need more than one person to handle their online presence and engagement. So they hire social media agencies. These agencies are teams of masterminds that have most likely been hand picked to represent huge brand names and manage their audience interactions. Finding social media jobs available with agencies like this is difficult and becomes insanely competitive. So if you’re thinking about diving into the career, you better bring your magic wand and a whole lot of experience. Most of these guys started as independents right out of school and had to work their way in slowly.

Final Thoughts

It’s no secret that the fastest growing and biggest business out there are dominating social media. They’re engaging their audience and always coming up with innovative ways to expand their reach. The people in social media jobs are making this kind of growth possible for them. Nowadays, some business are even getting their start on social platforms in an attempt to fine tune their specific consumer knowledge and completely build products around customers.

For aspiring social media managers, there’s no greater news.