Why is there Huge Growth of Social Media Marketing Jobs?

Growth of Social Media Marketing Jobs

How much time do you spend on your phone? If you’re like us, way too much. Recent reports show that over 50% of the time spent on our phones is through the use of social media and it’s only growing. We share pictures, stories, goals, and connect with people whom we otherwise wouldn’t. Social media is exciting and amazing, so it’s no surprise that it’s rapidly becoming the most popular way for businesses to reach us.

Brands that aren’t on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. are closing their doors and finding themselves left in the dust quickly. The companies that realize this are hiring social media rockstars in the hopes of putting their business in the spotlight.

social media marketing jobs

Why Is Social Media Growing So Fast?

This might seem like a no brainer to you, but understanding the psychology of why someone uses social media is what makes the gurus so successful. According to a brilliant study by the New York Times, people jump online and share for five main reasons.

1. Entertainment – The beauty of a social network is that you are able to connect with people that share your interests all throughout the world. You literally get to create your own news reel and everything you love pops up in front of your face each time you log in. 49% of people say that they share because it informs their friends of their interests, passions, and opinions.

2. Self Definition – 68% of people say that they engage in social media because it allows them to get a better sense of who they are. Their social history acts as a calendar that demonstrates growth and interests they didn’t even know they had. It also gives the people they are connected with an understanding what they care about.

3. Relationships – We’re not talking about internet dating. We mean the connecting with people you would have never met. 78% of social media users love that they are able to stay in touch with people around the world who have the same hobbies they do.

4. World Involvement – Anyone can watch the news on TV, but what makes sharing stories online so great is that everyone gets to become part of the discussion. 69% share information because they want to get involved in world conversations and express themselves.

5. Support A Cause – We’ve all seen one of those videos that brings us to tears so quickly that we end up desperately seeking a donate button. 84% of people use social media to share issues that they care deeply about and support a cause.

So, why is it growing so fast? With our busy schedules, social media is how we’ve learned to fill that social gap. It’s how we recommend things to our friends, communicate with them, keep up with family, and complete the things that make us feel achieved. Mark Zuckerberg said it best, “Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend”. That’s exactly why we’re seeing the social media fire continue to spread and no one is in a hurry to put it out.

Why Businesses NEED To Be Creating Social Media Jobs

With millions and millions of people tweeting, liking, and sharing every minute, a business is only moments away from exploding or imploding. Reputation is everything and when a company’s credibility is at the fingertips of a consumer, they better have someone ready to back them up. A social media manager does exactly that and acts as an online spokesperson for the brand. They are hired to maintain a great presence and engage the target audience.

Social Presence

Business owners want their brands to be represented in the most prestigious of ways. The qualities that their company boasts should be reflected in their social media profiles. It’s not easy, especially when their target market puts a close eye on them as soon as they announce their presence. Someone trained in social media is able to demonstrate the values that they hold so highly. They don’t know it yet, but social media managers are the backbone of their company. They keep it from falling apart every second by ensuring that the brand name stands for what it should.


When we think engagement, the first thing that comes to mind is conversation. In social media, it’s so much more than that. You’re not just interacting with one person, you’re interacting with everyone who’s ever been interested in the field you’re in. Social media jobs were created because that kind of maintenance demands full time attention. There are always people tweeting or sharing something related, and each interaction is an opportunity to represent quality. Can a business really afford to miss out on millions? We don’t think so.

Wizards. We can’t think of another way to describe the geniuses that are behind some of the most successful social media marketing campaigns. They study audiences, learn what they react to, create something they can’t resist, and do it again, better each time. All while maintaining the integrity of a brand. It’s a formula that’s magically profitable and pushing the growth of social media jobs.

Social Media Agencies

When a company as big as Coca Cola or Walmart decides to hit social media, they need more than one person to handle their online presence and engagement. So they hire social media agencies. These agencies are teams of masterminds that have most likely been hand picked to represent huge brand names and manage their audience interactions. Finding social media jobs available with agencies like this is difficult and becomes insanely competitive. So if you’re thinking about diving into the career, you better bring your magic wand and a whole lot of experience. Most of these guys started as independents right out of school and had to work their way in slowly.

Final Thoughts

It’s no secret that the fastest growing and biggest business out there are dominating social media. They’re engaging their audience and always coming up with innovative ways to expand their reach. The people in social media jobs are making this kind of growth possible for them. Nowadays, some business are even getting their start on social platforms in an attempt to fine tune their specific consumer knowledge and completely build products around customers.

For aspiring social media managers, there’s no greater news.


PRWeek Conference: A Roadmap to Integration with Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk provided value on the state of the current marketing and social media environment and what’s the best way to get attention and reach more consumers.

He totally turned the PRWeek Conference on it’s head and then did a Q&A from the audience where he continued to drop the truth about advertising, PR, businesses and media. Watch this to see why Gary is the ultimate growth hack to learning everything about the state of marketing and advertising.


Ask Gary Vee Book Now Available for Pre Order

If you found this post it’s most likely because you searched Google for the Ask Gary Vee book. Also, it’s most likely before the Ask Gary Vee Book ever came out yet. However, you are probably a hardcore Vayniac of the Vayner Nation and are looking for the dates on when the Ask Gary Vee book is coming out.

We just noticed you could give back to Gary Vaynerchuk and Pre-order his book here on Amazon and we highly suggest it.

Although, he has visually answered questions (over 250 of them) on YouTube the book has answers to other questions not documented yet on YouTube and it’s a great way to give back to Gary for sharing his insights on social media, business, and life.

We think this will be one of his best books since Crush it because it’s again about the execution and his answers from actually living a lot the questions asked vs. theory.

Go pre order Gary Vaynerchuk’s new book today.

ask gary vee book

Ask Gary Vee Book


Gary Vaynerchuk’s Take on Job Candidates Asking Questions When Trying to Get a Job at VaynerMedia

On today’s Ask Gary Vee Shoooooooooooooooow, Gary Vaynerchuk answers the following questions.

01:54 -If you ever became the CEO of a local chamber of a community of 12k, what would be the first thing you would do?

Create infrastructure to connect to each person one by one and ask them what the chamber can do for them (reverse engineer) and get everyone aligned to the sweet spot.

04:42– What is one of your favorite questions asked by an interviewee for a position at VaynerMedia? 

Gary sorta answers honestly at first meaning he doesn’t necessarily want the interviewee asking him questions or asking him something they
googled ect.. He likes when it’s an honest question overall, no pandering!

08:44– What have you learned from wine deals?

Gary said he is having a ton of success with the wine deals instagram selling ask gary vee book
a ton of wine and is going to do more with it going into the 4th quarter. Gary is a big proponent of gaming it with “tagging” people, getting people to comment, and knowing that people watch what the people are following are liking and commenting on. It considers instagram early email and early Twitter.

11:56– What is your biggest goal heading into the homestretch of 2015?

The Ask Gary Vee book is coming! And Gary is ready to set up VaynerMedia for it’s biggest year, get his venture capital in order, wrap up the Ask Gary Vee book, focus on a few businesses he is deeper involved with, and get deeper into HR (human resources).

14:03– When do you know it’s time to hire an assistant?

Gary shares his personal assistant experiences with Matt and Brandon and said it was more about being places and needing people to take on businesses he was still attached to like Wine Library has he grew his other businesses and brand. (hacking it with other human beings..once he felt like he was disrespecting other people)

Want to see a list of the first 250 questions asked of Gary on the Ask Gary Vee Show? Check out this list.

Get the full complete answers watching his video below.


Twitter Analytics of a Retweet from the Howard Stern Show @SternShow

So about a week ago it was National Radio Day and it was trending on Twitter. As we talked about recently using riding trends for Facebook Post Ideas you can do the same on Twitter and Instagram. We immediately thought of sending a Tweet to the Stern Show Twitter account and Howard Stern’s Twitter.

Right away when our team noticed this trend we immediately thought of the King of all Media Howard Stern. We have been an avid listener since the Jackie Martling days, through Artie Lange and today with Howard Stern nearing the end of his contract at Sirius.

Naturally for us we created this tweet to share our love for Howard Stern bringing the best radio content with the team at the Howard Stern Show.

This was on August 20th, about 12 days ago and here are the Twitter analytics so far.

twitter analytics

Also, props to CRAS, Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences for the heads up on National Radio Day hashtag that was trending if you are looking for top audio engineering colleges definitely check them out and apply.


Does Gary Vaynerchuk’s Company VaynerMedia Turn Down Clients?

On this episode of the Ask Gary Vee Show where Gary Vaynerchuk answers questions about business, social media, and life submitted to him via social platforms like Instagram and Twitter Gary talks about his take on choosing clients.

4:26 – Do you (VaynerMedia) take on any client if the price is right? Or do you turn down based on your values or beliefs?

After answering the question about how they determine what clients VaynerMedia takes based on industry or company values Gary goes into the following questions about McDonalds, discipline, and if he needs to start doing something.

7:29 – What’s the best way to deal with someone who is constantly negative about entrepreneurship? What if it’s your mom?
10:22 – What do you think of McDonald’s response to Burger King’s “Peace McWhopper” idea? Seems like they missed a big opportunity.
14:15 – How can I best discipline myself? How do I change my behavior?
16:12 – With everything that you do…is there anything that you feel you need to start doing?

gary vaynerchuk


How to Make Money or Monetize on Blab or any Live Streaming Platform

Live streaming is taking the social media industry by storm again.

Although we have mentioned many times this isn’t anything new since there has been live streaming platforms like (Ustream, YouNow, Hang w/ Hangwith, LiveStream.com, Spreecast, and Google Hangouts to mention a few) around for years, this time around it’s a bit different.

Thanks to mobile, more “social media experts”, fomo, early influencers making millions, and better internet connections Live streaming is creating a whole new ecosystem of social media and digital addicts seeking attention and a connection with people online.

As one of the CEO’s of a new conversation platform Blab has mentioned only 1% are usually the creators, 9% curate, and over 90% just like to watch.

So why do people live stream?

There are a lot of reasons people live stream and in some cases people have a few reasons at the same time. However, eventually before the burn out hits or especially with the 1% that actually do the “live streaming” showing themselves they are looking to make money.

Before we get into that here are some of the reasons people are live streaming and have mentioned why on their streams…

  • “engage”
  • meet people
  • give “value”
  • collaborate with people
  • build relationships
  • get attention
  • bored
  • entertainment value
  • addicted to live streaming and social media
  • learn from others
  • stalk
  • see the person they have been following online
  • MAKE that dough

(feel free to leave a comment below why you live stream or why you think others live stream not on this list)

Now, let’s really get into why most people (mainly digital/social media marketers) are live streaming.. MONEY!!!

Even if it’s not directly mentioned, just watch a few live streams and notice the twitter bios or profiles and everyone has a leadpages landing page, collect emails, use Amazon affiliate links in the chats/comments, are selling a book, course, or a conference ticket about how to live stream, or are using it to get their “personal” brand out there live to attract people that might know, like, and trust them meanwhile they have a full or part time job paying them and rarely mention that brand that actually pays their bills.

We have actually seen “live streamers” that said they sell social media services and they live at home with their parents… WHAT? (lol)

Anyway, these platforms aren’t built not to make money and eventually they either sell advertising (Google/YouTube, Facebook, Twitter) against their users data or they are sold to companies that will (Facebook bought Instagram, Twitter bought Periscope, Google bought YouTube).

Here are some ways that the top 1% that rise to the top of these platforms can make money and to help anyone out searching Google for “how to make money on blab or live streaming” eventually just as they do over 22,000 times per month in the United States for YoutubeMeerkat & Periscope.

how to make money on youtube

How to Make Money Live Streaming or Using the Conversation Platform Blab

  1. Create a daily, weekly, monthly topic focused show gain an audience and have someone sponsor the show. (Just like This week in startups, Howard Stern Show did (before subscription model with Sirius), TWIT.tv, and several podcasts)
  2. Product placement within each blab sesh (natively, people are doing this with microphones and using Amazon affiliate links, next step is contacting brand/company directly to buy wholesale and sell on their sites, or just get the company to pay them directly for using their product on the live stream)
  3. As we mentioned above sell your products, courses ect.. (the Grant Cardone model) or even a book just as Gary Vaynerchuk did with Jab Jab Jab Right Hook on Spreecast which now has his videos in “pay per view” mode for $1.99 which again could be a revenue model for live streaming.
  4. Teach someone what you do, how you do it, show results and share a call tracking # or trackable link in your live Stream headline and/or comment section for people to call you for a consultant or for them to become your client. (And not just selling how to use meerkat, blab, periscope ect..)
  5. Sell your live stream space (ads) – use a t-shirt, hat, live stream screen takeover ect…

What are other ways have you seen/experience people making money on live streams? Share in the comments below…

Before you start making money on Blab or Live Streaming check this out

UPDATED: Here is a marketers guide to Blab.im What you need to know….


Is Twitter’s Vine App Dead?

Almost daily we check the app store to see what are the top free apps in the top charts section to catch any new social media platforms or apps that are gaining or losing traction to see where the attention is moving.

We recently noticed the Vine app hit the 80 ranking range and now today its in the 90s and slipping slowing.

vine app

At the same time Andy Milonakis just tweeted this the other day..

And our team has noticed a lot of the Viners are revining each others Vines from years ago and using vine to tell their audience to follow them on YouTube, Snapchat, or Instagram where they can monetize their audience even more or better. To confirm this downtrend we went to Google Trends and look at this chart for “vine app”…

Maybe with all the new live streaming apps like Blab, Periscope and Meerkat and the increased popularity of Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat this year people are not opening their Vine app as much as they use to? What do you think?

Leave a comment below or let us know if you have any Vine app stats you would like to add to this post that confirms what we are seeing or proves us wrong.


Blab im (Blab app) Live Streaming Video App Creating Blabbermouths or Next Big Thing?

Blab.im (blab im, blab app ) the new live stream (conversation platform) and video app currently in beta is pulling attention away from Meerkat and Periscope and is a new platform that is exactly as it is branded “blab”… Blab is another new shiny social media tool for people to have several (2-4 live streamers) to many (1-100s of viewers so far that can comment along side of the talking heads).

People can blab their hearts out as long as they have viewers or become blah. But before we get into what is Blab and why has Blab grabbed the attention of the all the cool social media kids lets dive a bit into the last 6 months of live streaming.

Live streaming is in an uptrend again thanks to mobile, better data plans, and the millennial generation who seem to have FOMO (fear of missing out), value community,  and have been shaped by technology.

Before the explosion of live streamers in March of 2015 thanks to Meerkat and Periscope there were and are still many other live streaming platforms like Livestream, Ustream, Justin.TV, Google Hangouts and Spreecast.

Even OGs and executors in the social media space like Gary Vaynerchuk that actually get results and ROI for big brands with his social agency Vaynermedia used these platforms back in 2008 (over 7 years ago)

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

However, with so many new live streaming apps this year in 2015 and with them leveraging Twitter APIs to make it easier to login and launch a live stream the future and present of live streaming is changing before our eyes.

It’s why people who know about Spreecast say what’s the difference between Spreecast and Blab which is also up to 4 talking live streamers having a conversation with commenters on the side. (hints: timing, easier to use, mobile, twitter integration, KISS.. keep it simple stupid)

One thing that seems to be obvious and overwhelming is that most of the people using these platforms are trying to be the “expert” and stake their existence in each app while still trying to figure out how to use each platform, how to monetize live streaming (although most are selling courses already because they blabbed or scoped a few times), and how their “live streaming” audience can make them the next big thing or will it just make them a “blabbermouth”?

Part of the reason this is happening is thanks to the emergence of people (“influencers”) being early on Twitter, Vine, and YouTube can make up to $25k a Vine or $6k an instagram post. Follow the money, it’s always about money even when someone says it’s not then it’s really about the money even more.

And agencies like GrapeStory were formed to connect this cap of viners with millions of impressions to brands who want to reach their audience natively within their videos.



Credit: GrapeStory Case Study

We have already seen in a short six months with Periscope launching and now streamers moving onto Blab, Meerkat has been suffering. Even the Meerkat Queen Nora Segura has lost her #1 spot to Grant Cardone recently and the leaderboard on Meerkat has been stale and for the most part stayed the same.

Or maybe Facebook is on to something with launching their Live Streaming service only to celebrities on Mentions since they realize how boring a live stream can become if the person doesn’t have the charisma, strategy, and/or self awareness that live streaming isn’t the best platform for their personality.

Yes, so far some have been able to sustain a few hundred viewers at once with the same family, friends, network they have on other social media platforms or with colleagues who like to watch them over and over again but can they create an audience of millions of viewers like some of the top YouTubers that vlog daily and pull in millions of dollars? Or celebrities that Facebook has given the live streaming power to so far?

There is a saying with social media and content in general the cream rises to the top. And these platforms naturally weed top content or people with the largest consistent audiences from people that are the milli vanilli’s of the world or one stream wonders. (Girl you know I’m true) on this… (had to)

And the toughest part of social media or for content producers is can they maintain the marathon and do it every day/week/month? Unlike evergreen SEO content (Google Marketing), or a pay per click management company that can pull in leads or money as long as you have your ad budget giving you air time on search engines like Google, social media and live streaming only works as much as you work it.

Enter Blab the new live streaming kid on the block that allows video live streaming of up to 4 people at a time and has been called a Google Hangout killer and Periscope for groups of friends.

blab app

Blab is still in Beta and owned by the team that created Bebo but it seems a lot of the attention from Periscope and Meerkat has been shifted to this platform recently. And in the last six months Meerkat has seen a lot of the regular live streamers vanish and at this point who knows if Facebook will buy Meerkat , will Blab create a more sustainable community, or will it be taken out by the next live streaming platform that hits next?

In our opinion, it’s too early to tell but our hunch is just like with anything since we are agnostic if something better comes out that has a better user interface, is easy to use, and gets a lot of attention of the FOMO crew it can make waves.

The key though for all of these platforms can they hit the mainstream and build brand equity with the likes of brands like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Buzzfeed, Yelp, and Twitter…?

Feel free to leave a comment or reach out to us on Twitter @jobsinsosh if you want to add, edit, or share something for us to consider about this post.

As viewers of thousands of live streams on all platforms we are listening, watching, and learning everyday as well and open to certain credible content that can be added to this post. Especially if it provides more value on the new Blab video live streaming app platform.

Update: The CEO of Blab said in a blab as of Aug. 26th, 2015 “The average blab watcher watches 65 minutes of blab a day..