Gary Vaynerchuk’s First YouTube Video

With Gary Vaynerchuk’s new Ask Gary Vee Q&A series on his YouTube channel we peeked back to his “oldest” YouTube video that he did about 7 years ago. This proves Gary’s DNA as he says is built for this. And when I say “this” I mean he has always had a great knack for video and delivering his gut instinct and value even seven years ago.

Check out his “120 seconds” of something else from October 9, 2007.

Gary is on track to be the next PewDiePie or BFvsGF with these daily or weekly Q&As.

Even PewDiePie is more famous than Katy Perry. However, with the vayniac nation behind Gary pumping out these Q&A vlogs as much as he has been he will overtake some of the top YouTubers very soon.

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