Ask Gary Vee Show: How Do You Prepare for a Keynote?

Prepare for War on this Episode 19 of the Gary Vaynerchuk Ask Gary Vee Show on Youtube. On this episode answers the following questions.

00:40 – What wine pairs with kimchi?
01:44 – Why do you release ASKGARYVEE during the evening? trying to target East Coasters?
02:40– How do you prepare for a keynote?
03:57– Do you think any of your areas of expertise hold you back from innovating?
05:28– What am I doing wrong between my personal instagram account and the one I run for my company?

It’s a great episode to learn how to prepare for a keynote speech or even a job interview. Gary makes a great point that you are only as good as your last keynote. This is true whether you are interviewing for jobs or involved in sales. You are only as good as your last action.


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