Best Tip For Time Management, Use Humans

On this episode 21 of the Gary Vaynerchuk Ask Gary Vee YouTube Video Show he answers the following questions. Learn how Gary Vaynerchuk allocates human power to help him manage his time. On a side note we noticed a quote on Instagram that resonated with us “There is no such thing as time, just clocks”

An interesting thing Gary said on this episode is depth is better than width. Why not both like working hard and smart?

00:35– What is your best tip for time management?
02:01 – Why are you uploading #ASKGARYVEE directly to Facebook instead of attaching a photo and linking it to your website? (or youtube?)
03:09 – How should I start promoting my app 6 months before?
05:00– If you could teach everyone in the world one thing you’ve learned what would it be?
06:56 – If you could go back to your 20’s would you prioritize your health more? or was neglecting it necessary to get where you are today?

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