Sales Tip: Focus on People That Believe What You Believe In

On this episode 20 of the Ask Gary Vee YouTube Show Gary Vaynerchuk answers the following questions from people on Twitter.

00:33 – I find it difficult to accept that men use Pinterest. Any way I can overcome this bias?
01:26– How do you go around letting a business run their new social media plans themselves?
03:19– How do I convey what a following is to teachers/head of schools etc?
05:46 – Gary being the frontman of VaynerMedia. How do you manage your clients expectations to meet you?
07:00– Guys seem to outnumber women on the show. Do you see men and women differ on success and tactics?

Gary’s gold here is actually a great sales tip, only sell to or convert people that believe in what you believe. Don’t worry about the people that aren’t believers and don’t waste your most valuable asset, Time.

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