How to Stay Motivated

Check out this new episode 24 of Gary Vaynerchuk’s Ask Gary Vee Show on YouTube where he answers the following questions.

00:39 – Which hurts your credibility more: having no popularity or faking your popularity? Thoughts on fake views, plays, etc?
01:36 – Would you ever automate your position, delegate to as many people as it takes and spend 95% of your time to fully engage in family and life?
02:58 – When you get the occasional rushes of inspiration and motivation and it disappears, how do you get constant motivation?
07:03 – Why is your phone always in the shot?
07:51 – What are your thoughts on tech consumption by young children?

On one of the best ways on how to stay motivated you need to follow your DNA and become self aware of who and what you are.

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