What Will Happen with the New Social Network Ello?

Ello Episode

In this episode 27 of the Ask Gary Vee Show Gary Vaynerchuk answers the following questions…

00:37 – It seems like Instagram is great for jabs, not for right hooks. How and should I make right hooks on instagram or is it a bad idea all together?
02:52 – What are your thoughts on using kickstarted to start a business?
04:18 – Is there a thing as too much jabbing? or should you hold a little back to seem mysterious?
07:25 – Is there a strategy behind following thousands of people on twitter? I normally follow those who provide value to me.
09:37 – What are your thoughts on Ello?

Gary again reiterates there is an ROI in everything as long as you have the talent or chop to rise to the top.

For example, Lebron James will make a billion dollars because of a basketball, but the majority or untalented won’t.

Also, if you squatted on Gary’s “garyvee” on ello give it back! Gary had to go with Vaynerchuk for his Ello handle for now.

gary vaynerchuk


Here is Gary’s points about Ello and what he thinks about the new trendy social network.

1. He thinks the way Ello is financially structured has vulnerabilities.
2. This has happened before with things like Diaspora. It didn’t work.
3. He’s not in love with the actual product, but glad they’re moving and innovating.


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