Influencer Marketing: Content Creation and Distribution

Influencer Marketing Episode

In this Ask Gary Vee Show Episode on YouTube Gary answers the following questions in person in New York city.

01:18 – With the influencer business model, what are the biggest challenges are you facing? and which brands are using the influencer model.
03:19 – How do you maintain having high standards with your team and making sure things get done, while keeping the project on time and in budget?
04:50 – What do you think the next/biggest thing in the influencer space?
06:29 – When startups become inherently competitive with other companies, how do you stay ahead of the game? give more value than your competitors?
08:58 – What’s your stance on investing in competitive companies?

Gary was asked several questions about the influencer space and how running GrapeStory a vine agency his using influencers to create brand equity. One huge point Gary makes with influencer marketing is they create content and they have the distribution channel.

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