How to Find Companies to Invest in or on the Rise

On this Episode 29 of the Ask Gary Vee Show Gary Vaynerchuk answers the following questions.

01:02 – What do you think about recent Omnicom advice to move 25% of ad budgets to online video and the space in general?
03:20 – What’s a good drinking-home-along-bottle-to-yourself-w­ine?
04:30 – You talk about upcoming companies and predicting their success or not. Where and how do you find these rising companies?

Also, Gary is testing a new three question format and shorter version of his Ask Gary Vee Show and wants to know if you like it or not. In the last question Gary is asked about how does he find rising companies and he mentions, Jason HirschornTechmeme, and the iTunes app store to see whats on the rise, and putting in the work on those apps.

Another tip we can share based on a recent episode of Jason Calacanis’s This week in startups, is Mattermark. Jason Calcanis interviewed the founder of Mattermark and shows a demo of their tool to find companies on the rise and downfall based on certain key metrics. This is great for startup investors looking to find companies to invest in.

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