Jerome Jarre Net Worth: Is the Jerome Jarre 1 Million Dollar Offer a Prank, Fake, Or Real?

We noticed someone tweet this Digg link to a YouTube Video of Jerome Jarre being offered one million dollars for an ad campaign. Only catch is he has to “stay in New York for one year”?

The offer was made by VaynerMedia for their agency or one of their client brands. You can see Gary Vaynerchuk’s face blurred out. The video was edited to only show the offer but not mention who the offer was from and then his walk out reaction where he runs away (leaving the hidden camera behind) and flys to Mexico.

If you don’t use Vine, Snapchat, YouTube or Twitter and don’t know who Jerome Jarre is watch this video first.

So here are some things we noticed from people online commenting on the YouTube video and even our own thoughts on why this gut wise doesn’t seem real or at least completely real if it is a little bit..

This feels more like a Vitalzdtv, PrankvsPrank or one of the other top YouTube channels that gained their top impressions from prank videos. (social blade stats on both – vitalyzdtvprankvsprank)

  • This video is set up as if Jerome Jarre hasn’t made money… (says he sleeps in offices and is homeless)
    • Hasn’t he been making money with the agency GrapeStory that both Jerome and Gary Vaynerchuk set up who is also in this video and who has also said “reverse engineer life” as Jerome points out his reason for declining
    • On GrapeStory Twitter it says where “Viners” meet the top brands.. (no money in this either, top brands haven’t paid out 1 milli yet?)
    • Hasn’t Jerome Jarre made any money from Vine?
    • Hasn’t Jerome made any money from 786k subscribers on YouTube?

What about being on the cover of “Ad Week”… Why would an “advertising” industry magazine want you on the cover if you haven’t made any money with ads?

According to their article Jerome Jarre “The going rate for one of his Vines is $25,000.

He pulls down $35,000 for sending a single Snapchat message.”and “To remind him where he came from and to keep that hunger alive, he reveals, he still sleeps on the floor and takes cold showers sometimes.”

What about this Vine Ellen Contest was this free too?

And on his website under “Booking” where it says to contact his CAA agent Andy Roth which is odd because I thought only people that make a lot of money have agents? Also, Gary Vaynerchuk is repped by the same agency as he has pointed out in his keynotes.

If this is real.. Did he turn down 1 million just because he didn’t want to stay in NY? Or is it because he already made more than 1 million with GrapeStory, his vines, bookings, snapchat, and this is just another way to get paid and drive buzz? So is he still going to promote brands just not for one million dollars and as long as he doesn’t have to stay in New York? Regardless of this being fake, real, or a prank Jerome Jarre has proven being yourself, being first to a platform, being creative, and making people laugh can generate millions of smiles. Jerome Jarre proved if you want something you just have to go out and get it and that is 100% real. UPDATE: Reddit has a thread on this with a lot of comments of people thinking its fake as well. On this thread there is a picture of Gary Vaynerchuk saying “maybe” it was a “punking”..  Along with this Twitter Status Update

UPDATE: Jerome Jarre Arrested for another prank?

Update: ShockMansion comments also say its fake.

UPDATE: Jerome Jarre Posts Vines for MTV and Nordstrom since “turning down 1 million dollars”

So What is Jerome Jarre’s Net Worth?

Since he “turned down 1 million to “stay in NY for a year” which seems ridiculous anyway he has posted vines to bring attention to MTV and Nordstrom… We are leaning more and more with our initial gut reaction that this video of the 1 million dollar turn down was fake.

We are pretty sure MTV and Nordstrom are paying good money for this “sponsored ad art”

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