The Story Behind Gary Vaynerchuk and Jerome Jarre

On this 37th episode of the ask Gary Vaynerchuk show Gary answers the following questions.

Very cool back story on how Jerome Jarre met Gary Vaynerchuk and how they formed GrapeStory a Vine Talent Agency and to get into the influencer marketing space.

00:29 – Take us back to the day when you said yes to Jerome Jarre. What made you believe in him and his idea?
03:11 – What is your opinion on the auto-reply DM services people use to send a message to new followers on twitter?
04:58 – When have you been the happiest in your life?
07:52 – How can you stand out in linked in with all the chatter from social media gurus that are spamming everyone’s feed?
11:05 – Sup?

What is Jerome Jarre’s Net worth now? Did he turn down 1 million to stay in NY because he already is worth that and more?

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