Is Facebook Worth the Time with the Facebook Organic Reach Decline?

On this episode 39 of  the Ask Gary Vee Show, Gary has is employees at VaynerMedia ask him questions.

00:51: With Facebook reach continuing to decline, do you see a role for organic posts as an ‘always on’ strategy or should everything be promoted? How much reach is enough to justify the effort in creating these assets?
04:19: What dating advice would you give to a single 20-something girl in NYC?
08:22: At what point is a campaign ownable by merely being the first brand of its kind to do something (in a sense being the “first mover”)?
11:30: What’s the most important thing you’ve learned while Vayner has grown as a company (from coast to coast) and how does a company successfully scale?
14:57: What kind of advice would you give people who are transitioning from the do-ers to the leaders and managers of a team?

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