How To Use Twitter to Find a Job

Yes, we are a niche social media job board that gives companies an opportunity to target job seekers interested in social media jobs to post them on our site for more exposure.

However, our site isn’t the only way a job seeker can find social media jobs or any job for that matter. And while our goal is to help employers get more attention and hire candidates that specifically are looking for their next career opportunity in the social media industry we also want to help job seekers in this industry any way we can. And one way to do that besides our site of course is using Twitter’s Advanced Search feature.

For example, lets say you were looking for social media jobs in your local area. And in this hypothetical situation let’s also say you wanted to stay local and find a social media job close to home in New York.

The first thing you need to do is go to and click “advanced – here’s a screenshot for you visual learners out there like us.

twitter search

After clicking the “advanced search” link you should see this screen next…

twitter advanced search

You will notice now you have a way to narrow your search via keywords or hashtags on Twitter to “near this place” to target your local area. So in the “Words” section you can enter something like “hiring social media” and then in places you can enter your zip code or major metro city name for more results. As in this example you can enter New York.

And if you click this link you will see a live result page of this search and start engaging, following, and applying to new jobs that people are tweeting every day.

Keep in mind we gave you one example of dozens of different advanced searches you can do to find more job opportunities in all location and industries. You can enter other relevant keywords or phrases and you can also narrow by date or use any of the advanced features of Twitter Search. Let us know if you land a job via Twitter search thanks to this post in the comments. We love hearing job seeker success stories.

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