How to Get More Followers on Instagram

instagramEveryone is all about the numbers game on social media and are searching for ways on how to get more followers on Instagram and Twitter to look more important.

To some degree the more followers you have on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Vine the more attention and credibility you can get with people to follow you without expecting you to follow them back. But in most cases people either bought followers on sites like Fiverr or through Twitter ads or they already have an audience they built on another social media platform or because of their brand equity.

However, if you want some solid tips on getting on how to get more followers on Instagram and pretty much any social media platform we have a great list of the top ways we have seen follower count increase besides buying them of course.

Here are the Top Seven Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram

1. Be Human

What do we mean by be human? The goal here of this tip is to be yourself and engage with other people on the platform and add value to the social conversation as you would at a networking event. On Instagram for example when people you follow post pictures comment with respect and add your thoughts on the picture they posted or “heart” a picture you like. Also, follow accounts that post pictures of things you normally like, are interested in, or can appreciate.

Also, if someone “hearts” your picture on Instagram thank them, if they comment on your pictures comment back. And when you follow people or brands on Instagram they will get a notification and notice your account so make sure your profile is filled out completely with a link to your website, a picture, and any bio info that can tell them about yourself.

2. Use Hashtags

When posting your pictures use relevant hashtags to mark what your picture is about. Don’t overdue it though and there is a recent study that says 7 hashtags are the optimal amount but use your gut and don’t use hashtags that aren’t relevant.

3. Use Search Feature of Instagram

Go exploring and start following or hearting accounts and pictures you enjoy. Every time you do this it will bring attention to your account and if people like the pictures, bio, and what your Instagram account offers people will start following you back as well.

4. Make Sure your Profile isn’t Private

Some people forget they put their account on private for some reason and doing so doesn’t allow others to see your pictures and profile information. Having a private Instagram account will definitely not help increase your followers.

5. Comment on Popular Accounts and Pictures

If you always comment on popular account pictures or the pictures that make the “popular” page this can help get you more followers on Instagram. ¬†For example if you were following Kim Kardashian’s instagram account which has 21 million followers at the time of this post and you comment on every picture she posts your Instagram account name will start getting more impressions and people will notice your account more. And if you make a funny, witty, or value added comments you can start getting people following you that follow her or other popular accounts that have millions of followers.

6. Post Amazing Pictures

If you look at the popular picture page of Instagram you can see what pictures get the most hearts or comments. Most of the time its from popular accounts however sometimes you will notice a trend. For example, we noticed that pictures that either contain motivational or success quotes, cars, hot girls, fitness models, dogs, luxurious things, expensive homes, boats, or vacation beach like places usually get a high number of Instagram hearts. Also, if you post things that play on someone’s emotions are usually pictures that get a response, comment, or heart.

7. Leverage Other Social Media Accounts

If you have already built a following on your other social media accounts whether it is Vine, Twitter, Facebook, or Snapchat let your followers know there what your account username is on Instagram. And if you could try to make your username on all social media platforms the same to make it easier for people to follow you multiple places. Lastly, if you can use a username that is brandable, easy, short, or your name. Some people have received tons of followers just by having a generic username like @rich @wealthy @success @health or usernames like this.

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