How to Negotiate Your Salary

If you are applying online to social media career opportunities on our site we want to bring you some job seeker tips that can not only get you the job but help you get the best negotiated salary.

On a recent Grant Cardone, CardoneZone episode from his Whatever Takes Network he shares some insights on getting a better salary or negotiating why you deserve a certain salary when being hired by an employer. Grant Cardone employs many people so this is great insight from an employer of many successful businesses.

Grant also talks about how people blow the interview and don’t even get to the negotiation point of getting the salary they want.

Some of the mistakes job seekers are make are:

  • What’s my title
  • What kind of office
  • Vacation time
  • Flexible schedule
  • Hours of operation

Another interesting stat Grant uncovered isĀ 80% of people looking for jobs are looking outside of their industry/niche.

Grant’s #1 question a job seeker should be focused on…

“What’s the opportunity?”

Why don’t people get a raise?

  1. Don’t ask
  2. Never got the job in the first place
  3. Wrong vehicle
  4. Wrong position
  5. Because you aren’t great

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