Marketing Manager #2 Best Business Job per US News

I was interested to see this years list of best job rankings according to US News for the social media job opening aspect. However, when you look at the best jobs for 2015 ranked by US News you notice them lumping in “social media” into this Marketing Manager role. (unless I missed something, let me know US News and I will update this post)…

Here is their blurb about that role…

You’ve probably seen a TV commercial or print advertisement that persuaded you to buy a new gadget or product. Somewhere behind that advertising campaign is a marketing manager aiming to convince you to buy that item. Long before the advertisement interrupted your favorite TV show, a marketing manager set up a focus group to observe how and why people use the product and tested whether various features of the product made people more likely to want to buy it. Sometimes marketing managers tweak new items to make them a better fit for specific groups of customers, and they develop pricing strategies that help a company maximize profits without alienating customers. In addition to traditional advertising campaigns, marketing managers need to connect products with customers on Twitter and Facebook and generate buzz through Internet marketing. When the job is done well, the customer will feel like this new product is necessary to have in his or her life.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects marketing manager employment growth of 12.7 percent between 2012 and 2022. During that period, an additional 22,900 jobs will need to be filled.

One thing that stood out from their infographic is that marketing managers are making over $130k a year very close to a physician and this signifies to me the value they bring to the table and how companies are finally seeing they need marketing and sales to even exist.

The Marketing manager role per US News is saying they take care of things like Twitter and Facebook and other digital areas so again it is key to have a solid marketing manager or seo marketing agency if you really want to succeed as a business.

Check out their infographic for more info on the best jobs of 2015.

best jobs in 2015 us news


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