Social Media Do’s While Job Hunting by Action News on 6abc in Philadelphia

Social Media’s Do’s and Don’ts for Job Seekers

Creating an impression via social media, from what you post to researching your prospective employer, can make a difference in whether or not you get a job.

“Recruiters, hiring managers, future mother in laws, a lot of people are looking you up before they even meet you,” said Taly Russell, of Silver Chair Recruiters. “If they don’t like what they see, they will pass on interviewing you. And that goes for almost every hiring manager that we know nowadays. Before or after, they are looking you up.”

So take even your fun pages seriously.

“It’s time to get off the hot mess express,” she said. “It may have been five years ago in college, it may have been two years ago…every picture that’s up there that you thought was funny back then, it’s not funny now…Go online, get smart.”

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