Jason Calacanis Prediction: Facebook Buys Meerkat within Six Months

If you don’t know or follow Jason Calacanis you should. Even if you aren’t a start up or want to learn how to pitch an angel investor for money Jason provides valuable insights into sales, social media, and business on his show This Week in Startups, on Twitter, and on his blog.

This morning Jason was a guest on CNBC and dropped another prediction bomb that Facebook will buy Meerkat within the next six months. Last time he was on he correctly predicted Twitter move to video with their own hosted video within tweets, Vine, and recently purchasing the live streaming app Periscope that is integrated seamlessly into their platform to provide “real time” video.

Check out the video segment here to see why Jason is one the best guests CNBC brings on. He tells it like it is in his brooklyn style. Jason Calacanis is the real deal.

Facebook Buys Meerkat within next Six Months

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