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Who is Gary Vaynerchuk?

Last updated: February, 2019 (new updates on Gary Vaynerchuk at the bottom of the post)

Will Cain with the Blaze said it best “Who the F$%^ are you?” to Gary Vaynerchuk to start this amazing interview to learn more about Gary Vaynerchuk. Check out this video here which also includes info on about how much Gary Vaynerchuk makes each year on average and his net worth.

And even better yet we get the answer directly from Gary Vaynerchuk himself, he says:

“You know I’m an Entrepreneur really, Like really really really what I am, I mean at 4 years old if you’re ripping flowers out of people’s yards and ringing their doorbell and desperately asking them to buy it or when you’re six and everyone wants to play dodge ball, or go on the swings and you’re desperately trying to get everybody to stand behind a lemonade stand for 8 hours during their summer vacation, I’m an Entrepreneur, I’m a salesman”

Gary Vaynerchuk searches on Google have people curious to know these things about Gary and let’s break it down a bit.

gary vaynerchukGary Vaynerchuk net worth: What is Gary Vaynerchuk net worth?

So Celebrity Net worth puts Gary’s net worth at $10 Million dollars which we think is a real low ball. As you watched in the video about Gary Vee with Will Cain Gary mentions he makes $3-$5 million a year depending on keynotes and how much of his investments he unloads in Twitter or when his investments are bought out like Tumblr.e



Also, his digital/social agency VaynerMedia has been known to charge their clients $50-80k month per Gary in some of his videos where he has been interviewed.

UPDATED (January – February 2016) in the last 30 days on Periscope Gary Vaynerchuk has laughed at the 10 million net worth numbers and said its probably closer to 100 million. Also, today on his Live Stream Facebook interview on Grant Cardone’s Power Players he said he is making 17 million in the last year way up from the $3-$5 million a year range he gave on the Blaze interview above. Is he worth listening too? I say hell yes.

UPDATED (August 2016) – Gary talks about “Gary Vaynerchuk net worth” on the Art of Charm searches confirming what we knew all along people will be googling this for the next 5, 10, 15 years+  He then confirmed he made over 10 million in the last year and Wine Library property worth is well over the 10 Million net worth from “Celebrity Net Worth”. He also talked about how Vaynermedia is doing 100 million a year in revenue and agencies are selling at 2 to 3x their revenue. He also talked about the top 1% making 400k a year (here, Wall Street Journal, and here, CNN) and how he makes that in two keynote speeches.

Gary is constantly hating on other people asking people for money from their audience to buy things. However, he only gets paid (now $250,000 as of 2019)for a speaking gig because he has the audience. So he does monetize his audience.

He also sells books, KSwiss Sneakers, he sells his wine club Empathy Wines (similar to Tai Lopez MentorBox & Grassfed Brands monthly subscription), he sells “VanynerMentor” and Vayner 4ds which is very similar to Tai Lopez as well.


Gary Vaynerchuk wine:

This is how Gary got his start to internet fame. He used Viddler to make videos about wine dumbing it down so “regular” people can learn about wine without feeling stupid. This in turn helped his Dad’s wine business Wine Library (previously Shoppers Discount Liquor) grow from 3-4 million to 50-60 million in revenue depending on what blog you read it on. He constantly says now that his Dad didn’t give him anything from the business to try to increase his street cred but lets be real how many kids get handed a 3 million dollar a year business to work in to start and don’t expect that to be passed down to them eventually. If he really wanted that his Dad would of gave him the business. He has said he was 1% unhappy doing that and wanted to go the social media motivational speaking route and start VaynerMedia with his brother to help his brother out and used his Father in Law connection at Gillette to get his first client there.

There was a book SocialNomics by Erik Qualman that featured this execution of social/video media to grow a business. This was also around the time Gary had one of his most watched YouTube Video Keynotes.

Gary has actually written 3 books (Crush it (really set it him off on the internet fame direction), Thank You Economy, and lastly Jab Jab Jab Right Hook.) Also, Gary has mentioned several times now that he is going to launch a new book soon based off all the questions he has been asked on the Ask Gary Vee Show. Gary’s 4th book will be titled “Ask Gary Vee” Book or along the lines of the show as the theme and possibly using people’s questions and twitter or Instagram handles in his book.

Gary Vaynerchuk Quotes:

One of Gary’s most famous quotes that is relevant to what he focuses on everyday (social media) is… “What’s ROI of your Mother?”

Another great quote from Gary Vaynerchuk is from his Instagram account.

Too many of you are debating, pondering, worrying or worst of all talking ….

A photo posted by Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) on

Gary Vaynerchuk Wife:

Yes, Gary Vaynerchuk is married to his wife Lizzie Vaynerchuk with two kids and keeps that very private and personal and rarely does he use social media to show his family. Respect to Gary for letting his wife and kids make their own decisions on whether they want to be online as much as he is.

Funny enough along with Gary Vaynerchuk’s net worth his Gary Vaynerchuk’s wife is most searched after his name. People want to know how much he makes from his form of hustle and what his wife thinks of it since most people have families and wives/husbands and wouldn’t work as much as he does. They want to know what Gary Vaynerchuk’s wife either looks like since she is never on his social media or how she feels with him working so much is our guess.

Gary Vaynerchuk never shows his wife on social media even though he documents 18 hours a day of being away from his family. He admits in most situations someone’s significant other or wife wouldn’t put up with his lifestyle. However, he said is wife is ok with it because she is use to it from her dad working all time when he worked for Gillette which funny enough was Gary Vaynerchuk’s first client at Vaynermedia.

gary vaynerchuk wife

Gary Vaynerchuk just talked about the 2 most searched things after his name is “Gary Vaynerchuk Wife” And “Gary Vaynerchuk Net Worth” which is still true today in this video after almost two years of us creating this post. Listen to him talk about that here:

Wine Library:

Wine Library is Gary’s father business he helped grow in Springfield, NJ after his father and family moved to the US from Belarus. Wine Library is Online wine retailer offering a variety of ratings, reviews, tasting notes, recommendations, and information on the latest trends.

Gary Vaynerchuk youtube:

One thing Gary admits is he made a mistake not using YouTube and going with Viddler for his Wine Library TV show that helped get him where he is today. However, YouTube is what sparked Gary to follow the attention of the market and start banging out 5 wine videos every week from his dad’s wine store.

Also, he has now built a 100+ business vlog show again letting his vayniacs ask him questions about business, life, family, and social media. It’s called the Ask Gary Vee Show and the foundation to an upcoming book and where he gives away free value (jabs) until he is ready to unload the big right hook a year or two later for his book.

This helps him gain attention and stay relevant in this crazy content and social media world where everyone and their mother is pumping out status updates, tweets, videos, photos, blog posts, podcasts and more to gain attention for themselves.

Gary Vaynerchuk blog:

Gary has recently redesigned his site/blog and has one of the members of his personal content team stunwin gathering sound bites and posting content to his personal blog and then redistributing on platforms like Medium for more views, attention, and shares. Gary Vaynerchuk has said he now has a 10-15 team of people helping him create, edit, post for his Gary Vee Brand although he still answers tweets, comments on Instagram and Facebook.  Most of his team film, edit, write the articles, run the ads, create the memes and graphics. All the hard legwork it takes to produce content as often as he does

Other Gary Vaynerchuk tidbits:

  • Gary launched a Vine Agency with Jerome Jarre called GrapeStory
  • Gary loves to buy stuff at garage sales and resell the items on Ebay to make a profit
  • Gary loves the NY Jets thanks to a sweater his mom made him when he was a kid and if they ever do win a superbowl he will probably lose his passion for them but would like to own them one day
  • Gary had a daily wine how via a mobile app called the Daily grape
  • Gary owns a daily deal site for wine called Cinderella Wine
  • Gary shut down a business venture called Cork’d after 4 years of operation

If there is anything you would like to share, post, update, add, or edit in this ultimate Gary Vaynerchuk blog post please feel free to leave a comment or hit us up on Twitter @jobsinsosh. We will be happy to keep adding more content or fix any mistakes to keep this post fresh and useful for anyone wanting to learn more about Gary Vaynerchuk the godfather of Social Media.

UPDATE: Literally the day after we created this post Gary Vaynerchuk’s personal Video content team Stephan or D-Rock put together this video of a Day in the Life of Gary Vaynerchuk.

Now learn how Kanye West grew his net worth with social media, learning music production and a passion.

UPDATE: DailyVEE – Gary Vaynerchuk’s new VLOG

On December 4th, 2015 Gary Vaynerchuk released his first “dailyvee” vlog where he has his content team follow him around to show how much he loves what he does which enables him to do it all day long from “6am-11pm”

At first it looked similar to the YouTube Millioniare daily vloggers (BFvsGF, Vitalyzdtv, Roman Atwood ect…) but so far it’s not “daily”. So the daily part is turning out to be watching how Gary Vaynerchuk works everyday. (He eventually posted daily once he had a 10-15 person team for team garyvee)

If you are into that.. Check out the two he has done so far.

If you loved this guide you might also want to check out our Tai Lopez Guide: Is Tai Lopez a scam and his net worth.

Also, Gary Vaynerchuk was interviewed by Tai Lopez this year in 2016 check that out here.

Update: Gary Vaynerchuk is launching VaynerTalent a human production personal branding agency that gives people the chance to pay VaynerTalent around 20k a month and have the same “D rock” experience Gary has with his own content team following him, updating blog posts, and helping him with the creation and distribution of his personal content.

Update: January 15th, 2017

Gary Vaynerchuk was recently on the Breakfast Club again and on his January 13th, 2017 “DailyVee” he said his Net Worth from VaynerMedia alone is currently 200 million dollars.

Also, Gary Vaynerchuk and Tai Lopez were listed as the #1 and #2 social media masters of attention to watch by Entrepreneur.com

Gary Vaynerchuk Hot Ones

Find out Why Gary Vaynerchuk wants to buy the NY Jets and how it Americanized him including his mom making him a NY Jets sweater

Watch this latest Ask Gary Vee in March 2018 (which is the best one in two years since Seth Godin was on) where you actually see Bethenny Frankel challenge Gary Vaynerchuk on a lot of things including have him pretty much admit he wouldn’t use Instagram or social media if he didn’t own a social media agency that sells it…

Bethenny says if she wasn’t on TV she wouldn’t have social networks and he says you know what’s funny “I’m kind of close to that as well”


Gary Vaynerchuk launches One37PM in June of 2018 to add to his “the gallery media group” holding company which aquired PureWow a female focused media lifestyle brand. Now One37pm will be male dominant and focused on Men’s lifestyle including sports, hip hop, news, and entrepreneurship.

Watch Grant Cardone Talk about how Gary Vaynerchuk is a hypocrite and bullshitter when he talks about people will do something for free but then ask $6,000.

And Grant Cardone’s point is Gary gets paid $150,000 per speaking engagement. Gary has admitted recently on a video asking for $250,000 for a 1 hour keynote now.

Vayner Speakers

Gary Vaynerchuk as been busy expanding his empire. He recently launched Vayner Speakers which is run by his old CAA agent Zach Nadler.

The Sasha Group

To help small businesses which Gary Vaynerchuk frequently refers to businesses do well over 1-3 million a year Gary Vaynerchuk launched The Sasha Group named after his father who had a 3 million dollar a year wine business Gary joined as one of his first jobs.

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