Jason Calacanis, “Adam Bain will be Twitter’s New CEO”

Check out this video from CNBC where Jason Calacanis serial entrepreneur, angel investor and unicorn finder predicting Twitter’s New CEO will be Adam Bain.

Adam Bain oversees Twitter’s worldwide monetization efforts and the rollout of its advertising platform. Prior to joining Twitter in 2010, he served as President of the Fox Audience Network (FAN), a role in which he oversaw a division that includes one of the web’s largest advertising platforms and a team dedicated to monetizing News Corporation’s web properties and hundreds of third-party online publishers.

Jason also mentions this is why most tech companies don’t want to go public because of the pressure from the street to hit quarterly numbers. Jason mentions Twitter should keep making acquisitions and possibly merge with Snapchat if Evan Spiegel was open to that. Which is probably far fetched since Snapchat has no need to and they turned down 3 Billion from Facebook which is all of Twitter’s cash they have available.

Jason made a prediction that Meerkat would be purchased by October by Facebook as well and never holds back on CNBC which makes him one of their best guests.

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