Best Tips on How To Get a Raise at Any Place You Work

Nearly nine in 10 U.S. workers believe they deserve a raise, but only 54 percent intend to ask for one this year, according to a survey by Robert Half, which has an accounting and finance staffing office in downtown Hartford. One of the reasons there are so many people that don’t even ask is because they feel like or know they don’t even deserve it.

The survey found that people feel more comfortable about public speaking than they do about compensation discussions with their boss. Again this signals to us that people know deep inside they don’t really deserve it or they feel like if they ask and don’t get a raise then they could lose their job because the boss now thinks they want more money.

In the Northeast, 27 percent of respondents said they would look for a new job if their raise request was denied. That was the highest of any region. The national average was 19 percent. In the north east people are more aggressive so this isn’t as surprising and they know once they ask and are denied a raise they feel like they need to move on.

The survey also found that the most likely employees to request higher pay are males in the western U.S., aged 18 to 34, with a decade or less of professional experience.

Robert Half hired an independent research firm to survey more than 1,000 full-time office workers.

When searching “How to Get a Raise” on Google some of the top companies people are looking to get a raise from are Home Depot, Walgreens, Walmart, and Starbucks. Seems to be big brands with lower paying hourly jobs have a lot of people that want a raise per Google search data as you can see here.

how to get a raise

Here are More Tips on How To Get a Raise at any Job

  1. Get Attention from your Boss or Manager
  2. Set expectations and clarify your intention (not looking for a handout)
  3. Ask How You Can Increase your Income
  4. Have a Set Figure in mind based on the value you can add that would cover that and more

Things you don’t want to do about getting a raise

  1. Don’t talk about how long you have been on the job
  2. Don’t pat yourself on the back
  3. Don’t bring up your work attendance
  4. Don’t threaten you will leave if you don’t get the raise

Check out this video from Grant Cardone on How to Get a Raise

Here are some tips and notes from this video on how people can get a raise from their boss or manager.

Some stats on raises in America:
• 90% of Americans think that they deserve a raise
• 54% don’t ask for one
• 32% would rather clean their while house
• 6% would rather be audited by the IRS

The 4 Steps to Asking for a Raise:
1. Get your bosses attention.
2. Clarify at the beginning what the meeting is about.
3. Make it very clear you’re not looking for a handout.
4. How could it be possible to reach a specific goal?

Examples of each point:
1. Hey, can I get your attention for 3 minutes.
2. I want to talk to you about money.
3. I’m not asking you to give me that money. What can I do to bring in more money to the business?
4. What can I do to bank another $X for the year?

Don’t Say:
• Man I’ve been here a long time.
• I do a good job.
• I’m never sick.
• If I can’t do this I’m going to leave.

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