How To Quit Your Job: Two Weeks Notice Advice

On this episode of the Ask Gary Vee Show, Gary Vaynerchuk the CEO of a 500+ social agency gives advice on how to quit your job with grace, humility and maintain a good relationship with your current employer after giving your two weeks notice.

Also, he answers the following questions that helps with people looking to quit their job to start their own business, sell, market and props to some women in business that are rocking it on social media.

Leave a comment below with some Twitter or Instagram handles of great female entrepreneurs you know that deserve a shout out.

2:00 – How would you market to Amish people if that was your primary market? #BuggyHustle
4:36 – I’ve started a startup that many others have tried to do before me and failed. Am I stupid to think I’ll be the anomaly?
5:51 – I’m in the middle of transitioning to a new job. I was wondering what your advice would be during my last 2 weeks?
8:27 – If you were to make a video game, what type would it be and on what platform would you sell it?
10:29 – What women in business are rocking it on social media? Would love to know who you think I should follow!

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