Snapchat Marketing: Strategy and Ideas for Small Business

On this episode of the Ask Gary Vee Show, Gary is asked about using Snapchat Marketing strategies for a small business.

15:47 – How should small businesses be using Snapchat?

snapchat marketing

Ann Marie asked should small businesses be posting coupons, promotions or have online diaries (stories?)

Gary mentions for snapchat marketing you need to be doing all of the above and he dives deeper into snapchat marketing strategies by saying you need to put out compelling content on Snapchat in two areas.

  • Entertainment or escapism
  • Utility and Value

Either you entertain people to help them escape the reality you can’t pay your rent because you have 90+ roommates because you bought some internet marketers “how to make money on periscope” get quick rich scheme. Or you need to bring value and gamify it with a coupon and share a code where the customer can save money.

Here are the other questions he answered on this episode.

2:29 – If you were a college graduate today and didn’t have your family business, how would you handle the job market?
10:26 – We are planning a summit in September. Without having a big following or brand equity, how do we approach companies to participate?
13:02 – When are you going to make an app? And what would it be like? Why not have a jab jab jab app?
17:42 – In your first book, you talked about letting your audience decide if they want to get to you know more rather than persuading them. But when it comes to email marketing, how do you make connections without be too persuasive?

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