Social Media Manager Job Description in 2016

What a Social Media Manager Does and Why You Need One

Our world is becoming increasingly more digital.  Many relationships begin and progress through the Internet, more specifically, through social media networks.  More and more, people are operating with the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality.  If your brand doesn’t have a strong social media presence, your brand doesn’t exist. The importance of social media engagement is at an all time high. And as social media marketing jobs are on the rise, the person with the fate of your brand riding on their shoulders? Your social media manager.

What is a social media manager you ask?  Long story short, they are the person in charge of all of your social networks.  They also:

  • Design, create, and post on behalf of your brand.
  • Start and maintain constructive conversations surrounding your brand and the lifestyle associated with it.
  • Understand your goals, properly track their efforts, and provide detailed reports back to you to help you see where and how your company is succeeding.
  • Provide second to none customer service to your followers, answering questions, thanking compliments, and solving criticisms.
  • Maintain your loyal fan base and are constantly expanding it.
  • Have an extraordinary understanding of each social network and the best tactic to use for each.
  • Unwavering knowledge base of design tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Canva and organization tools such as Hootsuite or Sprout Social.
  • Strategically utilize hashtags, photos, videos, articles, and contests to strengthen your presence.

A great social media manager is a true professional, with a strong work ethic, and even stronger communication skills.

What to Look For in a Social Media Manager Job Description?

Creativity is one of the most important qualities a good social media manager should posses.  Creativity is used  to design custom graphics for your brand.  A great candidate will use creativity to write stellar content , whether it be funny, witty, or professional.  They will use creativity for engaging and conversing with your customers.  You don’t want to your brand to come off like a robot with the same monotone response for each similar question asked.  Your ideal social media manager will be personable, and keep a lively and real tone with your customers.

In addition to creativity, your social media manager should be knowledgable.  They should be an esocial media managerxpert on the ins and outs of every aspect of their craft.  They should know how to create a detailed, strategic plan, and how to deliver on it.  They should be aware of SEO, and how their work is affecting it.  They should be a good communicator, and an even better listener.

Most of all, a great social media manager will be passionate.  If you hire a great social media manager, you will get great results.  If you hire a poor social media manager, you will get poor results. Your decision on social media management is an investment that takes great consideration.  A person with a genuine interest in the subject and passion and enjoyment surrounding the job will shine through in the content produced, and be a great investment for your brand.

The 80/20 Rule

Effective social media managers understand and utilize the 80/20 rule to get a social media ROI.  80% of posts are about lifestyle, customer interests and relevant industry news.  The other 20% is content promoting your product or service.  This rule is necessary because in this online world, consumers rule.  Consumers need to want to follow, and not be told to do so or be sold to.  Social media managers achieve this by creating a relatable, likable, and interesting lifestyle around brands.  That feeling of belonging and desire of association with a brand is what will hopefully convert them into sales.

The Voice of Your Brand

Your social media manager is the voice of your brand.  Make sure that voice is the perfect representation of your ideal image.  You need someone with exceptional communication and language skills.  This person is responsible for providing your current and future customers with the appropriate information, assistance, and entertainment.  You have to trust the person that will be building the trust between you and your customers.

Before any social media activity can take place, your social media manager needs to have a solid understanding of the your business and your ideal image and voice.

Some topics to outline with your social media manager:

  1. What goals are you trying to achieve through social media?
  2. Do you have specific, trackable, ROI objectives?
  3. Who is the intended audience of your company? Demographics, social networks of choice, interests?
  4. What is your brand’s desired voice? Funny or serious? Formal or casual?
  5. Who is the competition of your brand and what is/ is not working for their social media marketing efforts?

These questions are a great place to start as your social media manager is getting to know you and your brand.  Once you are on the same page, make sure your social media manager is properly tracking your efforts, so you can evaluate the success of your investment.

Tracking, Targeting and Analytics

Properly tracking your social media effectiveness is essential to understanding if your investment is paying off.  The goal here is to evaluate likes, followers, shares, and engagement, to see how they are converting to sales at your business.

The great thing about advertising on social media is the targeted marketing aspect.  Your social media manager has complete control over who sees your advertisement.  Specifically, on Facebook, they can target advertisements within any desired category.  Anything from gender, age, and zip code, to interests and other relevant Facebook likes.  To sweeten the deal, communication on social media is immediate, there is no waiting for the magazine to go to print or your commercial to air.  Your social media manager also has access to settings that guarantee views and clicks, a promise that cannot be made with traditional advertising.

As mentioned earlier, social media marketing provides your brand with a voice.  This voice is an immensely powerful tool, as conversations become two-way between company and consumer.  Customers appreciate the ease and quick responses of questions and comments that social media platforms provide.  With social media targeted marketing, your audience is unlimited.  It is much easier to maintain a national or global campaign on social media than in traditional marketing efforts.

With such marketing efforts, your social media manager will have access to detailed analytics reports on how each advertisement and post preformed; on a general scale, and in relation to your previous posts or ads.  This data is extremely important to analyze, as it is a window into what your customers are or are not responding to.

The Goal of Hiring a Social Media Manager

Summing up the goal of a social media manager in one word would be: promotion.  Promoting a product, promoting a brand, promoting a lifestyle.  A great social media manager will promote your brand in a way that will connect customers (current and potential) to your brand, making you likable and relatable.  They will portray the voice and vision of your brand in your idea of the appropriate manner, and you will maintain relationships and loyalty with current customers, while also attracting new customers.  Of course this leads to a solid return on your investment and an increase in your popularity and sales.

Here is an example take of what a Social Media Manager does directly from a source.

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Social Media Manager Job Description Samples

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Lastly, if you decide you to want to hire a social media manager and use this to help build your job posting description and want to outsource the role to a social media management company check out 505 social.

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