Ultimate List of Facebook Engagement Post Ideas 2015

As Facebook keeps changing their algorithm (Edgerank) similar to Google and their Panda updates more and more social media manager and brands are looking Facebook post ideas to get better engagement and organic reach so they don’t have to increase the facebook ad budgets for more Facebook dark posts.

So we decided to make this ultimate Facebook post ideas list that we have researched online based on what we have seen get the most views, comments, and engagement. We will continue to update this post as we find more post ideas that are working.

Ride Trends…

Currently as we write this post in the right hand side bar of Facebook trending is Chanel West Coast Arrested at 1 Oak Nightclub..

To stay relevant and get fans or people on Facebook engaged you could add your two cents this this, share a story about it, or anything trending..

facebook trends


Write Long Form Content

Treat an update on Facebook like a blog post. Post original content that is long form and valuable to your audience. Some long long form content ideas could be around a controversy, research, results, latest news, or whatever would help your audience.

An example of this was recently featured on the Ask Gary Vee Show where Gary Vaynerchuk shows his results. Check out this video where he answers a question about this “8:54 – What is your strategy with Facebook long form posts?”

Use Native Video…

Upload any of your videos or entertaining videos that are relevant and non offensive directly to Facebook. Facebook favors their own native videos vs. links to Youtube videos and Video is always a great way to engage with your audience as long as you are adding value with the video.

facebook video engagement


Source: NewsWhip

Use Pictures

Ok, so you don’t want to film yourself or post a video? How about using Facebook’s top  mobile property and sharing your Instagram photo in your Facebook stream. We have seen time and time again sharing an instagram photo or posting a picture gets a lot more likes, shares, and comments then regular text.. Again keep the picture relevant to your brand or think like your followers and what would they like to see. You can also use the “trends” above as we mentioned and use a picture about the trend. Like this.. about Chanel West Coast getting Arrested.. (again if it aligns with your goals, brand and strategy)

Chanel West Coast Arrested

Source: TMZ

Share Links

Did you just write a great blog post, do a podcast, or find some really good content on a website that you think would help your Facebook audience? Share the link and add your insights on why you are sharing the link and ask your Facebook audience what they think. Again, keep in mind proper etiquette and share links that are relevant and add value whether that is entertainment value or making someone laugh. (just don’t offend your audience).

facebook post ideas

Source: MarketingLand

Ask a Question

The best way to connect with someone is to have a conversation. Start a conversation by asking your Facebook audience a question.. Whether it be related to your brand, business, latest news, survey their thoughts on a new products/service idea, sports, music, you name it. If you have a really great question that can get the conversation started then jump back in to ask follow up questions to keep the engagement on that post going.

Need help with Question ideas? Check out Quora.com and see what people are asking relevant to your brand.

facebook quora questions

We will keep this updated as we find more insights or ways to get better Facebook post engagement like live streaming they just launched for celebrities.  If this goes to the users this could be huge and another way to get the largest Facebook engagement ever seen on Facebook yet.

facebook live streaming

Source: TechCrunch

Have any other Facebook post ideas you want to share? Leave a comment below or reach out to us on Twitter @jobsinsosh to have your Facebook post ideas added to this post.

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