How to Deal with Negative Employees

On today’s Ask Gary Vee Show, Gary Vaynerchuk answered this questions about dealing with negative employees.

2:39 – How do you handle “Eeyore” employees? The ones that always sound like they’re whining & pessimistic.

Gary answer’s the question based on what he does when this situation occurs with VaynerMedia employees.

negative employees

In this episode of the Ask Gary Vee Show on YouTube he answers the following questions as well.

6:19 – Is the Snapchat Discover kind of like billboards? They’re there for everyone to see, but people’s attention is elsewhere.
8:27 – What do you think about the revamp Facebook gave its Notes platform? A Medium contender maybe?
10:55 – Do you see video response functionality being built into email clients? Would it be practical for someone like you?
14:41 – You don’t talk much about Tumblr. Do you think it’s losing relevance?

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