Twitter Analytics of a Retweet from the Howard Stern Show @SternShow

So about a week ago it was National Radio Day and it was trending on Twitter. As we talked about recently using riding trends for Facebook Post Ideas you can do the same on Twitter and Instagram. We immediately thought of sending a Tweet to the Stern Show Twitter account and Howard Stern’s Twitter.

Right away when our team noticed this trend we immediately thought of the King of all Media Howard Stern. We have been an avid listener since the Jackie Martling days, through Artie Lange and today with Howard Stern nearing the end of his contract at Sirius.

Naturally for us we created this tweet to share our love for Howard Stern bringing the best radio content with the team at the Howard Stern Show.

This was on August 20th, about 12 days ago and here are the Twitter analytics so far.

twitter analytics

Also, props to CRAS, Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences for the heads up on National Radio Day hashtag that was trending if you are looking for top audio engineering colleges definitely check them out and apply.

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