How to Prepare Employees for Leadership and Manager Roles

In this episode of the Ask Gary Vee show, Gary Vaynerchuk answers the following human resource question about preparing employees to become managers. This is a great question that relates to how to prepare employees for any type of change really.

1:18 – How do you prepare employees transitioning into a leadership role when they’ve never managed people before?

His answer comes from years of experience at a Wine retailer to now managing over 500 employees at a digital social media agency. And Gary is right you have to step them into it along the way and know the context of each employee. Getting them in the right managerial role to win is important as well and knowing if they are truly a good fit to manage certain departments or teams.

Gary also answers the following questions with also include a HR staffing question.

ask gary vee show

3:40 – Where do you see the health & wellness industry going in the next 5 years?
7:05 – You’ve joked about being overstaffed, but what’s the balance between hiring for capacity and waste?
10:02 – How and when is a rebrand necessary?
11:49 – How can a consumer soft goods company capitalize on the exposure of being in a department store this holiday season?

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