Learn More About Snapchat from their Founder, CEO Evan Spiegel

A lot of people in the social media world talk about Snapchat as the next social media networking platform similar to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. However, as you can learn directly from the Ghost’s mouth CEO Evan Spiegel they are really an evolving camera messaging app.

  • Focus and simplicity is the most important thing to them
  • They don’t care if they are the first they just want to be the first to get things right
  • Evan thinks Hourly Active Users > Monthly Active Users
  • Evans calls Snapchat entertainment vs. a Messaging app
  • Evan Spiegel doesn’t think about diversity as a “meeting numbers” of certain type of people game
  • Evan loves music and thinks the music industry talks about business model and distribution and he looks at music as a product perspective
  • They don’t think of Snapchat as a “club” they think of it as a community
  • Evan Spiegel looks up to Edwin Land of Polaroid because he was artsy, scientific and a countryman
  • Snapchat wants an exit via IPO
  • They will not take any acquisition offers (turned down Facebook for 3 billion)
  • Privacy is precious to Snapchat and its about comfort
  • Vertical Video Views (3V is their video ad product) (they complete those 9 times more)
  • When people leave it Snapchat it comes down to fit of that person
  • They believe the best companies have many forms of revenue and they will be monetizing more than just content
  • Snapchat is built for people not brands, and Evan gets irritated when Brands come on to the platform and try to act like people
  • To innovate repeatedly they use their core of empathy, hard work, and try to build from a point of view of core values
  • Evan SpiegelĀ sent inappropriate emails when he was in a fraternity and took that head on when asked about diversity at Snapchat when it comes specifically to women

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