Paige Hathaway Top Fitness Instagram Model Says She is No Longer with Shredz on Snapchat

Last updated: July 25th 2018 If you follow the social media game like we do you know everyone is making millions of dollars, building brands, and creating online empires by leveraging these platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

To learn how “influencers” and brands use social media you can a learn a lot by watching, listening and engaging with them on these platforms. As an example Shredz supplements company came out of nowhere and was built by using Instagram and fitness models posting pictures and videos of themselves everyday repping their brand.

Paige Hathaway is one of Shredz popular fitness models (or now we should say was..) that exploded on the instagram seen taking on the likes of influencers like Jen Selter.

Paige Hathaway is currently 28 years old (in 2016) and from Oklahoma City, Paige Hathaway was born on July 31, 1987 in Minnesota.

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paige hathaway

Just today on Snapchat is the first time we heard her announce that she is no longer with the “supplement” company she was known for in the last four years. Which leads us to the next thing about social media influencers and brands especially in the fitness space and other industries.

Once an “influencer” or social media celebrity realizes they can just take the audience and community they have that follow them buy directly from them vs. pushing products/services for other brands lending their name, influence, and audience they can just develop their own products, services or membership sites as Paige has now done.

Think about it for a second…

If you have social media influence or even an audience of a few hundred or thousand people why not sell directly to that audience that knows, likes, and trusts you.

We think this is going to be more and more of the trend going forward and you will see a lot more brands, products, services and companies being formed under that “influencers” name.

If you are a true “influencer” why do you need a brand any longer when you can just use these social media platforms to go directly to your community and audience. The only time these influencers will take brand deals is when they don’t sell something themselves or in certain cases they can be paid to do both like Scott Disisck or Naomi Campbell

Paige Hathaway Instagram is where it all started

If you have some time and really want to learn more about social media influence, instagram sponsored posts, and how Paige Hathaway built her brand and helped Shredz on Instagram check out her instagram and look at each post, comments, ect..

A few Instagram growth hacks a lot of these instagram influencers use are;

  • “tag someone”

#Girlsthatlift ? @stealmylabel TAG A GIRL THAT WOULD ROCK THIS OUTFIT

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2 thoughts on “Paige Hathaway Top Fitness Instagram Model Says She is No Longer with Shredz on Snapchat”

  1. Paige Hathaway is still, as of December 16,2018, running scam competitions where she claims to payout $5k for first place ! However, it appears that very few to no actual winners are ever selected! She’ll mix it up and pick a lesser prize winner, but it’s been shared that she uses fake contestants to win the more valuable prizes and usually the entire top 3 prizes,totally $10k in cash!.
    How she works her scam .She collects the “entrants” fee of $200 via paypal, then sends every “contestant” an identical cookie cutter meal/workout plan. Regardless of your health, age, weight, fitness status, etc.
    She leaves the contest open until she’s amassed 200 contestants.
    She collects $40,000 from every “contest”. Of which she runs at least approximately every 4-6 !
    She may pay an actual contestant here and there, but she appears to pocket most of the entire $40,000.
    I’ve observed the last 2 years of these contests as I am a researcher before I invest in anything online.
    I’m so glad that I never entered! In my search I found many interesting and informative mentions about Paige Hathaway. This video was the best compilation of her dirty tricks and deeds.

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