Snap Inc. Release or Launch Date for Spectacles

Now that Snapchat has changed their name to Snap Inc. to become a more holistic product company vs. a camera app and they announced they are going to sell Spectacles (glasses that allows you to takes snaps via wifi and a tap) everyone wants to know one thing… WHEN CAN I BUY SPECTACLES!

They are a modest $130.00 and have so much more value then an Apple iWatch or Google glasses everyone wants to load up the truck on these Spectacles escpecially in the tech and FOMO Social Media space.

It’s highly likely this will be the #1 gift for the holidays for 2016 this year.

So far Snap Inc. has told the Wall Street Journal they will be out sometime in the “Fall”..

So until then we will have to wait but most likely it will be before the holidays and maybe even the Presidential Election Voting day so everyone can snap their votes!

For now all you Snapchat Maniacs need to just deal with it and line up at the spectacles website for launch. Until then go buy a Snapchat Ice Tray, Backpack or Playing Cards


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