A Beginner’s Guide To Finding A Job In A Startup Social Media Company

Searching for the ideal employment in a startup social media company is not a simple task.  In fact, it can be quite complicated and requires many considerations of different factors.  Fortunately, it is possible to take control of the process if you know what you are doing.  This article will provide information on the top four steps to simultaneously presenting yourself as the ideal candidate for a job at a startup and ensuring that this is the job you are looking for.

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how to get a job


  1. Use The Product

Regardless of the role you will be interviewing for, it is essential that you use the product made by the company before the first interview – ideally, you should use it a few times.  If hired, your job objective will be to create value for customers using the product; therefore, it will be beneficial to know what the product is and have experience as a consumer.  Using the product will also help demonstrate your determination and passion for the company and their services.

All companies have a specific target demographic, but what if you do not fall into this audience?  Just because you are a 25-year-old without children interviewing at a startup designed for parents over 30, this does not mean you cannot play a role.  For example, at InstaEDU the target demographic is students; however, some of our best candidates are older individuals who have merely grabbed some homework questions off the internet and pretended to be students.

If you cannot use the product for one or another reason, then it is possible to compensate use of the product by doing research into the item.  It is recommended that you review any available material on the product via the internet, read some news articles and look at different reviews.  It can also be helpful to speak to people who have used the product to gain a first-hand insight.  This will definitely assist in understanding the company, their competitors and why this product is considered superior.

  1. Offer Your Ideas

Once you are familiar with the product to be used, it is important that you have ideas on how you would like to improve it.  For example, what new features would you be interested in developing when working in the job role?  How would you engage with consumers when hired and how could this help the company increase their conversion rate?  You do not need to present the company with a fully developed strategy, but having some thoughts on how to improve the product presentation can show your interests and skills.

By having some ideas, you will not only show your interests but can also illustrate your previous work and how you acted in previous positions.  Remember, the interviewer is trying to identify whether or not you will be able to fulfil the current position and if your skills are suitable for the post.  Startups are always looking for people who can “dive in” and not necessarily require many hours of training.

  1. Be Prepared To Interview Back

The majority of interviewers will save time at the end of the interview to allow the individual to ask questions, and it is highly recommended that you do.  If you are interviewing with a founder of the company, it is advised that you ask about their vision for the business or how they define success and plan to be successful.  Do not be afraid to ask about the company’s current business plan or funding situation, as well as the potential challenges they may be facing regarding these issues.  If you are speaking with someone who may be a work colleague, it is useful to ask about their favorite parts of the business, the challenges they face and what it is like working within the company’s team.

Not only will these conversations provide you with information regarding the company, they will help you make an informed decision should you receive an offer for hiring.  It will also show the interview that you are seriously evaluating the company and not viewing the job as one of the first startup jobs to land on your plate.

  1. Always Follow Up

One of the most important aspects to remember is to follow up on the interview.  This could be by sending an email or thank you note to show that you are appreciative of their time and indicate your interest in the company.  It is not only polite, but also shows that you are open to opportunities for future interviews or positions in the company.

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