Gary Vaynerchuk Launches Vayner Speakers

Per Gary Vaynerchuk and Business Insider Gary is launching Vayner Speakers.

This is how they explain exactly what Vayner Speakers is…

— Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) October 19, 2018

And from the looks of it he wants to launch VaynerSpeakers (a speakers bureau of sorts) that will help line up guest speakers for events.

This makes sense as it can be another outlet for his client athletes at VaynerSports to get more money and gigs and leverage their brand equity while being another selling point for VaynerSports to say “hey look we can get you gigs too that pay up to $150k or more just like Gary gets”

Zach Nadler a former agent with CAA where Gary Vaynerchuck was represented to set up his $150,000 1 hour or so speaking events will be heading up Vayner Speakers.

And while many “social media” vayner nation die hard followers and people that parrot Gary’s message will love to be on the circuit our guess is they will use Gary’s celebrity and sports connections and clients to fill these events with motivational speeches with an opportunity to earn up to the $150,000 Gary Vaynerchuk makes giving speeches as well.

One thing is for sure Gary is aware that he earns the $150k per speech because he actually executed on creating 100 million dollar business and the “3 to 60 million wine business” for his father Sasha Vaynerchuk before that.

So unless the speakers he represents have shown execution in something or have the brand equity his athletic talent does we doubt he will allow speakers that are just blow hards represent at events for a monetary fee where they add no value to the audience.

This ties in great with VaynerTalent and VaynerSports to continue the VaynerX holding company approach that parallels all of VaynerX and the Gallery Media Group holdings like One37pm

Currently, VaynerSpeakers website is just an inquiry form but we will keep you posted if that changes.


Update February 8th, 2019 – Vayner Speakers announces their speaker line up via Twitter, Instagram and there website.

Currently their “browse” section says coming soon

vayner speakers

VaynerSpeakers Highlight Reel of their Speakers

A Quick Guide to Promoting Your Holiday Park on Social Media

Bringing in business to your holiday park may be challenging at times, giving you a precarious balancing act between how much money you spend and the results you see. Marketing can often seem like an incredibly expensive venture, but the results can be great.

While some traditional marketing methods may incur a large cost, there are plenty of digital marketing activities that can be particularly cost-effective, particularly when using social media to promote your park. So, how can you make the best use of social media in your marketing efforts?

holiday park social media

Take Advantage of Paid Social Media

While the majority of social media can be used for free, the paid features can offer a number of benefits. Whether you’re using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other platform, you can find advertising options which may be able to target your customer base effectively. With people spending more time than ever on social media, your ads may be seen by far more people if you were to use other advertising methods. Hootsuite has a helpful guide that should give you a basic knowledge of social media advertising.

Show Off Your Park

Instagram is an increasingly popular platform, so why not take advantage and share some fantastic photos of your holiday park? Choose a particularly attractive part of the park and invite people to imagine their holiday with you. You can even add filters to make sure that a grey sky doesn’t ruin a great photo.

Use the Relevant Tools

When it comes to social media marketing, there are plenty of tools that you can use which are sure to make your life a little bit easier. There are a number of scheduling tools which can help you to save time and resources by streamlining everything into one platform. These include:

You could also benefit from tools that streamline your marketing efforts, integrating them with the data you have, such as Elite Dynamics management software, Elite Parks.

Share Content Your Audience Wants to See

If you want social media to be an effective tool for your marketing, it’s essential that you share content that your audience actually cares about and wants to see. It’s no good constantly posting sales-based content if your followers don’t want to see it. That’s just a waste of your time.

Of course, some of your posts can be sales-based, but your followers will also want to see a whole range of types of posts that they can interact with. It’s important that you share a range of posts as people don’t want to be given the hard sell all the time. In fact, you are more likely to get a good response from your audience if you keep the sales-based posts to a minimum. Why not share photos of your park or posts about things people can do in the local area?

Social media can be an incredibly useful tool for holiday park owners, helping you to reach out to your customer base and promote your park. So, use our advice to help you to get started on social media and see the results you can achieve.

Social Media Marketing Resume Writing Tips

Are you interested in venturing into social media marketing? You have come to the right page. Herein you will get a variety of free social media resume templates to choose from. Moreover, we will delve into the various aspects of social media marketing, including the skill you need to be effective at your job, the various ways of searching for social media related jobs, and how to succeed when being intervened for social media jobs.

To start off, you need to understand what resume is. Is resume the same as a CV? Absolutely No!

On the one hand, CVs are meant to be detailed, providing a lot of information pertaining to your skills, experience, and achievements. As such, a CV’s content will go well beyond 2 pages. On the other hand, a resume offers a brief overview of your skills and experiences. As such, it is limited to 1 or two pages. Personally, I recommend using a 2-page social media marketing resume. Using 2 pages allows you to cover a lot more details, which is something helpful in this niche.

In this article, we will discuss social media marketing resume and their templates.

social media job resume

Writing Your Social Media Marketing Resume

Below is a step by step guide on how to write a social media marketing resume:

Always Customize

Always customize your resume to suit the company you are applying for a job. Are applying for a job in an e-commerce company, a digital marketing company, or an FMCG company? Whatever industry the company is in has its own specific requirements. Therefore, ask yourself what are the skills and experiences that they are interested in. Thereafter, add these skills and their related keywords to your resume.  This creates an impression that you a well suited for their needs.

Add Your Experience

Include all your experiences in your resume. Ensure you highlight your designation and job responsibilities at every company you have worked in. Doing this gives your potential employers an in-depth understanding of your capabilities and or potential for the job you are applying.

Add Your Achievements

Given the fact that hiring companies are looking for a winner in their field of social media marketing, it is important to highlight your achievements. To this end, identify all your achievements. It may be your efforts and success in helping different companies generate followers and or leads, or how you helped different companies brand themselves and their products on social media. This is something important to have in your resume.Executive resume writing services can help showcase this experience in the best possible way.

Use Important Keywords

Just as it is the case with writing resumes for other industries, it is important that you use the right industry keywords when writing a social media marketing resume. For instance, makes you use “Social Media Marketing”, “Facebook Ads”, “Twitter Marketing”, “SMO”,” LinkedIn Marketing” and any other related keywords that are used in the social media marketing industry.

Include Educational Details

While it is always good to include your education experience, when you are just starting out in the social media marketing industry, you must include it. This is not the case for experienced social media marketers, although it is still advisable. If you have done a social media marketing course, do include it in the education section of your resume. It will give you an edge over your competitors.

Highlight The Various Social Media Skills You Have On The Resume

Employers are looking for skilled individuals who have an intricate understanding of social media marketing. As such, highlight all the skill you possess. Learn more about social media marketing skills in the section below.

Social Media Skills

One of the ways to make your resume (and yourself) stand out from other applicants is to mention the specific skills you have. Your employers will have an easier time gauging your application and suitability for the job.

Social media marketing today constitutes more than just the day-to-day running of social media tasks. You are expected to carry out graphic design, SEM, and content writing as part of your job. As such, you should have the skills to meet the needs of the multifaceted nature of the social media marketing.

Below is a complete list of skills that you should include in your resume.

Planning Skills In Social Media Marketing

To be an effective social media specialist you need to be vastly knowledgeable in how to create long-term social media marketing plans.

Campaigns’ Execution Skills

Beyond developing an effective long-term social media plan, you need to be able to execute the plan on a day-to-day basis, month-to-month basis, or on a quarterly basis.

Social Media Communities Building And Maintaining Skills

An important aspect of social media marketing is creating, moderating, and growing communities. An effective social media marketer should be adept at this art.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has gained popularity in the last few years. You need to have creative, insightful and interesting content to share on your social media networks. As such, social media marketers should be adept at creating high-quality and interesting content.

Graphic Designing Skills (Even At The Basic Level)

Social Media marketers should have at the very least basic graphic design skill. Even if it is using simple tools such as Canva or Pablo is an important skill to have. However, if you are adept at using Gimp or Photoshop, this will be a big plus.

WordPress Blogging Expertise

Blogging is now part and parcel of social media marketing.  With this in mind, it is important to be skilled at using popular content management platforms such as WordPress.Org. As such, highlighting this skill on your resume is a big plus.

Analytic And Reporting Skills

It is important for a social media marketer to be able to analyze the performance of their various marketing efforts across all their platforms. Importantly, you should be able to derive insights and that can they can use to better their results and report the results of your findings.

Leadership Skills

In the present days that we live in, having leadership skills has become somewhat mandatory. Social media marketing jobs are no different. You should have the requisite skills to allow you to interact with juniors and seniors alike. You should also be able to get things done; you need to be self-motivated, driven, and proactive in resolving issues and completing tasks.

NOTE: Ensure that you enlist skills that you are adept at. You should be able to carry out the various tasks pertaining to the skills you mention.