A Guide to the Best Social Media News


Are you looking to excel in your social media efforts?

Agency2 looks at all of these resources when creating their round up at the months end. If you want to go deeper than the round up then bookmark these 15 resources:

#1. Buffer Blog

Buffer is a leading social media management platform. However, for the purposes of learning, you should head to their blog. It is filled with helpful how-tos with regards to the latest in strategies, social media tools, and analytics.

#2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is quite similar to Buffer in that both of them are social media management platforms. Importantly, Hootsuite also runs a goldmine blog where you can learn of all the latest trends in the market.

#3. Social Media Today

Social Media Today is a website that provides the latest trends, news, and best practices in the enterprise social media realm. The vast majority has been developed by and for professionals in public relations, social media, and advertising. The website does accept guest posts; learn how you can contribute to this community.

#4. Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner is among the world’s largest social media magazines around. Founded by Michael Stelzner, the online magazine has been developed to help businesses harness the power of social media, podcasts, and blogs.

#5. HubSpot Marketing Blog

HubSpot was developed as an inbound sales and marketing platform. HubSpot’s blog is a treasure trove for content in marketing and social media trends attracts. So popular is the website and the content therein that it attracts more 2 million users every month.

#6. Mashable

Although this is a multiplatform entertainment and media website, it does provide high-quality social media news and content. On this website, you will learn about how to effectively organize and use your social platforms and channels. You can contribute to the website. Learn how to contribute the website here.

#7. Marketo Marketing Blog

Marketo is a company that runs a marketing automation platform. Beyond that, they run a blog that provides high-quality content regarding marketing, which includes social media marketing tactics.

#8. Inc.

Inc is a media company. Under their social media section, they provide some of the latest and greatest techniques that savvy corporates can use in social media marketing efforts.


#9. Forbes

Forbes does more than publish content about the rich and famous. They also publish news and content on and about social media and social media influencers with a focus on marketing.

#10. Copyblogger

Founded by Brian Clark, Copyblogger is a platform for all those who develop content for a living. Their social media section contains very relevant and high-quality content and tips, which will go a long way in helping you get the most out of their social media marketing and activities.

#11. Content Marketing Institute

Founded by Joe Pulizzi, a content marketing guru, the website is a good source of helpful tips with regards to running helpful insightful content as far as developing content for social media and social media marketing as a whole.

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