How Businesses Can Benefit from Adoption of Meditation in the Workplace


Any company that eyes success and strive to remain relevant in today’s competitive market should be keen on attaining the following things:

I).            It should have a clear vision and set goals.

II).          Aspire to have an innovative approach in the development and supply of products or services.

III).         Have proper structures of leadership that inspire and guide employees towards success.

IV).         Encourage teamwork and empowering the workers to be current with the global marketplace.

Mediation in the office can play a significant role in accomplishing all these things. According to the Harvard Business School, meditation and intuition are the two most useful resources that the twenty-first-century executives need. Europe’s leading school of business the INSEAD also supports these findings.

Meditation at the workplace offers numerous benefits that build on each other. Overall, the gains of this practice in the office will be seen at an individual level, and that impact echoed positively through the company. The overall results will then be increasing performance and significant growth of the business. Speak to the London Meditation Centre for advice on how to incorporate meditation into your workplace.

The Individual’s Role

Companies and those in leadership positions should understand that the success of the business is pegged on having a workforce that is nurtured for success. That means that the employees should be inspired and encouraged to be innovative, and this should start and personal level.

Every employee has the potential of being great and needs help to realize the infinite possibilities that surround them. The workforce often requires a little nudge and direction to help them avoid limiting their creativity by avoiding inhibitors such as stress and strain. Such inhibitors will:

  • Block creativity, muffle mental clarity and snuff inspiration
  • Trigger insomnia that can lower inspiration and innovative thinking.
  • Damage relationships and this will have a negative impact on how teams perform as a unit.
  • Cause anxiety thus making it harder for employees to work together thus leading to impatience and less collaborative inputs.
  • Cause the employees to start doubting their talents, and this impacts their passion and self-drive for work resulting in decreased performance and productivity.


Meditation in the Workplace

Meditation is not a new concept; it has been around for ages. The fact that it is still is in use today only bears testament to its effectiveness. Stress in the office is increasingly becoming a problem, especially in today’s fast-paced, result-oriented, world of business. The more the workforce is stressed, the more unproductive they become, and this causes them to feel overburdened and undervalued. Sick days, lateness, and low performance become the order of the day as creativity, patience, and content are choked.

Meditation can see many employees overcome the strain of the everyday pressures of work and benefit from such a practice in limitless ways. Some of the gains of meditation at the office that the corporate world needs to know include:

  1. Clarity and focus

The human mind and body are wired to feel stressed and depressed when we encounter an obstacle to attaining our goals. According to research, a person battles with the “fight or flight” decision at an average of 12 times a day when going about their daily activities. The fight or flight state is often triggered naturally as a response to stress. It can adversely impact on the heart rate, digestion, blood circulation, immune system, and respiratory rate. All these things can affect the mind making it feel heavy or hazy.

Human beings only use 5% of their mental capacity, which is a limitation that we seem to have accepted. However, having clarity of mind and being focused is vital to being successful in all that we do. Achieving such a mental state is a product of being at peace with self and attaining an inner calm through meditation.

  1. Increased employee loyalty

By offering mediation as part of the employee wellness program only show them that you care about their welfare. The result of this is that you gain their loyalty and this translates into increased employee retention. The loyal workers are also less likely to consider seeking better opportunity in the job market. Moreover, they feel that the success of the business is directly related to their success and this makes them work harder so that they can realize the company’s vision while helping it grow and become successful.

  1. Improved communication

When the mind is calm and focused, it will have clear thoughts. Such a mental state plays a role in effective communication which is vital in the smooth running of operations. Companies that want to invest in ways of ensuring that there is effective communication at all levels of the business’ operations should consider advocating for meditation in the workplace.

  1. Decreased absenteeism due to illness

If the employees have a useful means of dealing with stress, they are less likely to report in sick. By having a way of managing and overcoming stress and depression, the workers low the risk of stroke, digestive problem, heart disease, sleep problems, and other complications that cause employee absenteeism.

  1. Increased Productivity

If the workforce is healthy and not overwhelmed by the strain and stresses of work, they become more productive; a goal that any business should strive to achieve. By helping the workers to deal with their stress effectively, you will be helping them to be more focused and feel inspired to be creative and goal-driven. They will be able to communicate better with each other and their leaders and this their productivity and that of the company.

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