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social media jobs

With social media reaching new heights within the past ten years, people worldwide are now able to communicate with one another like never before. Celebrities, public figures, and businesses, both small and large, have fully embraced the powerful tool that is social media. Nowadays, companies are communicating directly with the market quickly and effectively. With popular social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter with millions and millions of users, it makes total sense why there are many jobs and gigs available on these platforms. Below is everything you should want to know about social media roles as well as opportunities.

Social media is a powerful marketing tool.

Today, all of the popular social media platforms are apart of business’ marketing strategies and a huge contributor to their promotional campaigns. Many companies in our current digital market, include social media marketing in their overall budget. Social media has plenty of business benefits because it reduces the costs you’ll find in traditional marketing (print advertising, billboards, TV, newspapers, and radio). These digital channels allow companies to interact with their customers directly. Job recruiters and employees in the HR department frequently use social media to reach out to potential candidates.

What jobs are in social media?

1. Social Media Director

Social media director is probably the top-rank role involved with social media jobs. This particular job position heavily focuses on developing content marketing materials and strategies. Additionally, individuals in this position are in charge of directing a team of content creators. Social media directors schedule and post content on various digital channels.

This is an essential position because Social media directors are in charge of developing a brand identity. To be hired or promoted to this position, you will have to be well-versed by knowing the ins and outs of every popular social media platform. Social media directors may also be considered as the head of social media content, manager of social media development, or lead social media communicators.

Marketing/Brand Manager

Marketing/Brand Manager focuses primarily on posting content and assets on various social media channels. A part of this role may also include writing blog posts and adding this content on all social media channels. For the most part, a Marketing/Brand Manager consist of helping increase sales and generate visitors through social media. Other names for this role may be brand ambassador, digital content lead, and digital strategist, among others.

Community Engagement Coordinator

Community Engagement Coordinators plays the role of a manager and focuses on speaking directly to customers and followers. For this role, you will develop marketing content with the sole purpose of creating engagement (reposting, re-tweeting, sharing, and commenting).

There are more than a dozen of social media jobs that requires various skill sets and duties depending on the position. Below are multiple positions involved in social media.

1. Social Media Strategist
2. Digital Content Manager
3. Art Director
4. Blogger
5. Social Media Coordinator
6. Content Creator
7. Social Media Specialist
8. Social Media Assistant
9. Content Writer
10. Graphic Designer
11. Customer Service Representative
12. Multimedia Specialist
13. Social Media Executive
14. Social Media Associate
15. Content Marketing Associate/Specialist
16. Online Content Coordinator
17. Engagement Manager
18. Digital Media Supervisor
19. Digital Communications Professional
20. Interactive Media Coordinator

How do I start a career in social media?

For every company that uses social media as a marketing tool, community engagement on each platform is crucial. Companies that use these platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn) ultimately want to increase sales and create brand awareness.
Doing so will help these businesses expand, and they could eventually add more employees on board to build a strong presence.

For individuals who want to pursue a career in social media, it is vital first to determine which role they want to have. Unfortunately, with the explosion of social media jobs, these positions are consistently changing due to technology forever evolving. Importantly, earning certificates and degrees in digital marketing, graphic design, and professional writing can most certainly help tremendously. Luckily for you, there are plenty of industry-related conferences and expos available, which are all centered around social media. These events are a beautiful place to network, learn, and meet a specialist in the industry.

Along with attending network events and earning degrees, individuals should use social media to create their brand. These platforms are a great site to build a professional brand identity and share your talents in the world.

What jobs are in media?

Jobs in media and the creative realm required individuals to have specific credentials due to the competitive nature. Roles in media consistently growing after each year, and there is a high demand for more positions. Below are various job positions in media.

1. Radio Operators
2. Writer
3. UX Designer
4. Photographer
5. Media Researcher
6. Magazine Journalist
7. Editorial Assistant
8. Advertising Executive
9. Video Producer (Film and Television)
10. Runner (Broadcasting, Film, and Video)
11. Technical Writer
12. Interpreters
13. Translators
14. Broadcast News Analyst
15. Sound Engineering Technician

What jobs can you get with a Social Media Marketing degree or experience?

A college degree, whether a master or bachelor in social media marketing, focuses on areas such as digital marketing, business administration, and general communication, to name a few. As social media channels evolve, there are more educational programs and jobs centered around these platforms. It is crucial to have a strong background in marketing as well as design experience too. Studying in this area can be beneficial for companies because you can help them generate more sales and visitors. Below are jobs available in the market related to social media marketing.

1. Digital Market Analyst
2. Data Research Analyst
3. Content Writer
4. Content Creator
5. Marketing Manager
6. Advertising Manager
7. Promotion Director
8. Public Relations Specialist
9. Account Manager
10. Graphic Designer

Is Social Media Marketing a Good Career?

With more various social media marketing jobs now available in the market, there are plenty of endless opportunities and room to grow. For example, a public relations specialist may be a great stepping stone in another position in the social media marketing realm. This position involves building trust with consumers and sending emails, press releases, and developing promotional campaigns.

Another excellent entry position may be a content writer. Social media usually involves mainly on writing, so a content writer is often needed for most businesses. This position includes writing about various topics and subjects and may consist of writing blog posts as well. Most individuals who are content writers commonly have studied areas like journalism, English, writing, or communication, among others.

How do you get a job in social media marketing?

Along with an education (formal or self-education) and attending networking events, learning on the job can help individuals earn a role in social media marketing. Social media specialists frequently come from other realm and fields. Most experts had careers in marketing or journalism, and over time made the transition in social media marketing. A great way to build a personal brand and generate followers on these platforms is by providing free educational and meaningful content.

It is highly recommended to share how you reach success on social media and provide other ways to learn (video tutorial, written tutorial, etc.). For individuals working in digital marketing, you can share your knowledge within the company you work for. By doing this, you can earn credibility and possibly even a promotion. Standard programs offered at most colleges and universities related to social media marketing are below.
1. Marketing
2. PR
3. Digital Communication
4. Graphic Communications
5. Journalism

How Much Money Does a Social Media Specialist or Social Media Manager Make?

The average pay for a Social Media Marketing Specialist is $14.87 per hour. The average pay for a Social Media Marketing Specialist is $49,057 per year. The average salary for a Social Media Manager is $50,134.

per payscale.com


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