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social media advertising

In the past decade, social media has become a global phenomenon due to its capability of providing excellent chances for online marketers to promote their brands, business, products, and services including the ability to connect with target audience, potential buyers, and clients. Hence, being acquainted with various kinds of social media platforms can mean a lot to your online business. Unlike traditional advertising, social media advertising has a huge potential to promote the spread of your products and brand to broader marketing horizons. Social media advertising can bring a lot of profits to your business, if you set up a good strategy and execute it rightly. Therefore, it is very crucial to choose a social media platform that is relevant to your online business.


Social media advertising is a marketing term that describes any online advertising and paid marketing efforts done via social media networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Social media advertisements run on social media platforms with specific strategies to reach the targeted audiences. Practically, social media advertising is a marketing activity done via social media platforms with the aim of increasing sales.


Approximately 92% of online marketers claim that social media has a great potency to generate leads and increase sales effectively with a small amount of money to no budget. In today’s digital marketing era, social networks have become a substantial part of online business. Using social media advertising can create large profits. Currently there is still a small demographic of business owners that are not implementing these cost-effective marketing strategies, unfortunately they haven’t been made aware of these outstanding marketing opportunities. Let’s have a look at the advantages of implementing social media advertising correctly;

  1. Social media advertising generates leads effectively

Generating leads is the ultimate goal for every paid advertisement / marketing campaign.  Social media advertising is a great way to aid you in generating your leads. Your social media advertising posts must be connected to your landing page. To make it work accurately and effectively, you will need to include your landing page with at least one call to action.

  1. Social media advertising aids to increase your brand recognition and awareness

Implementing advertisements via social media platforms can indefinitely increase your brand recognition and awareness. A well created post with curated content on social media will help aid effective two-way communication with your audience and clients. This continual interaction will allow you to be able to imprint your brand image gradually on the mind of your audience. The goal is that your audience builds familiarization with your brand and it’s products or services. Having social impact builds hype, especially when recommendations are seen through user to user activity, known as ‘social hype’. This is exactly how social media advertising boosts your brand recognition and awareness.

  1. Social advertising improves your brand loyalty

Your online business needs a strong and loyal client base in order to stay competitive and afloat. Getting new customers is a super exciting news but you must never forget the importance of loyalists. Loyalists will determine the progress of conversion rates. Social media advertising allows you to make open service platforms where your audience and customers have the chance to express their feedback, opinions, feelings, and insights about your businesses. Once you attain their trust, they will become your loyal customers.

  1. Advertising on social media platforms allows you to have a more specific target audience

There is a reciprocal relation between online marketers and social media platforms. This later needs to be funded and on the other hand, marketers need a medium to promote their businesses and boosts their brand awareness. Trusted social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram provide advanced tools and special formats to facilitate you into creating a more specific target audience. These platforms will aid you to be more effective in promoting your businesses. You can choose your audience by gender, interests, ages, and locations.

  1. Social media advertising brings a higher conversion rate to sales

The end goal of every advertising and marketing effort is to gain as much sales as possible. Advertising your business on social media provides a chance to be successful. The growth of your brand awareness, visibility and awareness will give opportunity to higher conversion rates. The uniqueness of social media lies on its capability to allow us to interact and communicate without being bound by geographical time and distance. Once your brand becomes interactive by posting, sharing, and commenting, it will gradually personify your brand.

social media networks
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One of the fastest  ways to promote and market your content across the globe is via social media. Here are the effective types of social media advertising platforms.

  1. Facebook

Facebook is the most common type of social media advertising. Advertising via Facebook is effective due to its status as the largest user base. Facebook provides a powerful and trustworthy advertising platform that is visible to every user both via mobile and desktop. Facebook provides millions of potential audiences and enables you to set up your own targeted audience based on interests, ages, locations, and genders.

  1. Instagram

Instagram is enormously visual, it is a platform where users tend to view a huge number of posts. In order to make your social media advertising on Instagram work effective, it is a good idea to find some examples of Instagram advertising that you think can work best for your business and imitate its strategies. This will aid you to optimize your posts and content marketing.

  1. YouTube

YouTube is currently the largest video sharing website globally and offers advanced tools for advertising. Owned by Google, their service provides accurate information that allows advertisers to target a more specific group of people compared to FB and IG. Most of all the selection of videos that google uses to display your ads are constantly reviewed for the protection of your brand image.

  1. Twitter

Advertising on Twitter is a great option for online growth. Success on twitter relies on connections and follower size, it is a key factor to consider when implementing advertising efforts. The more followers you have, the stronger the connections you will build, thus impacting positively on your advertising performance. Twitter also allows you to adopt your marketing campaigns into different objectives such as leads, conversions, and application installs; it also enables you to boost your potential audience using the twitter audience platform.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn platform has a huge professional user base which allows you to perform B2B marketing.  If you are targeting a corporate audience, advertising your business then Linked could be a great option for you. Most LinkedIn users are professionals, graduates and experts who are looking for jobs as well as companies that recruit workers.

Implementing social media advertising for your online business doesn’t mean that your efforts will simply have great results. Take in mind that the successful of your social media advertising is largely dependent on the type of social media platforms that you choose including your business model. To make your advertising work to its maximum, you should choose proper social media platforms that suit your business model. If you need help with social media advertising consider using a social media agency such as Algo Sea Biz.

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