How To Handle Staff Holiday Requests

holiday staff requests

Handling employee holiday requests and ensuring adequate staff at work can be quite hectic. Besides the normal entitlements, as an employer, you have to consider workers on a fixed-term contract, staff on maternity leave, part-time employees, parental or adoption leave, starters or leavers.

If you want to avoid workforce management issues during the holidays, you need to be prepared. With the right procedures in place, you can give employees the holidays off and ensure there are still enough people round to ensure that your organization is running smoothly, this site can help you to manage staff holidays in clear and open manner.

Here are 5 tips for dealing with employee holiday leave requests.

  1. Plan Ahead

Large organizations ask their employees to submit their leave requests for the year in January. As such, there is proper planning and adequate staff operating during the holidays. Smaller companies also need to plan their schedules at least 3 to 5 months in advance. With the right software program, you can make it easier to organize staff availability and the leave schedule early enough.

  1. Inform Staff About The Company Holiday Policy

Make sure your staff are aware of the company holidays in advance, if there are any. Also, if you are running a small company and are planning to shut it down during Christmas or a few weeks during summer, make sure your employees are aware. On the other hand, if you have exceptionally busy periods or deadlines you must meet, make sure your employees know that they can’t take time off.

  1. Have A Holiday Request Deadline

Inform your employees to make their holiday requests in advance. Also, inform them that if any holiday leave requests are done after the deadline they will not be approved. As such, employees can’t request leave at the last minute. They can’t be frustrated if their leave requests are denied because of the company policy in place.


  1. First Come, First Serve Policy

To avoid any staff shortages during the peak holiday period such as Christmas, you need to have a maximum number of people who can take leave at that time. Your staff should be aware that holiday requests will only be allocated at a first come, first serve basis. That way, they can submit their requests early enough to make your leave scheduling job easier.


  1. Fair And Balanced Schedule

If several employees need the same days off, you can ask them to come up with a holiday work schedule. As such, there is no resentment when someone goes on leave while others are left to work. You should also consider a lottery system and prioritize on the best employees first.

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