‘Algo Sea Biz’ Gives Insight on Social Media Advertising 2020

In the past decade, social media has become a global phenomenon due to its capability of providing excellent chances for online marketers to promote their brands, business, products, and services including the ability to connect with target audience, potential buyers, and clients. Hence, being acquainted with various kinds of social media platforms can mean a lot to your online business. Unlike traditional advertising, social media advertising has a huge potential to promote the spread of your products and brand to broader marketing horizons. Social media advertising can bring a lot of profits to your business, if you set up a good strategy and execute it rightly. Therefore, it is very crucial to choose a social media platform that is relevant to your online business.


Social media advertising is a marketing term that describes any online advertising and paid marketing efforts done via social media networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Social media advertisements run on social media platforms with specific strategies to reach the targeted audiences. Practically, social media advertising is a marketing activity done via social media platforms with the aim of increasing sales.


Approximately 92% of online marketers claim that social media has a great potency to generate leads and increase sales effectively with a small amount of money to no budget. In today’s digital marketing era, social networks have become a substantial part of online business. Using social media advertising can create large profits. Currently there is still a small demographic of business owners that are not implementing these cost-effective marketing strategies, unfortunately they haven’t been made aware of these outstanding marketing opportunities. Let’s have a look at the advantages of implementing social media advertising correctly;

  1. Social media advertising generates leads effectively

Generating leads is the ultimate goal for every paid advertisement / marketing campaign.  Social media advertising is a great way to aid you in generating your leads. Your social media advertising posts must be connected to your landing page. To make it work accurately and effectively, you will need to include your landing page with at least one call to action.

  1. Social media advertising aids to increase your brand recognition and awareness

Implementing advertisements via social media platforms can indefinitely increase your brand recognition and awareness. A well created post with curated content on social media will help aid effective two-way communication with your audience and clients. This continual interaction will allow you to be able to imprint your brand image gradually on the mind of your audience. The goal is that your audience builds familiarization with your brand and it’s products or services. Having social impact builds hype, especially when recommendations are seen through user to user activity, known as ‘social hype’. This is exactly how social media advertising boosts your brand recognition and awareness.

  1. Social advertising improves your brand loyalty

Your online business needs a strong and loyal client base in order to stay competitive and afloat. Getting new customers is a super exciting news but you must never forget the importance of loyalists. Loyalists will determine the progress of conversion rates. Social media advertising allows you to make open service platforms where your audience and customers have the chance to express their feedback, opinions, feelings, and insights about your businesses. Once you attain their trust, they will become your loyal customers.

  1. Advertising on social media platforms allows you to have a more specific target audience

There is a reciprocal relation between online marketers and social media platforms. This later needs to be funded and on the other hand, marketers need a medium to promote their businesses and boosts their brand awareness. Trusted social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram provide advanced tools and special formats to facilitate you into creating a more specific target audience. These platforms will aid you to be more effective in promoting your businesses. You can choose your audience by gender, interests, ages, and locations.

  1. Social media advertising brings a higher conversion rate to sales

The end goal of every advertising and marketing effort is to gain as much sales as possible. Advertising your business on social media provides a chance to be successful. The growth of your brand awareness, visibility and awareness will give opportunity to higher conversion rates. The uniqueness of social media lies on its capability to allow us to interact and communicate without being bound by geographical time and distance. Once your brand becomes interactive by posting, sharing, and commenting, it will gradually personify your brand.

social media networks
Hashtag as viral web social media network concept for marketing, trending, blogging and internet themes. Man holding paper with hash tag symbol.


One of the fastest  ways to promote and market your content across the globe is via social media. Here are the effective types of social media advertising platforms.

  1. Facebook

Facebook is the most common type of social media advertising. Advertising via Facebook is effective due to its status as the largest user base. Facebook provides a powerful and trustworthy advertising platform that is visible to every user both via mobile and desktop. Facebook provides millions of potential audiences and enables you to set up your own targeted audience based on interests, ages, locations, and genders.

  1. Instagram

Instagram is enormously visual, it is a platform where users tend to view a huge number of posts. In order to make your social media advertising on Instagram work effective, it is a good idea to find some examples of Instagram advertising that you think can work best for your business and imitate its strategies. This will aid you to optimize your posts and content marketing.

  1. YouTube

YouTube is currently the largest video sharing website globally and offers advanced tools for advertising. Owned by Google, their service provides accurate information that allows advertisers to target a more specific group of people compared to FB and IG. Most of all the selection of videos that google uses to display your ads are constantly reviewed for the protection of your brand image.

  1. Twitter

Advertising on Twitter is a great option for online growth. Success on twitter relies on connections and follower size, it is a key factor to consider when implementing advertising efforts. The more followers you have, the stronger the connections you will build, thus impacting positively on your advertising performance. Twitter also allows you to adopt your marketing campaigns into different objectives such as leads, conversions, and application installs; it also enables you to boost your potential audience using the twitter audience platform.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn platform has a huge professional user base which allows you to perform B2B marketing.  If you are targeting a corporate audience, advertising your business then Linked could be a great option for you. Most LinkedIn users are professionals, graduates and experts who are looking for jobs as well as companies that recruit workers.

Implementing social media advertising for your online business doesn’t mean that your efforts will simply have great results. Take in mind that the successful of your social media advertising is largely dependent on the type of social media platforms that you choose including your business model. To make your advertising work to its maximum, you should choose proper social media platforms that suit your business model. If you need help with social media advertising consider using a social media agency such as Algo Sea Biz.

Social Recruiting Interview: Impact Of Social Media On Human Resources

I just wrote out an interview with a German reporter about the use of social media in hiring. Normally, I don’t post my notes in reporting interviews, but as this interview will be translated into German, and edited to fit the report, I’ll make an exception and post my thoughts here.

Could you please describe what you do – how do you help companies as a “social media headhunter”?

The title Social Media Headhunter has two meanings. First, I’m a retained search recruiter, working with companies to find employees with social media skills and experience. Most companies know they need to invest in social media (or social business), but the field isn’t mature enough to allow executives to write an accurate job description, or filter the appropriate candidates. That’s where I come in, helping define the position, locating candidates, and then managing the hiring process.

The second definition comes from training recruiters on the use of social media in hiring. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube services, and blogs provide a rich pool of possible employees, but figuring out how to find and recruit them takes a new mindset. That’s what I teach.


What do you think are the most important changes for human resources managers which have been caused by the new “social media” technologies/virtualized business environments (“cloud economy”)?

Social media breaks down hierarchies of knowledge and provides new tools for information sharing. We first saw and continue to see this in politics, but the impact on all business is apparent. From shopping and coupon sites to sales strategies and product review, the power is switching from the company to the consumer. This is true both for B2C and B2B i. The cloud economy allows instant information transfer for those connected to it. This has an impact on the way we hire, and what expect from new (and current) employees, but it also changes the way that we look at hiring. Job-seekers have more information than before about salary, working conditions, and the health of the company, and so do our current employees. Hiring, retention, and training are now more complicated, because we all know more. At the same time, it’s an unprecedented opportunity to harness that knowledge to improve our companies and hiring processes as well. From a legal standpoint, the ease of video recording and data transfer on mobile phones is probably the more granular threat. A greater threat than corporate espionage is the unwitting leaks of confidential information that threaten a companies strategic decisions. Add in the embarrassment of top executives getting caught, and you have a strange new Orwellian world that can’t be ignored. We are all watched now. How does one adjust their behavior in that kind of environment? From having drinks with friends to inter-office flings, privacy is off the table. And for younger people, many who lack a filter on what is appropriate, the internet’s long memory is going to cause changes in how we react to behavior outside the office.

How can companies use social media to recruit new talents? Which are the advantages of facebook and other social networking sites for recruiters? Are there typical mistakes Human Resources Managers make when they are trying to recruit via facebook/linkedin/twitter….? Any dos and don’t´s?

Companies should first understand that social media is a two-way street. It’s a personal channel that has to be nurtured, which takes not only time but focus. The good news is more and more people are on these networks, which means a larger talent pool. The bad news is they want something in return for their attention, which means companies are no longer solely in charge. The advantages of Facebook are primarily contact. Candidates spend so much time on Facebook, and if you’re their connection, they will respond to you. The younger generation prefers Facebook messages to email contact. That’s an essential piece of knowledge when recruiting college and high-school age employees.

The Biggest Do’s.

  • Have a social media policy in place for both recruiters and the general employee population. You have a dress code. Have a social media code.
  • Do connect with candidates on a personal level. Treat social media messages like phone messages or email. Don’t lose your professionalism.
  • Do understand the expectations of the platform you are using. Some sites are great for blind messages to candidates. Some prefer a little warm-up before you ask them to interview. Some don’t ever want you to ask that question.

The Biggest Don’ts

  • Don’t broadcast messages like they are advertisements
  • Don’t build social media profiles and then abandon them. That’s like not answering your phone
  • Don’t get into arguments online if you’re going to use your account for business. In fight between a fellow and a fool, onlookers don’t know who is the fool, and who is the fellow.
  • Have Social Media tools made the headhunter´s job easier? A lot of employees list their employment situation on social media networking sites. How can companies avoid to lose their employees to social media headhunters?


In the short run, they’ve made the headhunter’s job much easier. It’s free knowledge about a person’s working situation. In the long run, as companies adapt and candidates get smarter, headhunters will need to turn into recruiting process experts and not just resume sourcers. If you don’t want to lose your employees to a headhunter, treat them better, and make sure they are informed and engaged in their current jobs. That’s all they ever wanted anyway. And don’t worry about blocking or stopping them from posting information. The speed of information is faster than any policy you could create.

Do employees and managers need new skills in the “social media world”? Which skills should employers look for in potential hires? Do personal networks/digital social capital get more important as staffing criteria?

Yes. They’re going to have to be smarter about everything. Lucky for us, social media provides those tools. When hiring, you have to ask yourself, “do they understand how social media is affecting their division, city, company, or region?” Do they understand how to build personal networks and share information, without putting the company at risk?

On the second question, I’m a bit of a dissenter. I think hiring based on personal networks/ digital social capital is lazy and unproductive. I don’t want someone good at promoting their name online. I want someone who can accomplish the business goals using social tools and principles. Show me productivity gains, not Facebook friends.

Some companies even offer bonuses to their employees if they help to fill open positions – the employees use special software (matchin engines like appirio/jobvite….) to search the profile information of Facebook friends and LinkedIn-contacts. Is this a good way to mine employees´ social networking contacts for potential hires? What about privacy concerns? Could that be bad in terms of “employer branding” as potential hires might be annoyed by the idea that software from an unknown company infiltrates their (private) social networks?

It works. The quality of the hire depends on the people using it, as do the privacy concerns. My biggest concern is that you’re creating selection bias in your recruiting, and outsourcing it to people not trained in recruiting processes. The biggest advantage is it really seems to work. I think these tools can be an important addition. They’ll work very well for some companies, and not for others. I don’t see much of a backlash.

Final Thoughts?

A final note would be the increasing focus on social business. Social media is cool, and it’s changing the way we look at the world because it improves the speed of information transfer. Social Business isn’t yet mature, but when knowledge transfer inside a company reaches the speed that it currently achieves outside the company, you’re going to see massive increases in our productivity. I see social media as the human version of Moore’s Law. Computers keep getting faster, but humans haven’t really evolved to match them. We are the brakes in the process. Effective social business principles are going to alter the way “we” work in the same way that computers changed the way companies did business.

Why AudienceGain’s Affordable Social Media Marketing is Great for Small Businesses

Marketing on social media is all about monitoring the behaviors of yourself and everyone else. People who make negative feedback need to be dealt with appropriately. People who submit questions need to be responded to immediately. AudienceGain provides social media marketing that is affordable and ideal for small businesses. Their services help every individual and business to get the attention they need.

Buying Followers

A lot of marketers have their doubts about buying followers – they assume it is as ineffective as buying friends. But even if you lose half of the followers you buy, the other half will remain loyal.

Buying followers on popular social media sites is guaranteed to be effective. AudienceGain is able to target specific types of customers that you want to buy. This way, you avoid dealing with people who will not be interested in your products or services. Targeting the audience is a recommended technique that saves time and money.

Difference Between Fake vs. Real Followers

Having thousands of followers is pointless if they are not actively engaged. Anyone can build an account, but it’s only meaningful if they use its services regularly. Also, the value of a business is based on the most active followers instead of the most number of “dead” followers.

Authenticity is not an issue for people who buy Instagram followers from AudienceGain.com. Their business clients get real accounts that are not generated by bots. They get real Instagram followers for cheap prices that their small business can afford.


Other Ways of Promoting Your Brand on Social Media

You cannot rely on buying followers alone to get good results. You need to build good social media marketing skills and techniques overall.

Start by improving the ways that you make posts or tweets. People are more likely to respond to posts that are emotionally charged. They respond either with a positive or negative emotion that gets them so worked up that they have to learn more. Generating an emotional response to one of your issues is guaranteed to generate more public interest.

Fast communication is a skill that every online marketer should work on. Most social media users expect companies to respond to their questions within 24 hours and no longer. Being on social media is about being social, and that includes responding to people’s comments in an appropriate, timely manner.

Be consistent with your followers. Do not wait for them to continue the conversation – it’s more effective that the business keeps making contact with the customer. Following up is necessary to convert leads.

Most people who have positive experiences with businesses are going to write positive feedback and make referrals to other customers. That is why social media marketing is so important to use. AudienceGain s affordable social media marketing is ideal for small businesses and effective with access to billions of potential customers. AudienceGain remains one of the best places to buy Instagram followers, whether you need 500 to 100,000. Trust that you will get as many active, high-quality followers as your campaign needs.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Social Media Jobs

With social media reaching new heights within the past ten years, people worldwide are now able to communicate with one another like never before. Celebrities, public figures, and businesses, both small and large, have fully embraced the powerful tool that is social media. Nowadays, companies are communicating directly with the market quickly and effectively. With popular social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter with millions and millions of users, it makes total sense why there are many jobs and gigs available on these platforms. Below is everything you should want to know about social media roles as well as opportunities.

Social media is a powerful marketing tool.

Today, all of the popular social media platforms are apart of business’ marketing strategies and a huge contributor to their promotional campaigns. Many companies in our current digital market, include social media marketing in their overall budget. Social media has plenty of business benefits because it reduces the costs you’ll find in traditional marketing (print advertising, billboards, TV, newspapers, and radio). These digital channels allow companies to interact with their customers directly. Job recruiters and employees in the HR department frequently use social media to reach out to potential candidates.

What jobs are in social media?

1. Social Media Director

Social media director is probably the top-rank role involved with social media jobs. This particular job position heavily focuses on developing content marketing materials and strategies. Additionally, individuals in this position are in charge of directing a team of content creators. Social media directors schedule and post content on various digital channels.

This is an essential position because Social media directors are in charge of developing a brand identity. To be hired or promoted to this position, you will have to be well-versed by knowing the ins and outs of every popular social media platform. Social media directors may also be considered as the head of social media content, manager of social media development, or lead social media communicators.

Marketing/Brand Manager

Marketing/Brand Manager focuses primarily on posting content and assets on various social media channels. A part of this role may also include writing blog posts and adding this content on all social media channels. For the most part, a Marketing/Brand Manager consist of helping increase sales and generate visitors through social media. Other names for this role may be brand ambassador, digital content lead, and digital strategist, among others.

Community Engagement Coordinator

Community Engagement Coordinators plays the role of a manager and focuses on speaking directly to customers and followers. For this role, you will develop marketing content with the sole purpose of creating engagement (reposting, re-tweeting, sharing, and commenting).

There are more than a dozen of social media jobs that requires various skill sets and duties depending on the position. Below are multiple positions involved in social media.

1. Social Media Strategist
2. Digital Content Manager
3. Art Director
4. Blogger
5. Social Media Coordinator
6. Content Creator
7. Social Media Specialist
8. Social Media Assistant
9. Content Writer
10. Graphic Designer
11. Customer Service Representative
12. Multimedia Specialist
13. Social Media Executive
14. Social Media Associate
15. Content Marketing Associate/Specialist
16. Online Content Coordinator
17. Engagement Manager
18. Digital Media Supervisor
19. Digital Communications Professional
20. Interactive Media Coordinator

How do I start a career in social media?

For every company that uses social media as a marketing tool, community engagement on each platform is crucial. Companies that use these platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn) ultimately want to increase sales and create brand awareness.
Doing so will help these businesses expand, and they could eventually add more employees on board to build a strong presence.

For individuals who want to pursue a career in social media, it is vital first to determine which role they want to have. Unfortunately, with the explosion of social media jobs, these positions are consistently changing due to technology forever evolving. Importantly, earning certificates and degrees in digital marketing, graphic design, and professional writing can most certainly help tremendously. Luckily for you, there are plenty of industry-related conferences and expos available, which are all centered around social media. These events are a beautiful place to network, learn, and meet a specialist in the industry.

Along with attending network events and earning degrees, individuals should use social media to create their brand. These platforms are a great site to build a professional brand identity and share your talents in the world.

What jobs are in media?

Jobs in media and the creative realm required individuals to have specific credentials due to the competitive nature. Roles in media consistently growing after each year, and there is a high demand for more positions. Below are various job positions in media.

1. Radio Operators
2. Writer
3. UX Designer
4. Photographer
5. Media Researcher
6. Magazine Journalist
7. Editorial Assistant
8. Advertising Executive
9. Video Producer (Film and Television)
10. Runner (Broadcasting, Film, and Video)
11. Technical Writer
12. Interpreters
13. Translators
14. Broadcast News Analyst
15. Sound Engineering Technician

What jobs can you get with a Social Media Marketing degree or experience?

A college degree, whether a master or bachelor in social media marketing, focuses on areas such as digital marketing, business administration, and general communication, to name a few. As social media channels evolve, there are more educational programs and jobs centered around these platforms. It is crucial to have a strong background in marketing as well as design experience too. Studying in this area can be beneficial for companies because you can help them generate more sales and visitors. Below are jobs available in the market related to social media marketing.

1. Digital Market Analyst
2. Data Research Analyst
3. Content Writer
4. Content Creator
5. Marketing Manager
6. Advertising Manager
7. Promotion Director
8. Public Relations Specialist
9. Account Manager
10. Graphic Designer

Is Social Media Marketing a Good Career?

With more various social media marketing jobs now available in the market, there are plenty of endless opportunities and room to grow. For example, a public relations specialist may be a great stepping stone in another position in the social media marketing realm. This position involves building trust with consumers and sending emails, press releases, and developing promotional campaigns.

Another excellent entry position may be a content writer. Social media usually involves mainly on writing, so a content writer is often needed for most businesses. This position includes writing about various topics and subjects and may consist of writing blog posts as well. Most individuals who are content writers commonly have studied areas like journalism, English, writing, or communication, among others.

How do you get a job in social media marketing?

Along with an education (formal or self-education) and attending networking events, learning on the job can help individuals earn a role in social media marketing. Social media specialists frequently come from other realm and fields. Most experts had careers in marketing or journalism, and over time made the transition in social media marketing. A great way to build a personal brand and generate followers on these platforms is by providing free educational and meaningful content.

It is highly recommended to share how you reach success on social media and provide other ways to learn (video tutorial, written tutorial, etc.). For individuals working in digital marketing, you can share your knowledge within the company you work for. By doing this, you can earn credibility and possibly even a promotion. Standard programs offered at most colleges and universities related to social media marketing are below.
1. Marketing
2. PR
3. Digital Communication
4. Graphic Communications
5. Journalism

How Much Money Does a Social Media Specialist or Social Media Manager Make?

The average pay for a Social Media Marketing Specialist is $14.87 per hour. The average pay for a Social Media Marketing Specialist is $49,057 per year. The average salary for a Social Media Manager is $50,134.

per payscale.com


Grant Cardone Calls Out Gary Vaynerchuk in Latest Video

Things are heating up in the “social media” FIGHTING for everyone’s views and attention motivational rah rah shish koom bah world of Tai Lopez, Grant Cardone, and Gary Vaynerchuk!

Grant calls out Gary as he has in many recent videos about “FREEEEEEE”

First Jordan Belfort and Grant Cardone battled recently with Meet Kevin now its Grant Cardone vs. Gary Vaynerchuk WWE style!!


Grant Gives Tour of 10X Headquarters- Grant Cardone

It’s at the 1 minute 6 second mark to start off his pitch for the $50k mastermind and 10x Growth Con!

Should I Attend The Success Resources Event? (by Mike Winnet)

Mike Winnet is taking the contreprenuer market by storm exposing what’s really going on and how these motivational speakers are showing up for 30 minutes at the end of pitching events.

Check it out and share it on social media so others can learn whats really going on

How Plastic Surgeons Can Increase Breast Augmentations with Instagram

If you are a plastic surgeon and specialize in boob jobs, breast augmentation, and breast implants in today’s day and age of social media you are missing out on helping more women if you are not using social platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram you are missing out on increasing patient flow.

With social media the best attributes of this type of digital marketing is it’s visual and emotional. When you scroll through instagram people are constantly liking and engaging with visual content.

This is the same with Snapchat and Facebook. People love to show off and share what they are up to, what they have succeeded with, and what they aspire to be.

If you can show your plastic surgery work on these platforms you get to show people and potential patients your work and results and why they should choose you in their local area.

The “beauty” of instagram is you can use local hashtags and even tag your office location so it makes it relevant and localized to potential plastic surgery or breast augmentation new patients right in your area.

Here are some great examples of Plastic Surgeon Instagram accounts we have found to give you an idea on how to use social media to increase your plastic surgeon lead flow besides using plastic surgery SEO or Google Ads marketing.

Example 1

G. Robert Meger, M.D. P.C.
3333 E Camelback Rd #140, Phoenix, AZ 85018
(602) 957-6000


Plastic Surgeon in Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona that specializes in breast augmentation, tummy tucks, coolsculpting, liposuction, and mommy makeovers.

Example 2

Ciao Bella Cosmetic Surgery
22455 N Miller Rd B100, Scottsdale, AZ 85255
(480) 686-8121

Plastic Surgeon in Scottsdale Arizona that specializes in breast augmentation, tummy tucks, liposuction, and mommy makeovers.

Job Hunt – 5 Tips on Making Social Media Work for You

Social media can be used as an important tool in growing your career, establishing yourself as an expert in a given area, and networking. Once you have developed a strategy, use the tips below because they will go a long way in helping you make social media work for you:

  1. Connecting

Connecting with individuals and professionals who you share the same values with is a good idea because you can be able to know their insights into trends, industries, and ideas that can be beneficial for you. You can also end up being connected into their circle of influences in a meaningful way. Let’s say you get a new contact working in the same industry in England. This is going to open doors for you to work in England if it is something you want.

  1. Building Your Reputation by Being Consistent

No one in this world is perfect, but you should be consistent. Maybe there is someone (colleagues, potential employers, competitors, networking contacts, etc) who want to know more about you. They are going to check you out on the different platforms – LinkedIn, Google, YouTube, Twitter – to see whether you are presenting the same values across the different platforms. If you are polished on LinkedIn but a “party girl” on Instagram and Facebook, they will question which of the two is the real you. This is true in all professions, but teaching personnel have lost their positions due to their social media.

  1. Adding Value to Conversation

You might have tools such as RSS feeds and Twitter to get important news promptly, which is good, but being in a social space means contributing something back. If you have advice, opinion, resources of information, then consider sharing it online with your networks. If you are a member of some groups on LinkedIn, contribute your thoughts, questions, or anything that adds to the conversation. Social media is give-and-take.

  1. Making Yourself Findable

If you want to change your career or job, keep in mind that there are some employers and recruiters who will post opportunities on forums online. You should be appealing and findable to any employers or recruiters who might be lurking online. There are different ways of doing this, including optimizing your LinkedIn profile so that a potential employer or recruiter can easily find you through searching by use of qualifications and qualities you might be having. Optimizing your online presence is a great idea that can easily help you land your dream job.

  1. Measuring Results

It is important to know whether the efforts you are investing in growing your online presence is working or not. If you are after increasing your online visibility, then the best way to track progress is by Googling yourself. This is what I refer to as “ego surfing”. Google has a tool known as Google Alert that will let you know any time your name appears on a blog, article, tweet, or mentioned online. When you get this notification, you will have the chance of replying or engaging in the conversation.

Social media provides you with the tools you can use in researching, learning, engaging, growing your presence in dynamic and forward-thinking conversations in real-time. You have the chance of meeting like-minded professionals from different countries and sharing ideas and resources with people you would have never gotten the chance of knowing. You will be able to grow your brand online that attracts future clients and employers.

Why Graham Stephan is Killing the YouTube Algorithm vs Gary Vee, Grant Cardone and the like

Check out this video that dissects why Graham Stephan is killing it on YouTube vs people like Gary Vaynerchuk that has 20+ teams, and Grant Cardone that has 50+ million dollar jets!

Plan Your Own Campaign with the Top Digital Marketing Strategies in 2019

If you are going to be creating your own digital marketing campaign there are plenty of strategies that you would want to think about that are popular in 2019. This is one of the most important campaigns that you are going to create since a lot of the business is going to be coming from the internet and various searches that are done. There are plenty of things that you can add into your strategy and you need to know what they are before you can even start the planning process.

Strategies for Digital Marketing

You want to ensure that you are creating the right strategy when it comes to digital marketing for your business needs. There are a wide variety of methods that you can add to the strategy, but first you need to be aware of what they are, such as:

  • Goals – The first thing that you need to do before you can even create your strategy is making sure that you have set some goals. You need to think about how many customers you want to bring in and the amount of traffic that you want to increase by.
  • Various types of media – There are plenty of types of media that you can add to your campaign and you need to be aware of what they are. Not only can they be videos and pictures, but they are also paid, owned and even those that come from the customers. Make sure that you are thinking about which one would work the best for you and your needs.
  • Advertisements – There are numerous social media sites where you can pay for advertisements, which can be shown before videos or even on the sides of the pages. You should think about which audience you are going to be targeting and which one uses the various social media platforms the most.
  • Target audience – You also need to determine which target audience you are trying to reach and where they would be spending their time most. This would help you to know where you should be putting your time and effort rather than wasting the money that you would be spending otherwise.

These are all great tips that can help you to create the perfect strategy for your business and you need to ensure that you are using them and using them in the right way to get the most out of them.

Additionally you can take help from Best Digital Marketing Company!

digital marketing strategies