Best Places to Work 2015 List by GlassDoor

Want To Learn What are the Best Places to Work?

Check out this researched and prescreened list of the best employers and companies to work for by Glassdoor in 2015.

The beauty of this list is it helps you make a very specific informed decision on the best companies and what their employees think of them. This helps you know their culture and if you apply directly to these companies as a job seeker because of the reason they are the “best place to work” and you express you researched this they will be impressed.

Stand out as a jobseeker and one way you do that is by being specific with your job search. For example using a niche job board like ours for social media and directly searching out the best companies to work for and pointing this out as you apply and try to grab a recruiters attention will increase your chances to get your next job and invest in your career growth.


How to Negotiate Your Salary

If you are applying online to social media career opportunities on our site we want to bring you some job seeker tips that can not only get you the job but help you get the best negotiated salary.

On a recent Grant Cardone, CardoneZone episode from his Whatever Takes Network he shares some insights on getting a better salary or negotiating why you deserve a certain salary when being hired by an employer. Grant Cardone employs many people so this is great insight from an employer of many successful businesses.

Grant also talks about how people blow the interview and don’t even get to the negotiation point of getting the salary they want.

Some of the mistakes job seekers are make are:

  • What’s my title
  • What kind of office
  • Vacation time
  • Flexible schedule
  • Hours of operation

Another interesting stat Grant uncovered is 80% of people looking for jobs are looking outside of their industry/niche.

Grant’s #1 question a job seeker should be focused on…

“What’s the opportunity?”

Why don’t people get a raise?

  1. Don’t ask
  2. Never got the job in the first place
  3. Wrong vehicle
  4. Wrong position
  5. Because you aren’t great

How Gary Vaynerchuk Makes Hiring Decisions for VaynerMedia

On this 51st episode of the Ask Gary Vee Show, Gary answers the following questions from Twitter.

01:45 -On your team is it better to have employees who are specialized in one thing or someone who can wear multiple hats?
02:57 -If given an opportunity to swap vaynermedia for the jets would you? why or why not?
03:44 -When you are faced with two equally qualified candidates, how do you choose which one you hire, considering you only need to hire one employee?
05:41 -Does it bother your wife that you constantly spin your ring?
06:48 -How can I market a video and rank on Google, if I DO NOT want to use Youtube? I am willing to invest time and finances. Any thoughts?

What Would Gary Vaynerchuk Do if all 420 Employees Quit VaynerMedia?

On this episode 48 of the Ask Gary Vee Show on YouTube, Gary answers the following questions.

01:44 – How much time should you spend on your competition? Or should you just be focused on making your own path?
03:30 – Who would you recommend pitching an app idea to? What steps would you recommend?
05:48 – Niche marketing, in wine library did you market to people interested in wine? or specific niches in the wine community?
07:36 – What would you do if all 420 employees quit VaynerMedia?
11:02 – How do you instill soul and swagger into a physical product you create?

How To Use Twitter to Find a Job

Yes, we are a niche social media job board that gives companies an opportunity to target job seekers interested in social media jobs to post them on our site for more exposure.

However, our site isn’t the only way a job seeker can find social media jobs or any job for that matter. And while our goal is to help employers get more attention and hire candidates that specifically are looking for their next career opportunity in the social media industry we also want to help job seekers in this industry any way we can. And one way to do that besides our site of course is using Twitter’s Advanced Search feature.

For example, lets say you were looking for social media jobs in your local area. And in this hypothetical situation let’s also say you wanted to stay local and find a social media job close to home in New York.

The first thing you need to do is go to and click “advanced – here’s a screenshot for you visual learners out there like us.

twitter search

After clicking the “advanced search” link you should see this screen next…

twitter advanced search

You will notice now you have a way to narrow your search via keywords or hashtags on Twitter to “near this place” to target your local area. So in the “Words” section you can enter something like “hiring social media” and then in places you can enter your zip code or major metro city name for more results. As in this example you can enter New York.

And if you click this link you will see a live result page of this search and start engaging, following, and applying to new jobs that people are tweeting every day.

Keep in mind we gave you one example of dozens of different advanced searches you can do to find more job opportunities in all location and industries. You can enter other relevant keywords or phrases and you can also narrow by date or use any of the advanced features of Twitter Search. Let us know if you land a job via Twitter search thanks to this post in the comments. We love hearing job seeker success stories.

What Do You See Your Professional Career Becoming?

On this episode 42 of the Ask Gary Vaynerchuk Show Gary answers the following questions.

00:33 – Why do you rarely recommend youtube in your digital recommendations despite the 1 billion active users per month.
02:25 – You changed the intro music why?
02:34 – What’s one question you ask in interviews?
04:36 – As a private music teacher I have limited hours to teach. Thoughts on how to increase my income/brand?