A Guide to Great Instagram Outreach

Are you wondering how to reach out to Instagram Influencers? Here are the best tips to consider and actually get the best responses from notable social media influencers.

  1. Personalization

Currently, there are many applications and email tools that can optimize any email marketing campaign. However, you are likely to make a habit of using the generic template and only customizing the name before sending. However, if you want to elicit a response from your recipients, you need to break the pattern.

Social media influencers receive thick and fast emails regarding campaign opportunities, collaborations, events and content pitches. Make yours stand out by personalizing the emails without using generic templates. It might take a lot of time and work but you will get more responses and actually create genuine connections with influencers.

For instance, you can include something about one of the recent posts from the influencers whether it is a personal tweet, outfit, new restaurant or holiday post. Of course, mention it in genuine way. Prove that you have taken the time to read the content and actually see the value in it. Also, you should share a little of your personality for the best rest results.

  1. Be Polite

Whatever you do, avoid being rude when you are contacting influencers. Don’t be obnoxious or demanding because it’s a huge turn-off. Any social media influencer would be able to smile this behavior a mile away and will definitely ignore your emails. Always treat influencer with professionalism and don’t expect them to do anything for free or do your work for you.

Basically, you should treat influencers like any other small business because they have put enough money, effort and time into growing their community as well as creating exceptional content. When creating your email, you should treat it as if you are talking to a magazine editor about your brand or a local journalist. If you would not use the same language in these cases, avoid doing the same when reaching out to an influencer on social media.

You should always appreciate the time they are taking to read your email and end the email with ‘hope to hear from you soon.’

  1. Mention The Benefits

When reaching out to the influencer, you need to mention the benefit they will get from working with you. Note that, any influencer campaigns should benefit both parties. That is why you should outline the benefit they will get from reading and responding to your email immediately. Whether the benefit is getting a complimentary product, compensation or affiliate revenue, mention it so they are aware of what they are receiving before diving into it.

Take an instance where you give some exposure to your local breakfast café. On that case, they would cover your breakfast for a day or two. Well, since influencers will bring exposure to your business and bring more leads, there should always be something in there for them. If you are the only one receiving value from the intended partnership, start rethinking your strategy immediately.

  1. Clear And Candid

Make sure your email to the influencer is not confusing, vague and unclear because you will not get any responses from it. If the influencer has to decipher the email to work out what you are requesting, then they will delete it immediately and forget it ever existed. Your outreach emails should be clear and concise by communicating the value as well as your request without unnecessary ramblings.

Keep in mind that influencers are busy people who are always juggling work, their blogs, family life, brand collaborations as well as health and fitness. The emails should be easy to understand allowing them to decide whether or not they are interested in what you are offering.

  1. Avoid Being Demanding

It is a written rule that writing a demanding email will not get the response you expect. However, many marketers ignore this rule and send lots of demanding emails with too many expectations to influencers. For instance, if you demand that an influencer should post a picture of your product to their own account, they will probably ignore it immediately. Alternatively, use a welcoming tone, allowing them to respond and get a benefit from your request.

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  1. Follow Up After A Week

You can always follow up the first outreach email to the influencer but avoid doing it right away. You can take about a week then follow up since influencers are also busy juggling their lives. Following up after a few hours or a day is a useless endeavor and often annoying. Rather, you should give your influencers enough time to reply, and if not done within a week, follow up politely.

If you write the follow up email correctly, you will get a good hit rate so be careful when writing it and give them a little nudge. If there’s no response to the second email, leave it alone since the influencer is probably not interested and will not have enough time to reply to each email they get.

  1. Choose A Relevant Influencer

It is a simple marketing principle that you should only market your products through relevant channels, including influencers. Make sure the influencer is in the same industry, product and brand as you. If they are not, it would not make any sense collaborating with them for your marketing needs and there will not be any return on investment on such an endeavor.

When selecting influencers for your campaign, you should always consider their relevance. That way you can always guarantee that the influencer is a good match before sending the outreach email. Include a short summary as to why you feel the influencer is a good addition to your campaign, engagement or activation. That way, when reading the email the influencer has an idea of what the partnership entails and where you are coming from with the collaboration.

  1. Connect On Different Platforms

Before sending the first email, it is prudent to connect with influencers on various platforms. That way, you will be on their radar or they will recognize your name on the email immediately. Start following these influencers on various social media platforms and engage with their content genuinely. If possible, connect with them using your brand account rather than your personal one for the best results.

  1. No Spamming

No one loves spam emails because they always crowd your inbox and are quite annoying. If you don’t have anything of value to say, you should not email the influencer, especially with press releases.

  1. Use sofa – The Social Factory

Sofa is an excellent piece of software, focused on helping people grow their instagram accounts in an easy manner. It’s also excellent for outreach and makes it a lot simpler to connect with target members and influencers,putting you on the top people’s radar.

The app uses complex algorithms to tell you who to follow and what content to like or comment – taking the hard work and time element out of Instagram outreach. It allows you to be productive and human at the same time and in doing so aids Instagram growth in a ethical and efficient manner.

  1. Networking Opportunity

Treat this as a networking opportunity and try to make the most out of it by working exceptionally hard. If the influencer is not interested in the campaign at the moment, it is not the end of the road. Rather, take the time to inform them that it is not an issue and would love to reconnect in the future with better timing, a new product or when there is more money available. It is simply networking but in a virtual setting.

  1. Bring Some Excitement

If you think your pitch is boring, the influencer will have the same idea as well. A bland or boring email will not appeal to the influencer and will not spike any interest or curiosity. If you are for support from the influencer for your brand, you need to make the outreach email genuinely exciting. That is why you should be creative and create an opportunity for the influencer to listen to what you have to say.

Gary Vaynerchuk Predicting the Future Again with VaynerTalent

Gary Vaynerchuk is at again.. He is predicting people are going to have a content team around them just like he has executed for his personal brand vs. dropping 7k a month on a PR person..

From Gary’s slide on DailyVee 80 he says VaynerTalent is..

We create, produce, and distribute premium content across the media landscape to build personal brands and businesses for emerging and established talent.

He also gives some examples of celebrity personalities, musicians, artists, athletes, CEOs, and visionaries..


This is a another parallel service that ties in to everything Gary Vaynerchuk does and is about. This coincides with launching VaynerMedia, VaynerSports, being an investor in Snapchat, his 60 minutes piece on influencer marketing and his end goal of making all of his assets and the VaynerMACHINE help him turn around a nostalgic brand one day into a Billion Dollar Sale..

He is going to take an old school brand that he can buy on the cheap and then run it through this VaynerMachine to flip it for billies and then buy the Jets.

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