How to Adapt and Generate More Sales and Leads

On this episode 45 of the Ask Gary Vee Show, Gary Vaynerchuk answers the following questions from people on Twitter using the #AskGaryVee hashtag.

00:51 – What trends should brick and mortar stores be paying attention to over the next 12 to 18 months?
03:20 – With all the talk about Snapcash what is the one thing you’ll teach your kids about money?
04:30 – How much of my advertising marketing dollars, should I spend on salespeople or telemarketing? vs direct mail, print and traditional marketing? vs online?
07:45 Do you script answers or improvise? How much time do you invest in prep and production per show?
09:16 – Can you explain in more detail your statement from @marketmakers that Superbowl-ads are underpriced?

Gary mentions he recently had success with SEM or search engine marketing for the Wine Library store vs direct mail sucked for him. It’s all about the current market, what works for you, and costs associated for each channel vs the success you have with it.

Also, Gary points out you need to spend at least 5-20% of your money on new things or advertising and marketing efforts in general.

How To Increase Exposure with Business Development

On this Episode 33 of the Gary Vaynerchuk YouTube Show he answers the following questions asked via the hashtag #askgaryvee on Twitter.

01:04 – We have high school kids working to get recruited and play college gold – suggestions on social responsibility on social media?
03:05 – How do very new and small channels gain a following when people don’t interact and we get like 5 views on our video and 3 from us?
06:51 – Who is your favorite comedian?
07:41 – Sometimes my passion is seen as aggression, how do I walk the line? Do I change to someone more passive?
10:24 – If it wasn’t for the 14th amendment, would you run for president?