Snap CEO Evan Spiegel Interview with CNBC at Cannes Film Festival

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel speaks with CNBC’s Julia Boorstin live from the Cannes film festival in an exclusive interview on the tech and camera company’s recent update backlash, it’s rivalry with Facebook and its focus on remaining a tech company.

Key points:

  • Evan dodges question about taking ad dollars from Facebook just says enough to go around from TV advertising
  • Now he is the least expensive ad product and easier to buy
  • Say he needs to continue to innovate as Instagram (FB) keeps copying everything they do
  • Stock down 90% from IPO price, but he is focused “innovating in the long run” even if copied
  • Invested in Augmented Reality and betting on that and the “camera”
  • Facebook was brought up by Julia Boorstin 100 times, and how can he can compete with them
  • He said his advantage is being more private and only allowing people you want to see your content to see it can
  • His temple content is content created by friends vs. a Netflix original programming
  • Says they are a tech company because of the camera vs. social network
  • They just opened up API to developers for apps like Pandora even though he criticized Facebook for doing it
  • They are focused on the Android product to help growth
  • Kylie Jenner didn’t like the redesign and he says he loves the feedback

  • The redesign was a failure even his wife Miranda Kerr hated it but they changed it back now Friends are at top and the publishers were pushed down
  • 18 months later the programmatic ads are better
  • His 3 pillars Lens Studio, Spectacles, and Snapchat are their focus and doesn’t see a family of “apps”
  • They aren’t ruling acquisitions and have bought Bitmoji in the past
  • He is constantly looking for new hires
  • Evan Spiegel isn’t ready to give voting rights to shareholders yet and said he is executing on his plan with Bobby.

Furthermore, according to this ad agency searches and advertising through social media is constantly growing, because companies know it works. In fact, worldwide budgets for this type of advertising have more than doubled since 2014.

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel’s Fiance Miranda Kerr Uses Instagram to Sell More Snapchat Spectacles

Lately, Facebook has been using Snapchat to enhance their platforms product features.. But this time the CEO and one of the Founders of Snapchat Evan Spiegel’s fiance Miranda Kerr is using Instagram to sell more Snapchat Spectacles…

Miranda Kerr just Tweeted this..

Which linked to this on Instagram

Now available to buy online! ????????❤

A post shared by Miranda (@mirandakerr) on

And yes now after months of chasing vending machines or standing in line in NYC and buying Snapchat Spectacles on ebay for $500-$2500 you can now buy them online.

snapchat spectacles

What is Snapchat 3V Advertising?

Check out this video of Evan Spiegel explain Snapchat’s mission of becoming the “little TV in your pocket” and how they plan on competing with social media ad platform beasts like Facebook with their 3V Advertising.

Snapchat 3V advertising is focused on these three things

  • Vertical
  • Video
  • Views

evan spiegel

Here is Evan Spiegel talking about their Vertical Video Views strategy for mobile.

How to Find the Next Snapchat Spectacles SnapBot, Look for the ROSE

We figured it out.. or so we think we did :0)

Snapchat is launching their Spectacles Snapbot vending machines in every location associated with a ROSE!!

Don’t believe us.. check out our Tweets…

UPDATE!! Thanks to the homey @GolfGrouch on Twitter we are now thinking the “ROSE” association is because of this video per Wikipedia.. being filmed at Santa Monica Pier and shows the Playland Arcade where the Snapbot was placed there..

Update: Nov 20th, 2016 Snapchat just place the next Spectacles Snapbot at the Grand Canyon close to a city called Meadview, AZ which has a “Rose” road.

So there you have it.. If you want to know where to look in a place near you scope place with either “ROSE” in the street name, business name, or landmark.

And here is a link to their map to check out times of launch.

snapchat rose

Pop Up Store NY Update.

No more Snapbot out in the wild and more Spectacles pop up stores to come? but a Spectacles Store on 5 E. 59th st. New York, NY 10022 surrounded by ROSES!!! again..

Updated: November, 23rd, 2016
Well well well, another Snapbot in Santa Monica… another ROSE location!!!

Updated, November 26th, 2016.. The Snapchat Spectacles Snapbot was placed at Florida State University today.. which the main entrance has a Cherokee Rose..

Update: November 27th, 2016 the next Snapbot has landed at the Grove in Los Angeles by 3 different Rose Associations..

Another update..

Just read 10 Essentials Snapchat Founder Evan Spiegel can’t live without.. #1 ROSES!!!!

And again with Miranda Kerr spotted Flower Shopping!

Think I’m on to something here..

Update: December 1st, 2016 – Snapbot is now at the OUE Skyspace Los Angeles right off 5th & Flower Street.. YES, flower street..

Maybe it’s not just about Roses.. and its about Evan’s love for flowers in general as pointed out in the GQ story and Daily Mail article above where Evan and Miranda are flower shopping together.. The Rose has been very prevalant with the other Snapbot locations. But other than a “Rose” Law Firm not so much this time.

Also, Miranda Kerr shared this instagram post for Thanksgiving with a floral arrangement.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! ❤️❤️❤️ #thankful #MirandaKerrForRoyalAlbert

A photo posted by Miranda (@mirandakerr) on

And this on Twitter..

And instagram pictures are both tagged in with Roses behind them

Raise your hand if you are engaged! ? #MirandaKerr said yes to #Snapchat founder #EvanSpiegel ?: WireImage

A photo posted by HELLO! US (@hellomagus) on

Update December 3rd, 2016.. Snapbot has landed at Six Flags Magic Mountain next to Hilton “GARDEN” Inn..

And the “flower, Rose, association” continues..

Other observations with all of these Snapbot launches are…

  • Flower/Rose Association (Evan & Miranda love flowers) and Snapchat HQ is down the street from Rose Ave in Venice Beach
  • They have been launching them at or close to college campuses..
  • They have been launching them in places that are amazing to use their product (Grand Canynon, Blue Whale, Big Sur, Skyspace Los Angeles..)
  • Maybe there is an opportunity for companies, events, or places like a Six Flags Magic Mountain can pay to have snapbots in their locations in the future

Update December 4th, 2016 Snapchat’s Snapbot was in Los Angeles for the 4th straight time and this time it was by the Hollywood Sign and again close to Roses and Flowers!

December 7th Update Spectacles Snapbot lands in Altoona, Pennsylvania by Penn State

And as always there is a Rose, Flower combo with a little college atmosphere thrown in this time..

Update: December 9th, 2016 Spectacles Snapbot is in Breckenridge, CO and close to “roses” and flowers again in a very unique ski town.

Ok we are done tracking Snapchat’s Vending machine Snapbot for Spectacles.

And who knows if it really was following a pattern of Roses or Flowers or not but it was fun while it lasted. There no longer are lines in the New York City popup store and this Snapbot marketing strategy was great but is now beginning to fade.

Top YouTuber Jesse Wellens Uses Snapchat Spectacles to Vlog

Snapchat is taking the internet by storm. Today they announced an IPO filing for March and in the last few weeks they finally launched their new Snapchat glasses, Spectacles via Snapbots (spectacles in vending machines) in Venice, Big Sur, and Oklahoma so far.

Check the snapbot map for the next vending machine headed towards you. Or better yet try to win some from the top YouTuber in the game Jesse Wellens from BFvsGF, PrankvsPrank, and DownRangeGaming saaaaan.

Check out this dope fresh FIRST VLOG ever using Snapchat Spectacles on YouTube!! Go Ham and share this post saaaan!

Snap Inc. Release or Launch Date for Spectacles

Now that Snapchat has changed their name to Snap Inc. to become a more holistic product company vs. a camera app and they announced they are going to sell Spectacles (glasses that allows you to takes snaps via wifi and a tap) everyone wants to know one thing… WHEN CAN I BUY SPECTACLES!

They are a modest $130.00 and have so much more value then an Apple iWatch or Google glasses everyone wants to load up the truck on these Spectacles escpecially in the tech and FOMO Social Media space.

It’s highly likely this will be the #1 gift for the holidays for 2016 this year.

So far Snap Inc. has told the Wall Street Journal they will be out sometime in the “Fall”..

So until then we will have to wait but most likely it will be before the holidays and maybe even the Presidential Election Voting day so everyone can snap their votes!

For now all you Snapchat Maniacs need to just deal with it and line up at the spectacles website for launch. Until then go buy a Snapchat Ice Tray, Backpack or Playing Cards


Jimmy Fallon Snapchat Duet with Ariana Grande Using Snapchat Lens

Jimmy Fallon and Ariana Grande combine their snaps into a Snapchat duet of her hit song “Into You.”

Using only Snapchat lens not filters as reported wrong by certain media.

Learn More About Snapchat from their Founder, CEO Evan Spiegel

A lot of people in the social media world talk about Snapchat as the next social media networking platform similar to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. However, as you can learn directly from the Ghost’s mouth CEO Evan Spiegel they are really an evolving camera messaging app.

  • Focus and simplicity is the most important thing to them
  • They don’t care if they are the first they just want to be the first to get things right
  • Evan thinks Hourly Active Users > Monthly Active Users
  • Evans calls Snapchat entertainment vs. a Messaging app
  • Evan Spiegel doesn’t think about diversity as a “meeting numbers” of certain type of people game
  • Evan loves music and thinks the music industry talks about business model and distribution and he looks at music as a product perspective
  • They don’t think of Snapchat as a “club” they think of it as a community
  • Evan Spiegel looks up to Edwin Land of Polaroid because he was artsy, scientific and a countryman
  • Snapchat wants an exit via IPO
  • They will not take any acquisition offers (turned down Facebook for 3 billion)
  • Privacy is precious to Snapchat and its about comfort
  • Vertical Video Views (3V is their video ad product) (they complete those 9 times more)
  • When people leave it Snapchat it comes down to fit of that person
  • They believe the best companies have many forms of revenue and they will be monetizing more than just content
  • Snapchat is built for people not brands, and Evan gets irritated when Brands come on to the platform and try to act like people
  • To innovate repeatedly they use their core of empathy, hard work, and try to build from a point of view of core values
  • Evan Spiegel sent inappropriate emails when he was in a fraternity and took that head on when asked about diversity at Snapchat when it comes specifically to women

Kim Kardashian Snapchat, Major Key for Snapchat Success Alert

Snapchat just got Kim Kardashian on Snapchat thanks to the DJ Khaled effect. She even used DJ Khaled slang to make the announcement..

This is another huge win for Snapchat since DJ Khaled blew it up in the ladder part of 2015 with getting lost on a jacuzzi and daily motivational quotes.

Why do we give credit to DJ Khaled for Kim Kardashian Snapchat?

  1. He created the buzz snapchat has today to make major social media marketers like Gary Vaynerchuk shift his attention and energy to the platform
  2.  Check this post from DJ Khaled…9 weeks ago…

Salute my sis @kimkardashian bless up ! #wethebest

A video posted by DJ KHALED (@djkhaled) on

No Go Follow Kim Kardashian on Snapchat like millions of others..

Check out Kim Kardashian’s first snap!