Sales Tip: Focus on People That Believe What You Believe In

On this episode 20 of the Ask Gary Vee YouTube Show Gary Vaynerchuk answers the following questions from people on Twitter.

00:33 – I find it difficult to accept that men use Pinterest. Any way I can overcome this bias?
01:26– How do you go around letting a business run their new social media plans themselves?
03:19– How do I convey what a following is to teachers/head of schools etc?
05:46 – Gary being the frontman of VaynerMedia. How do you manage your clients expectations to meet you?
07:00– Guys seem to outnumber women on the show. Do you see men and women differ on success and tactics?

Gary’s gold here is actually a great sales tip, only sell to or convert people that believe in what you believe. Don’t worry about the people that aren’t believers and don’t waste your most valuable asset, Time.

Ask Gary Vee Show: How Do You Prepare for a Keynote?

Prepare for War on this Episode 19 of the Gary Vaynerchuk Ask Gary Vee Show on Youtube. On this episode answers the following questions.

00:40 – What wine pairs with kimchi?
01:44 – Why do you release ASKGARYVEE during the evening? trying to target East Coasters?
02:40– How do you prepare for a keynote?
03:57– Do you think any of your areas of expertise hold you back from innovating?
05:28– What am I doing wrong between my personal instagram account and the one I run for my company?

It’s a great episode to learn how to prepare for a keynote speech or even a job interview. Gary makes a great point that you are only as good as your last keynote. This is true whether you are interviewing for jobs or involved in sales. You are only as good as your last action.


Seven New Skills Digital Marketers Need in 2014

Check out this awesome infographic to see what job seekers should be thinking about in 2014 when it comes to digital marketing and social media to land their next job.

You should work on a digital marketing strategy for your personal job seeker brand to show employers you can execute even for yourself. Read through some of these new skills digital marketing agencies are looking for and sharpen up your skills before applying.

7 Skills New Marketers Need to Succeed

Watch Gary Vaynerchuk Talk Russian on Ask Gary Vee Show

On Episode 18 of the Ask Gary Vee Show on YouTube Gary Vaynerchuk answers the following questions.

0:35 – What media do you consume?
02:33 – Should I still pursue marketing?
04:15 – How do you feel about your impact on others?
06:02 – Do you speak russian?
06:54 – How do I make sure lack of confidence doesn’t stop me from chasing my dreams?
08:38 -How do I take my video blog to the NEXT level?

Ask Gary Vee YouTube Show: Warning & F Bomb Episode

Check out this new episode #17 of the Gary Vaynerchuk Ask Gary Vee YouTube Show where he answers the following questions.

01:33 – If you could market on only one platform, which one would it be and why?
03:23 – As we go from concept to final product, what is the best way to empower our readers to spread the word?
05:52 – Whats your process for vetting clients – specifically Vaynermedia?
07:22 – How do you get away with dropping the F-Bomb?
09:32 – What was the hardest thing when starting Vaynermedia?

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Take on the Apple iWatch

On this 16th episode of the Ask Gary Vee Show on YouTube Gary answers the following questions.

0:26 – What do you think about the Apple Watch?
1:32 – Is the personal website going to continue to be relevant, or should I look into something like building an app?
3:08 – Do you set and track personal/business goals?
4:19 – What was the riskiest thing you’ve ever done in your career?

Gary thinks a personal website is must so you have your own “house” you control and how we are going to all become robots thanks to the trend in technology and things like the Apple iWatch.

Ask Gary Vee YouTube Show: Pareto’s Principle

In this 15th episode of the Ask Gary Vee YouTube Show Gary’s answers the following questions. The big question on this episode that really makes Gary think is the 80/20 rule or Pareto’s Principle but it’s clearly not in his DNA to only put out 20% of activity.

00:27 – What would you do if you were in your dad’s shoes and didn’t come to the US until you were 23+?
01:13 – You say you focus on top line versus bottom line, why?
02:44 – Do you believe in Pareto’s Principle?
04:31 – What have you gotten out of the #ASKGARYVEE show?

The Ask Gary Vee Show Where Gary Vaynerchuk Admits He Doesn’t Read Books

In this episode (14) of the Gary Vaynerchuk Youtube “Ask Gary Vee” show Gary answers the following questions. Also, he admits he will probably write more books than he will ever read.

I find this interesting because I’m the same way I don’t need to read a book I just follow executors and execute each day in every day life. For example, if you follow Gary Vaynerchuk on Twitter you can watch him execute his strategies and test what he thinks works or doesn’t work.

00:36 – What roles does internal culture play in the company’s success? Can you give 1 concrete tip on building that culture?
02:15 – Have you read any books changed your life in a very positive way?
03:50– What were the 3 most effective things you did to drive book sales?
06:16 – Do you see a parallel between Tennis and Business?
09-40: What situations do you find yourself most comfortable in?

The Ask Gary Vee Show Snapchat Prediction Episode

Check out Episode 13 of the Ask Gary Vee Show on YouTube where he answers the following questions asked by fans from Twitter.

00:20 – What’s the fastest way someone can piss you off?
01:12 – How do I use Snapchat for a winery?
03:00 – How do we maintain our intimate customer experience with growth?
04:28 – What’s better for content? vlogging? or blogging?
05:53 – How do I present my consultant services to a potential client?
07:59 – How do you determine you are creating valuable content?

One of Gary Vaynerchuk’s predictions is Snapchat will be one of the top 3 apps by 2016 for people from 13-50 years old.

#AskGaryVee Show with a Guest Star Appearance by AJ Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is back from his two week vacation and ready to jump into more #askgaryvee Twitter questions while he was away.

Check out the questions Gary Vaynerchuk answers on episode 12 of the Ask Gary Vee Show on YouTube.

0:32 – As a freelancer, should you ever work for “exposure” only?
2:52 – Is it worth it to pay to promote your social content if it’s not getting enough engagement?
4:33 – What’s the last new skill your learned as a product of taking an interest in someone else’s passion, hobby, or job?
5:40 – When you’re in a funk, what do you do to get out of it?
9:00 – How do you deal with the “low” that comes after the huge high you get from doing events and conferences?
11:37 – What has your brother AJ learned from you and applied in business?