How to SEE What Gary Vaynerchuk and Sequoia Capital is Investing in Using Crunchbase

One Social Media hack to see what the best Apps are currently or new ones that are up and coming before mainstream really pays attention to them is going to the App store and looking at the Top FREE apps list and going down the Top 100 apps by one on a daily/weekly basis. If you do it often enough you notice what’s popping and what’s falling or losing momentum.

As an example, Boomerang from Instagram was popping and now as of December 2016 it’s barely in the Top 100. This can give you massive insights on what consumers love, hate, or just not feeling any longer.

Another way to track apps is to use App Annie and see a more detailed approach to downloads of apps, revenue estimates, and market data vs. surface level lists.

In this same aspect and process you can track what the top VCs in the world like Sequoia Capital (early Facebook investor) and social media celebrities like Gary Vaynerchuk are investing iin via Crunchbase..

Like this..

gary vaynerchuk

And like this..

sequoia Capital

Want more… click this.. to see all the top investors and where they are investing their money.

top investors

Why is this so cool and valuable to track top Investors and their investments?

You can get insights on the next tech/app/social media and internet companies and where the money is actually flowing.

These are the best of the best of breed of investors and you can track where they are putting their money and you can find something that’s about to pop or hit mainstream before anyone else just like with checking the top apps and that philosophy.

This is how you can “Follow the Money” and SEE if they are putting their Money with their Mouths are.

What is Snapchat 3V Advertising?

Check out this video of Evan Spiegel explain Snapchat’s mission of becoming the “little TV in your pocket” and how they plan on competing with social media ad platform beasts like Facebook with their 3V Advertising.

Snapchat 3V advertising is focused on these three things

  • Vertical
  • Video
  • Views

evan spiegel

Here is Evan Spiegel talking about their Vertical Video Views strategy for mobile.

How to Find the Next Snapchat Spectacles SnapBot, Look for the ROSE

We figured it out.. or so we think we did :0)

Snapchat is launching their Spectacles Snapbot vending machines in every location associated with a ROSE!!

Don’t believe us.. check out our Tweets…

UPDATE!! Thanks to the homey @GolfGrouch on Twitter we are now thinking the “ROSE” association is because of this video per Wikipedia.. being filmed at Santa Monica Pier and shows the Playland Arcade where the Snapbot was placed there..

Update: Nov 20th, 2016 Snapchat just place the next Spectacles Snapbot at the Grand Canyon close to a city called Meadview, AZ which has a “Rose” road.

So there you have it.. If you want to know where to look in a place near you scope place with either “ROSE” in the street name, business name, or landmark.

And here is a link to their map to check out times of launch.

snapchat rose

Pop Up Store NY Update.

No more Snapbot out in the wild and more Spectacles pop up stores to come? but a Spectacles Store on 5 E. 59th st. New York, NY 10022 surrounded by ROSES!!! again..

Updated: November, 23rd, 2016
Well well well, another Snapbot in Santa Monica… another ROSE location!!!

Updated, November 26th, 2016.. The Snapchat Spectacles Snapbot was placed at Florida State University today.. which the main entrance has a Cherokee Rose..

Update: November 27th, 2016 the next Snapbot has landed at the Grove in Los Angeles by 3 different Rose Associations..

Another update..

Just read 10 Essentials Snapchat Founder Evan Spiegel can’t live without.. #1 ROSES!!!!

And again with Miranda Kerr spotted Flower Shopping!

Think I’m on to something here..

Update: December 1st, 2016 – Snapbot is now at the OUE Skyspace Los Angeles right off 5th & Flower Street.. YES, flower street..

Maybe it’s not just about Roses.. and its about Evan’s love for flowers in general as pointed out in the GQ story and Daily Mail article above where Evan and Miranda are flower shopping together.. The Rose has been very prevalant with the other Snapbot locations. But other than a “Rose” Law Firm not so much this time.

Also, Miranda Kerr shared this instagram post for Thanksgiving with a floral arrangement.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! ❤️❤️❤️ #thankful #MirandaKerrForRoyalAlbert

A photo posted by Miranda (@mirandakerr) on

And this on Twitter..

And instagram pictures are both tagged in with Roses behind them

Raise your hand if you are engaged! ? #MirandaKerr said yes to #Snapchat founder #EvanSpiegel ?: WireImage

A photo posted by HELLO! US (@hellomagus) on

Update December 3rd, 2016.. Snapbot has landed at Six Flags Magic Mountain next to Hilton “GARDEN” Inn..

And the “flower, Rose, association” continues..

Other observations with all of these Snapbot launches are…

  • Flower/Rose Association (Evan & Miranda love flowers) and Snapchat HQ is down the street from Rose Ave in Venice Beach
  • They have been launching them at or close to college campuses..
  • They have been launching them in places that are amazing to use their product (Grand Canynon, Blue Whale, Big Sur, Skyspace Los Angeles..)
  • Maybe there is an opportunity for companies, events, or places like a Six Flags Magic Mountain can pay to have snapbots in their locations in the future

Update December 4th, 2016 Snapchat’s Snapbot was in Los Angeles for the 4th straight time and this time it was by the Hollywood Sign and again close to Roses and Flowers!

December 7th Update Spectacles Snapbot lands in Altoona, Pennsylvania by Penn State

And as always there is a Rose, Flower combo with a little college atmosphere thrown in this time..

Update: December 9th, 2016 Spectacles Snapbot is in Breckenridge, CO and close to “roses” and flowers again in a very unique ski town.

Ok we are done tracking Snapchat’s Vending machine Snapbot for Spectacles.

And who knows if it really was following a pattern of Roses or Flowers or not but it was fun while it lasted. There no longer are lines in the New York City popup store and this Snapbot marketing strategy was great but is now beginning to fade.

Top YouTuber Jesse Wellens Uses Snapchat Spectacles to Vlog

Snapchat is taking the internet by storm. Today they announced an IPO filing for March and in the last few weeks they finally launched their new Snapchat glasses, Spectacles via Snapbots (spectacles in vending machines) in Venice, Big Sur, and Oklahoma so far.

Check the snapbot map for the next vending machine headed towards you. Or better yet try to win some from the top YouTuber in the game Jesse Wellens from BFvsGF, PrankvsPrank, and DownRangeGaming saaaaan.

Check out this dope fresh FIRST VLOG ever using Snapchat Spectacles on YouTube!! Go Ham and share this post saaaan!

Gary Vaynerchuk Predicting the Future Again with VaynerTalent

Gary Vaynerchuk is at again.. He is predicting people are going to have a content team around them just like he has executed for his personal brand vs. dropping 7k a month on a PR person..

From Gary’s slide on DailyVee 80 he says VaynerTalent is..

We create, produce, and distribute premium content across the media landscape to build personal brands and businesses for emerging and established talent.

He also gives some examples of celebrity personalities, musicians, artists, athletes, CEOs, and visionaries..


This is a another parallel service that ties in to everything Gary Vaynerchuk does and is about. This coincides with launching VaynerMedia, VaynerSports, being an investor in Snapchat, his 60 minutes piece on influencer marketing and his end goal of making all of his assets and the VaynerMACHINE help him turn around a nostalgic brand one day into a Billion Dollar Sale..

He is going to take an old school brand that he can buy on the cheap and then run it through this VaynerMachine to flip it for billies and then buy the Jets.

Mark this blog post…

Glassdoor Launches Wage and Salary Calculator “Know your Worth”

salary calculatorHave you ever wanted to figure out how much you should ask for when interviewing for a job?

Well you are in luck, Glassdoor has just launched a new Salary and Wage Calculator know your worth to help you figure out your worth and know what you should ask for when negotiating your salary for that new job or role you are applying for.

Here are some of the benefits of Glassdoor’s Wage Calculator

  • Personalized based on the job title, company you are applying for, location of the job and your work experience
  • Completely private so no one else know’s your “market value” other than you
  • They use millions of salaries and job openings to give you the most relevant salary based on you

How can you use this salary data?

  1. Make sure you are being paid fairly
  2. If you are an employer you get an idea of what the market bears and how to be competitive to attract top talent
  3. Use it to negotiate salaries and raises in the future
  4. If you are a company you can decide do you want to hire an employee at the market rate or contract out to a freelancer or an agency

Glassdoor has a lot of job data from people that work for companies and share their salaries, work culture, best places to work, and even company reviews of what it’s like to work there. They are using that data combined with technology and algorithms to give you the best salary calculator in the market today.

Want to go know your worth? Go check it out here. To “know your worth” from Glassdoor

Snap Inc. Release or Launch Date for Spectacles

Now that Snapchat has changed their name to Snap Inc. to become a more holistic product company vs. a camera app and they announced they are going to sell Spectacles (glasses that allows you to takes snaps via wifi and a tap) everyone wants to know one thing… WHEN CAN I BUY SPECTACLES!

They are a modest $130.00 and have so much more value then an Apple iWatch or Google glasses everyone wants to load up the truck on these Spectacles escpecially in the tech and FOMO Social Media space.

It’s highly likely this will be the #1 gift for the holidays for 2016 this year.

So far Snap Inc. has told the Wall Street Journal they will be out sometime in the “Fall”..

So until then we will have to wait but most likely it will be before the holidays and maybe even the Presidential Election Voting day so everyone can snap their votes!

For now all you Snapchat Maniacs need to just deal with it and line up at the spectacles website for launch. Until then go buy a Snapchat Ice Tray, Backpack or Playing Cards


What is Millionaire Tai Lopez Net Worth and Who is Tai Lopez?

Updated: March 8th, 2019 (updates are at bottom of the page)

Who is Tai Lopez? What is Tai Lopez Net Worth? What is Tai Lopez Age?

These are many questions people are asking and searching Google and YouTube with all the attention Tai Lopez gets on Social Media after using lambos, Beverly Hills homes, and models on his social media accounts to sell social media marketing and bitcoin courses. As well as selling ecommerce courses on how to sell on Shopify using Facebook and Instagram ads and if you need Shopify SEO to rank your website on Google after that.

According to Tai Lopez and his Google reps his videos have been viewed over 200 million times per year. (see Social Blade stats here over 145 million views)

Tai Lopez Net Worth is well north of 50 million dollars. He recently said on his YouTube that just one of his companies MentorBox is worth 50 million to 80 million dollars. Not including his 15 companies, real estate, grass fed beef brands box ect..

With that many views most of you either know who Tai Lopez is or are one of many that are searching about Tai Lopez Net worth, Tai Lopez Wikipedia page, or to learn more about his social media marketing agency training (SMMA) program.

Once Tai Lopez got famous off his “I’m here in my garage” his books are better than his Lamborghini video on YouTube everyone started to reverse engineer who he is, how much he makes or his net worth, and ask “Who is Tai Lopez ?”…

He is doing this by marketing in the year we live in and using social media platforms so well he even has an a program that will teach you how to create your own social media agency and students are already making their money back and then some. Learn more and sign up for that here while you can.


Don’t believe us.. Just see Google’s Instant search autocomplete drop down. This is nothing new with people because when a lot of people get attention because they are using social media to show “hustle”, sell more shit, and get attention this drives people to dig into who they are and are they real or not and what are the results of them being so public and showing what they know on social media to the world with Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. This happened with Gary Vaynerchuk too as you can read more about that here.. here and here tai lopez Recently we found some really good content by Lewis Howes  where he provides an hour long visual interview of Tai Lopez where he won’t mention things like his age but also admits he knows people look up his net worth. This is one of the first interviews with Tai Lopez where you can really learn more about who Tai Lopez is. Also, if you are looking to learn how to use social media or start your own Social Media Agency check out Tai’s program here

Tai Lopez on Logan Paul’s YouTube and New Podcast Impaulsive (2019)

Also, here is a new interview with Joel Salatin one of Tai Lopez’s mentors as he describes how Tai Lopez was at the young age of 18 and 19.

Tai Lopez

Another video recently that caught our attention is from Justin Wu where he talks about whether he thinks Tai Lopez is a scam by recently going to Tai’s Beverly Hills mansion at an influencer party. This again is probably one of the best Tai Lopez Scam videos which again is the 2nd most searched term after his name on YouTube and has over 23,000 results..

However, out of all of those Justin’s and Alex Becker’s are probably are favorite and we included them below so you can be your own judge. We think he is a great marketer and repackager and we don’t think Tai Lopez is a Scam.

He is leveraging all the top platforms with attention to reach a target audience of mainly 18-35 year old men that love cool cars, women, and want to be their own bosses.

Whether its teaching people to build their own social media marketing agency or investing in real estate. He brings in mentors, experts in related niches as well as his take from experience and books he reads on how people can leverage this digital economy and live the good life of health, wealth, love, and happiness.   tai lopez scam

He is providing content in different formats mostly digital now for ways for people to digest it. Including 150 snaps a day on Snapchat again moving with the digital market. Instead of reading 100+ page book or listening to an audio book you can just follow Tai Lopez on social media and he will give you the gold from other successful people. Justin’s video explains that best below.

Alex Becker’s video actually connected him with Tai and had him at his conference to launch his book and he gives another great explanation of the marketing side of Tai Lopez.

Tai Lopez Net Worth

As for Tai Lopez Net Worth some sites have it around 3 to 5 million dollars which is ridiculous and a real low ball.. Why? Only 1 of his programs 67 steps he has said had over 100k people go through it.. Easy math = $67/mo x 100,000 =$6.7 million (RECURRING) and we are sure there is high recurring % and he has other programs like the accelerator program that use to be $997 and now is 3 to 4 payments of $997.00.

This doesn’t even include the affiliate money he gets from Amazon for promoting books, other affiliate deals or programs with OMG and  Sam Ovens He also launched a Real Estate Program with Cole Hatter that is $997 and a Social Media Agency Program that is $697-$997 range depending when and where you buy it as well. This doesn’t include homes he says he owns around the world (Norway, London, La Jolla ect…) and his Beverly Hills home he mentioned he leases under is business name which lowers the cost of that home’s expenses.

Recently he bought his 2nd Lamborghini an Aventador (has a $400k MSRP) and a Rolls Royce Dawn that has a MSRP of $335,000 which again this was his second Rolls, and he still has a Ferrari 458, Maserati Quattroporte, another Rolls and Lambo.. During a recent video with H3H3 he actually admits he leases the Ferrari 458 which again reduces the expense of outlaying the cash to buy the cars outright.

If you add up his car collection alone it’s close to $2 million. And for the people that say he spends money on ads.. Yeah you need millions in the bank to spend and risk as much as he does so $3-5 Million net worth is probably nowhere near to his net worth and is false information or fake news and now you can see why we think his net worth is a lot more than the $3 to $5 million shown on other net worth sites. With so much recurring income flows and renting some homes with buying others he probably has very low if any debt.

Tai Lopez Net Worth is well north of 50 million dollars. He recently said on his YouTube that just one of his companies MentorBox is worth 50 million to 80 million dollars. Not including his 15 companies, real estate, grass fed beef brands box ect..

Have more info about Tai Lopez, feel free to share in the comment we are going to keep this Tai Lopez Guide updated and happy to edit/change/delete anything with proven data, facts, and stats. As a Social Media job board that knows companies are posting and hiring social media professionals every day and its only growing we highly recommend getting into his social media agency courses and program to either use those skills to get hired by a social media agency, Fortune 500 brand, or manage social media for small business in your local area. Here is the link to sign up to get his latest deal on the social media agency course (SMMA) – click here

Nowadays you need to know advertising or have a SEO Company, Digital Marketing Agency, Social Media Agency or an advertising agency in your local area that can help you navigate digital marketing SEO, ect. to help you get results with your business online as Tai Lopez has demonstrated with his.

Updated: January 12th, 2017 per 

The Top 9 Social Media Strategists to Watch In 2017 –

Tai Lopez is #1 above Gary Vaynerchuk at #2 Updated: January 28th, 2017 More reasons you should join and learn more about Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency Program Course Review! Updated: May 18th, 2017

Tai Lopez appears on Grant Cardone’s Youtube shows and again his social media presence, age, net worth, girls and cars are brought up.

Tai Lopez Confesses!

Now go learn how he built his empire with attention from the digital space with platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat

Update: October 23rd, 2017 – Tai Lopez talks with

Grant Cardone about what he is up to in 2017 and what his current state of mind of Social Media

Tai Lopez on Why Grinding Isn’t Enough on Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

Get a Deal on the Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing program you will not get a better price than this and its limited

Jimmy Fallon Snapchat Duet with Ariana Grande Using Snapchat Lens

Jimmy Fallon and Ariana Grande combine their snaps into a Snapchat duet of her hit song “Into You.”

Using only Snapchat lens not filters as reported wrong by certain media.

Gary Vaynerchuk “Mortified” and Says it’s his Fault as CEO of VaynerMedia for Sexist Cannes Party Email Invite

About 13 hours or so in Cannes Cindy Gallop sent out this tweet asking Gary Vaynerchuk what is up with the sexist “attractive females only” invite for VaynerMedia and Thrillist’s party in Cannes.

Gary Vaynerchuk quickly responded via Twitter Video as he has before to put more clarification and context around people questioning him.

He said in his Twitter Video reply to the sexist email that went out that..

“Cindy thank you so much and I’m mortified.. I’m… Listen at the end of the day when you are the CEO any production teams or people you work with you hire it’s your fault so I’m really upset I don’t know the details yet but I’ll find out and I appreciate you calling out the issue. I wish you well, Thank you”

Then after that people still tried calling Gary out and here are his replies on Twitter..

And just recently in the last hour or so another person just Tweeted another invite (which they say is fake in their tweet) with the same “selected female invite only” language and Gary is trying to find the source of that one as you can see here.. And Adweek talks about the incident and his apology here.

gary vaynerchuck email party invite cannes

On top of that the company that it was tracked to be outsourced to “” site has blocked all traffic from it’s site. We tested with proxies from the US and France and still get “forbidden” no matter what IP is used.


Update: The Drum talks about this here:

We will keep this post updated with any new information. If you have anything to add/correct/ect.. leave a comment below.

Updated: June 23rd, 2016 – in this Forbes article and Refinery29 article there are some more details

Paige Hathaway Top Fitness Instagram Model Says She is No Longer with Shredz on Snapchat

Last updated: July 25th 2018 If you follow the social media game like we do you know everyone is making millions of dollars, building brands, and creating online empires by leveraging these platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

To learn how “influencers” and brands use social media you can a learn a lot by watching, listening and engaging with them on these platforms. As an example Shredz supplements company came out of nowhere and was built by using Instagram and fitness models posting pictures and videos of themselves everyday repping their brand.

Paige Hathaway is one of Shredz popular fitness models (or now we should say was..) that exploded on the instagram seen taking on the likes of influencers like Jen Selter.

Paige Hathaway is currently 28 years old (in 2016) and from Oklahoma City, Paige Hathaway was born on July 31, 1987 in Minnesota.

If you are looking for deals on Shredz still even though Paige left them check out these specials

paige hathaway

Just today on Snapchat is the first time we heard her announce that she is no longer with the “supplement” company she was known for in the last four years. Which leads us to the next thing about social media influencers and brands especially in the fitness space and other industries.

Once an “influencer” or social media celebrity realizes they can just take the audience and community they have that follow them buy directly from them vs. pushing products/services for other brands lending their name, influence, and audience they can just develop their own products, services or membership sites as Paige has now done.

Think about it for a second…

If you have social media influence or even an audience of a few hundred or thousand people why not sell directly to that audience that knows, likes, and trusts you.

We think this is going to be more and more of the trend going forward and you will see a lot more brands, products, services and companies being formed under that “influencers” name.

If you are a true “influencer” why do you need a brand any longer when you can just use these social media platforms to go directly to your community and audience. The only time these influencers will take brand deals is when they don’t sell something themselves or in certain cases they can be paid to do both like Scott Disisck or Naomi Campbell

Paige Hathaway Instagram is where it all started

If you have some time and really want to learn more about social media influence, instagram sponsored posts, and how Paige Hathaway built her brand and helped Shredz on Instagram check out her instagram and look at each post, comments, ect..

A few Instagram growth hacks a lot of these instagram influencers use are;

  • “tag someone”

#Girlsthatlift ? @stealmylabel TAG A GIRL THAT WOULD ROCK THIS OUTFIT

A photo posted by @paigehathaway on