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How to Make Money or Monetize on Blab or any Live Streaming Platform

Live streaming is taking the social media industry by storm again. Although we have mentioned many times this isn’t anything new since there has been live streaming platforms like (Ustream, YouNow, Hang w/ Hangwith, LiveStream.com, Spreecast, and Google Hangouts to mention a…Read More »

Blab im (Blab app) Live Streaming Video App Creating Blabbermouths or Next Big Thing?

Blab.imĀ (blab im, blab app ) the new live stream (conversation platform) and video app currently in beta is pulling attention away from Meerkat and Periscope and is a new platform that is exactly as it is branded “blab”… Blab is another new…Read More »

Nora Segura Meerkat’s Marketing Queen, Actress and Model

If you have been paying attention to social media lately there is a new way to reach and engage with people online that is heavily tied to Twitter via live streaming apps. The first app to do this successfully off Twitter’s API…Read More »