Nora Segura Meerkat’s Marketing Queen, Actress and Model

nora seguraIf you have been paying attention to social media lately there is a new way to reach and engage with people online that is heavily tied to Twitter via live streaming apps.

The first app to do this successfully off Twitter’s API initially was Meerkat and then Twitter shut off parts of the API and purchased Periscope. If you want to learn more about Meerkat and Periscope feel free to check out our other posts about each live streaming platform.

This post is not about each of the live streaming apps Meerkat and Periscope that are leading the new wave of live streaming with a mobile app and leveraging Twitter (after companies like YouNow, JustinTV, SpreeCast, Ustream and LiveStream) but it is about Nora Segura and to learn more about who she is and how she has reached the top of the leaderboard of Meerkat in the #1 spot above Madonna who streamed once and hasn’t used Meerkat again.

Who is Nora Segura?

Watching her streams she has said she is a model and upcoming actress. And when searching online you can see from her website more details about this:

Fluent in four languages. Lived in Stockholm, Marbella, London and Paris. A Hippie Child, raised by young parents who are vegetarians and working in Alternative Medicine. My father is a Buddhist and taught me from early age how to take care of my body and mind.

Also, doing some Google searches you can find articles where her internet fame really started taking off after dating the U.S. World Cup soccer goalkeeper Tim Howard around the summer of July in 2014 almost a year ago.

In early Meerkat streams she mentioned she met with the head of casting at Universal Studios and is possibly going to be in the Fast 8 (Fast and Furious 8 moving coming out in a few years).

Lately, she has mentioned she is going to keep modeling and will possibly create her own movie and start taking money from big brands that want to leverage the attention and #1 spot she gets on Meerkat.

Why Nora Segura is smart and how did she reach the top of Meerkat’s Leaderboard?

Everything in this world when it comes to following money and the marketing and ad budgets of brands and companies is ATTENTION. Wherever the eyeballs are the ad money follows (Google, Facebook ect…)

Whether you garner attention like the Kardashians who bring in 10 million a season or 500k an episode or you are Gary Vaynerchuk leveraging the attention to build a multi million dollar social/digital agency, sell books, and charge 50, 80, 100k for a keynote the reason people pay them is the attention and fan base they have built with that attention. And in most cases they executed something like building a business with proven sales or reaching the #1 status within a social media platform like Meerkat.

So why is Nora Segura the #1 Meerkat Stream?

She is building an audience and gaining attention by now being the #1 Meerkat live streamer. And the way she gets attention is aligned with what she is about. She is a model, upcoming actress and normally live streams in lingerie or what she would be wearing to a photo shoot. And with any attention there is always haters which is another sign that you are doing something right. Most haters are actually admirers or they soon turn into admirers.

We have seen many early live streams of other leaderboard streamers hate on Nora and then when she gives them attention they actually start to act star struck or begin to like her. There are a lot of lessons learned by watching live streams that translate to business, money, social media, and life in general.

While some people love Nora Segura some might hate on her hustle and that’s ok because when you look at some of the most successful people in the world as an example Howard Stern they hit a niche audience and community and still draw in people that normally wouldn’t like there content but still listen to or watch it everyday and that is just part of gaining so much attention and its also what makes them different and stand out to get that attention.

The oldest marketing and advertising trick in the book is to use “sex” or sex appeal as a selling tool. Simply put sex sells whether Mashable likes it or not.

She is very consistent with her live streaming and at least live streams once a day and most of the time streams 2-3 times per day to keep her score up by gaining viewers, comments, likes, and restreams. With any type of marketing and branding consistency is key and she is nailing that and it’s another reason she cruised past Madonna who only streamed once.

Also, she realized to mainly stick with Meerkat where it is easier for her to maintain the leaderboard attention vs. Periscope where people already have millions of hearts and is very overcrowded. Meerkat nailed it with the leaderboard scoring because it makes people want to “play the game” and get attention by racking up their point score which is a lot easier in a less crowded Meerkat world vs. Periscope.

So Where Does Nora Segura go from here?

Some interesting things we shall see with Nora Segura is will she hold her number one spot or will the Godfather of Sales, Grant Cardone who has been crushing it on Meerkat streams catch up to her. Grant went with Periscope at first since there are a lot more users and viewers there but one thing smart he did that we think Nora could do is well is stream with both at the same time on different devices since it’s all about attention and money follows attention right?

What will happen with Meerkat?

Lastly, will Meerkat be able to succeed with the initial 14 million in funding and become another alternative with a different community similar to the search engine wars where Google owns 65-75% of the market while Yahoo and Bing linger on the desktops/laptops of buyers that don’t know how to change their default search engine after buying their new laptop on Amazon or at Best Buy? Some say Meerkat will be bought by Facebook in the next 6 months…

Other Nora Segura tidbits:

Nora Segura Shorty Awards 2015

  • Nora Segura loves playing music during every live stream especially music from Drake and Kanye West you can see her Spotify playlist at 
  • Nora loves the use of hashtags and screenshots during her stream which is another way to get more attention on Twitter (another smart move) She encourages her viewers to screenshot her broadcasts and share on Twitter. This is something Grant Cardone is starting to do as well by having his audience share their notes on his branding, finance, sales lessons on Meerkat
  • Some of Nora’s favorite hashtags are #score #norasmusic #forlife #norawest #savethewater #inthemorning #sexeating
  • Nora Segura’s Meerkat Stats

When people search for Nora Segura on Google most don’t look her up on Google because of Meerkat yet…

nora segura

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Update: Victoria Fratz said on her live stream that Nora Segura Age is 37 and she faked her Las Vegas birthday this summer and it’s really in October.

Update to this update: Nora DMed us on Twitter and said that what Victoria said in her stream was when she was drunk and doesn’t work for Nora any longer and she seems to be disputing her age. We asked her what is her age but haven’t received a response to it yet… ALL DAY NORA!

Another update: Grant Cardone took the #1 spot on Meerkat’s Leaderboard and Nora Segura is no longer #1 on Meerkat. Also, to mention it seems like everyone has moved over to blab app. Blab app is a new app in beta that is a 2-4 way live stream.

This is our ultimate guide to Nora Segura and will be watching her streams and seeing what happens next.

How To Get Attention with Social Media

Grant Cardone is the master of two things:

  1. Getting Attention
  2. Selling Shit

Today on his CardoneZone show that he once had on radio, now on Youtube and filtering to his fastest growing digital network he discussed how again he is using the latest technology and buzz around social media live streaming apps Meerkat and Periscope to get attention.

The whole point and main thing to learn here is embrace the buzz and technology to use it to get attention, connect with and build audience and sell more product. The key point here though is if you don’t execute on anything or have content it’s not going to help you.

Watch this CardoneZone episode to learn more about Meerkat vs. Periscope live streaming apps from Grant Cardone. Grant Cardone’s real estate portfolio is estimated to be over $350 million per his live streams and its pretty easy to say Grant Cardone’s net worth is well over $100 million.