Grant Cardone Teaches Social Media Selling “Social Selling”

Check out this video where Grant Cardone gives a breakdown on how he uses social media to increase attention, traffic, leads, and sales. He is a social media sales beast and had a great approach to the “social sales”, “social selling” buzzword..

If you have been in sales like me since you were 15, you know it’s a just using social media platforms whether its researching, connecting, or building relationships to sell more shit. Just like “inside” sales or selling = cold calling, “outside” sales = takes appts. set by inside sales, door knocks, or glorified in person sales person ect..

Now Social sales or social selling is taking all of these social networks and social media platforms to increase the “KNOW< LIKE > TRUST” that is the foundation of sales and sales 101.

He points out you need to know before you start social selling..

  • Do you have the energy
  • Who’s going to do it
  • What content will you drop on each network since it best according to each social media platform

During Social Selling follow these rules:

  1. Promote like a celebrity
  2. Identify each line you have (each social media network)
  3. Build a message for each social media platform
  4. Push Content every day on every social network
  5. Become omnipresence
  6. Use the 80/20 rule.. give 80% of the time 20% of the time — similar to Jab, Jab, Jab Right hook model by Gary Vaynerchuk

Best Tips on How To Get a Raise at Any Place You Work

Nearly nine in 10 U.S. workers believe they deserve a raise, but only 54 percent intend to ask for one this year, according to a survey by Robert Half, which has an accounting and finance staffing office in downtown Hartford. One of the reasons there are so many people that don’t even ask is because they feel like or know they don’t even deserve it.

The survey found that people feel more comfortable about public speaking than they do about compensation discussions with their boss. Again this signals to us that people know deep inside they don’t really deserve it or they feel like if they ask and don’t get a raise then they could lose their job because the boss now thinks they want more money.

In the Northeast, 27 percent of respondents said they would look for a new job if their raise request was denied. That was the highest of any region. The national average was 19 percent. In the north east people are more aggressive so this isn’t as surprising and they know once they ask and are denied a raise they feel like they need to move on.

The survey also found that the most likely employees to request higher pay are males in the western U.S., aged 18 to 34, with a decade or less of professional experience.

Robert Half hired an independent research firm to survey more than 1,000 full-time office workers.

When searching “How to Get a Raise” on Google some of the top companies people are looking to get a raise from are Home Depot, Walgreens, Walmart, and Starbucks. Seems to be big brands with lower paying hourly jobs have a lot of people that want a raise per Google search data as you can see here.

how to get a raise

Here are More Tips on How To Get a Raise at any Job

  1. Get Attention from your Boss or Manager
  2. Set expectations and clarify your intention (not looking for a handout)
  3. Ask How You Can Increase your Income
  4. Have a Set Figure in mind based on the value you can add that would cover that and more

Things you don’t want to do about getting a raise

  1. Don’t talk about how long you have been on the job
  2. Don’t pat yourself on the back
  3. Don’t bring up your work attendance
  4. Don’t threaten you will leave if you don’t get the raise

Check out this video from Grant Cardone on How to Get a Raise

Here are some tips and notes from this video on how people can get a raise from their boss or manager.

Some stats on raises in America:
• 90% of Americans think that they deserve a raise
• 54% don’t ask for one
• 32% would rather clean their while house
• 6% would rather be audited by the IRS

The 4 Steps to Asking for a Raise:
1. Get your bosses attention.
2. Clarify at the beginning what the meeting is about.
3. Make it very clear you’re not looking for a handout.
4. How could it be possible to reach a specific goal?

Examples of each point:
1. Hey, can I get your attention for 3 minutes.
2. I want to talk to you about money.
3. I’m not asking you to give me that money. What can I do to bring in more money to the business?
4. What can I do to bank another $X for the year?

Don’t Say:
• Man I’ve been here a long time.
• I do a good job.
• I’m never sick.
• If I can’t do this I’m going to leave.

Gary Vaynerchuk CEO, VaynerMedia DIG SOUTH 2015 Interactive Conference

Here is a recent 2015 keynote by Gary Vaynerchuk the CEO of  VaynerMedia where he drops some of his famous quotes and shares his insight on growing a business in the world we live in.

Gary is big on Attention in his keynotes in 2015 and it’s very similar to what Grant Cardone has preached for years. You need attention before you sell or influence anyone. Gary gets a ton of attention because he actually executes.

If you pay attention to this video you will find a golden Facebook dark post tactic where Gary has turned WineLibrary into a Buzzfeed type content site and uses specific content with Facebook ads to hyper target people and sell over $18,000 of wine. As he points out 99% of you that read this and watch the keynote below won’t execute this strategy.

Also, content marketing with amplified PPC Management marketing is huge right now and getting great results.

It’s All About Attention

Check out these two keynotes by Gary Vaynerchuk and Grant Cardone and see how both of them start out…. (updated September 20th, 2016)

If you don’t watch the videos let us clue you in on something. It’s all about the attention.

The single most important way to sell, succeed, be successful and grow your business is to follow the attention and get attention. It goes back to the sales 101 mantra of people buy from people they KNOW (first), like and trust. And if people don’t know you, your brand, or your business they can never get to like or trust you.

Getting attention and following attention is the whole game. It’s why Google is the number one most visited site in the US (they help people get attention relevant to their sites) and why now Facebook is growing revenue especially via mobile phones via ads against the stream that give their attention to the app all day long.

You have to learn how to get attention, manage the attention you get and then once you get the attention how to use it to help people and grow your brand or business.

If you like this concept and want to learn more definitely check out these videos and any you can find by Gary or Grant on YouTube. Search their names and sort/filter by “upload date” to get the most recent video cogrant cardone and gary vaynerchukntent and keynotes they are putting out. They execute and have proven results. Stop wasting time listening to people that haven’t done shit yet and start learning and earning more out of life from these top two Sales and Social Media business professionals.

Gary Vaynerchuk Full Keynote at DIG SOUTH 2015

Grant Cardone speaking at The Huizenga Sales Institute (from 2013)

Also, Grant did a dedicated show on how to get attention on YouTube and one about using Meerkat and Periscope the new live streaming apps to get attention.


How to Make Money Live Streaming on Meerkat or Periscope

If you aren’t paying attention to the digital, social, and mobile world you might not be aware of the new Periscope and Meerkat apps for live streaming just yet, however they are slowly starting to develop a community of mainstream audiences that like to click into a live stream and view what someone in doing in real time unedited live video.

With most new platforms people jump on right away and learn as they go and it usually starts out with tech/social media people already on other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or Vine and then they become either curious and want attention or have FOMO (fear of missing out) on an opportunity or not being part of something.

Since people are becoming more and more aware of Millionaire YouTubers, Gamers on Twitch making that dough, and Vine celebrities pulling in hoards of cash off their views people are not drawn to jump on something new like Meerkat and Periscope in hopes of making money with.

Even today as we look up most popular YouTube searches one is “how to make money on YouTube” which gets 18,000 searches a month on Google just in the U.S.

how to make money on Youtube

So soon enough the question will be if not already on live streamers minds is “OK I’m on the the Meerkat or Periscope leaderboard now what..?”

If people don’t ask this question they are just enjoy being the product of these live streams connecting with people that both apps can eventually sell ads or make money on the data and thats cool too. (not everyone knows how to monetize Youtube, blogs, or live streaming apps) Don’t hate the players just hate the game.. (Facebook ring a bell.. – If it’s free you are the product they are selling saaaan)

However you if want to know how to make money live streaming on Meerkat and Periscope we have a great example of someone crushing the Meerkat leaderboard and rising faster to the top then most, other then some notables like Nora Segura and Madonna.

grant cardoneMake Money on Meerkat like Grant Cardone

First off if you haven’t already follow Grant Carone on Meerkat to see why he is always “mobbin” on Meerkat.

The live streamer to watch right now is Grant Cardone here’s how and why he is monetizing Meerkat and Periscope.

  • Grant Cardone creates stream content relevant to what he sells (books, programs, multifamily real estate)
  • He engages with the audience answering questions about the content
  • He has his team share his website url (online store) in stream where people can buy his products and offers a 50% discount every time he streams or tweets ect..
  • He has promo codes named after each stream and says use promo code “meerkat” or “periscope” to track where sales come from and offers that as a discount for watching his stream
  • At the end of every Meerkat stream his link is “shop online” directly to his store where he tells people to go to buy his products that can help them related to the content of the stream
  • He then rewards people with shout outs on the stream if they screenshot it and share it on Twitter ect.. and this helps again drive more attention/sales.

Top Live Streaming Tips to Learn from watching Grant Cardone

  • Build an audience everywhere you have enough time to dedicate to it. (Twitter, Instagram, Meerkat, Periscope..)
  • Be Consistent, not only with how often you live stream but a consistency with your brand across channels
  • Have a thought out plan, Grant always has a great title and theme of each stream before he even launches one and frequently schedules streams in advance to build up subscribers and suspense.
  • Pound live streams each day whether its for 5 minutes or 50 minutes and even consider multiple times a day only if you have a good topic for the stream where you can bring value (entertainment value, money value, tips value ect..)
  • Get attention.. Grant is the godfather of attention, sales, and multifamily real estate
  • EXECUTE something.. This is big one we think too many people are out there getting attention but don’t have a reason why they are trying to get attention. Most people watch people like Grant Cardone and Gary Vaynerchuk because they executed something and continue to do so. If you are like us you aren’t going to take advice from someone about money, social media, or business until they proven results themselves right?

If Meerkat or Periscope come out with any other ways to monetize their platforms we will keep this post updated.

Also, if you have any other examples where you know someone is taking money from a brand for product placement or making money using Meerkat or Periscope let us know and we will update this content.

More ways people are making money live streaming on this updated blab im app post below.

Update: Learn how to make money using the new blab im video chat app


How To Get Attention with Social Media

Grant Cardone is the master of two things:

  1. Getting Attention
  2. Selling Shit

Today on his CardoneZone show that he once had on radio, now on Youtube and filtering to his fastest growing digital network he discussed how again he is using the latest technology and buzz around social media live streaming apps Meerkat and Periscope to get attention.

The whole point and main thing to learn here is embrace the buzz and technology to use it to get attention, connect with and build audience and sell more product. The key point here though is if you don’t execute on anything or have content it’s not going to help you.

Watch this CardoneZone episode to learn more about Meerkat vs. Periscope live streaming apps from Grant Cardone. Grant Cardone’s real estate portfolio is estimated to be over $350 million per his live streams and its pretty easy to say Grant Cardone’s net worth is well over $100 million.

5 Steps to Digital Branding

Grant Cardone shares key tips to help businesses establish a presence on-line via, blogs, videos, podcasts and more.

Grant begins the show sharing the following facts about digital media according to eMarketer:
• Average time spent with digital media per day will surpass TV viewing time for the first time this year, according to eMarketer’s latest estimate of media consumption among US adults.
• The average adult will spend over 5 hours per day online, on nonvoice mobile activities or with other digital media this year, compared to 4 hours and 31 minutes watching television.
• Daily TV time will actually be down slightly this year, while digital media consumption will be up 15.8%.
• The most significant growth area is on mobile.
• Multitasking helps to contribute to the increase in the overall time people spend with media each day, 11 hours and 49 minutes in

Grant then explains that if you are a company advertising trying to gain attention you have to analyze what people are watching, where are they watching and how do you reach them. Where do you spend your money and when you do what do you spend it on. He offers the steps and thinking that he uses to best utilize digital media.

Watch this show from Grant Cardone’s Youtube Channel.

Grant’s Digital Mix:

1) Write an article or blog on a chosen topic related to your industry.
2) Create a video discussing that topic for YouTube or Vimeo.
3) Host a Podcast or Radio/Web Stream discussing the topic.
4) Create a custom content e-mail and blast it to your network.
5) Repurpose & Repeat

Everything we do here is to be multi-purposed

Rules of the Game
1) Attention is the name of the game.
2) Obscurity cost money.
3) Be everywhere!
4) Drive interest and respond!

How to Use YouTube to Grow Your Business

Check out the latest video by Grant Cardone and Jarod Glandt from the Young Hustlers show talk about how to use YouTube to Grow Your Business.

Their #1 source of traffic, attention, and the way they have attracted more people online has been from YouTube.

Grant discusses the different types of categories of content a business must satisfy which include Promotional, Educational, Entertainment, Instructional, Motivational

Celebrities, notable people and businesses mentioned in this episode include: Justin Bieber, Orlando Bloom, Tom Hopkins, Jeffrey Gitomer, Gary Vaynerchuck, Whatever it Takes Digital Network

Also, be sure to subscribe to their channel @grantcardone

How To Boost Your Social Media Presence

In this episode, Grant Cardone talks about social media and urges every business to establish a smart, powerful presence on as many social media platforms as possible.

According to Grant Cardone, social media has been a great gift for his business. Businesses are too caught up in ROI because they don’t fully understand the functions of social media. Cardone actually posts on his platforms himself and advises businesses that they should ‘attack the marketplace’ and make yourself, your business and services known to the masses.