How Much Time Are You Wasting on Social Media?

I’ve always wondered if people spent as much time on social media on sales or their jobs how much more productive they can be and how much better would their lives and the economy be?

Thanks to Neil Patel for putting together this infographic on how to be more productive on Social Media.

He spends only an hour a day and I would bet he is more effective and makes more money then most of the “social media” gurus or talking heads that are in the social media industry. How much time do you think you are wasting on Social Media each day?

Check out these Social Media Statistics

How to Be More Productive On Social Media
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

How to Use Social Media the Right Way

Check out this webinar where Gary Vaynerchuck talks about how to use social media the right way for your brand or business.

You can fast forward to the 20 minute mark to start it right where Gary Vaynerchuk starts to drop his social media knowledge.

How to Succeed on Social Media

Here is a video interview done by Inc. of Gary Vaynerchuk the owner of VaynerMedia a 300 person micro content agency where he discusses ways to succeed with Social Media.

  • Reverse Engineer what you want out of Social Media
  • Use Twitter/search and search relevant things that people are talking about
  • Stong strategy for Facebook and Pinterest if you selling something online
  • Be practical and educated about how to use each platform

Jim Cramer Says Social Media is the Future

“Mad Money” host Jim Cramer is bullish on Facebook, Twitter, Mobile, Social and Cloud services.

He talks about how Social Media is the future and companies want to reach consumers that are using these platforms and are doing that by using ads on these platforms.

Watch the interview here: