What is Company Culture? Definition and Examples

The definition of company culture is the behavior of humans within an organization and the meaning that people attach to those behaviors. It’s the attitude and beliefs of a organization and the employees as a whole.

In this keynote, Gary Vaynerchuk defines company culture by intentions of the leader of the organization. Watch Gary talk about company culture and how to scale with intent and how he answers some of the questions from the audience about company culture.

An example of company culture as Gary points out in his keynote VaynerMedia is a dictatorship that all stems from his vision and the structure of managers (jury) he has below him that carry out their mission.

Another example of VaynerMedia’s culture is what gets you fired from VaynerMedia.

Gary says these things will get you fired from VaynerMedia.

  • “stabbing someone in the hall something insane” is how he started it out as a joke showing it’s really hard for employees to get fired from VaynerMedia
  • If you aren’t liked or don’t play nice with other employees you will get fired within 6 months of being hired
  • If you suck, forget things, and don’t show up to meetings you will get fired from VaynerMedia within a year
  • Lack of self awareness. (As an example if you want to become a creative director but you are really just a great designer) that gap in self awareness will corrode the relationship within the company.

Gary also shares his insight on how Zappos flat model with no boss is more tactical vs. using human instinct and being capitalistic because not only employees have the same motivations, work as hard, and have a long term view with staying with a company.

Gary says he spends at least a few hours a week watching employees online so he can reverse engineer their motivations and what they like ect…

Feel free to share some of your company culture attributes in the comments below or anything you would like to share on what you think company culture is and why it’s important.